How To Play Music On Pancake Bot Discord With Bot commands? [2023]

How To Play Music On Pancake Bot Discord With Bot commands? [2023]

Pancake Bot Discord is a very popular discord bot used by hundreds of discord servers to add or remove any kind of music playing on your discord server.

This bot is very useful for those who want to listen to the music of any kind inside the server while chatting or discussing some important things. Pancake bot is almost the same as Chip bot discord which also comes up with various features to add, play, shuffle or repeat playlist inside the server.

So if you are more familiar with Chip bot discord then it would be very easy to understand this cool bot. To know How to use Pancake bot discord and all commands of pancake bot, do read the whole article till the end.

Here are some quick steps to get started with the Pancake biot, At first add the Pancake bot to your server, then pick one of the bot commands listed below, and then type the bot commands “p!” as a prefix in the text box.

How To Add Pancake Bot Discord

So, adding a pancake bot discord is a very simple task and to do so, you can follow the instructions given below.

Step 1:- Go to Pancake’s official site or you can click on this link.


Step 2:- Tap on the invite button and it will redirect you to discord you just have to fill up your username and password.

Screenshot 2022 04 05 at 8.18.57 PM

Step 3:- After that select the server where you want to add this pancake bot.


Step 4:- Give all the required permissions and then simply Tap on authorize button below.

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How To Use Pancake Bot Discord With Commands


Bot commands are used to ease your work without being active in the discord server and below we’ve given some steps to help you know How to use Pancake bot discord with commands.

Step 1:- Open Discord and simply Join the voice channel.

Connect to Voice Channel 1

Step 2:- So, after you successfully joined a “voice channel” move to the next step.


Step 3:- To play the music you just need to type a music name using a “p!” prefix and the name of the music


Step 4:- Another way to play music is to paste the URL of a track like this:- p! play {url}, you can paste the URL of Spotify, sound cloud or any other music platform.

Step 5:- In the text box area, you can also command p! remove or p!autoplay to easily remove or p!autoplay any music forms Spotify or Soundcloud.


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25+ Best Useful  Pancake Bot Discord Commands

Below we’ve categorized some of the best pancake bot discord commands that would help you to use this bot very efficiently.


Fun Pancake Bot Discord commands list

  • p!8ball – Reaches into the future to find the answer to your question.
  • p!akinator – Play a game with the famous Akinator!
  • p!bigtext – Makes the specified text bigger.
  • p!coinflip – Flip a coin.
  • p!embed – Put text that you specify inside an embed.
  • p!fml – Gets a random quote from
  • p!higherlower – A fun game guessing if something has more or less search results than another
  • p!roast – Sends a random roast to someone.
  • p!say – Make the bot say whatever you want. **__Note:__** You can make the bot delete your message by doing –silent at the end of your message
  • p!ship – Ship two people together.
  • p!xkcd – Show a comic from Shows the most recent comic if no arguments specified.

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Moderation Pancake Bot Discord commands list

  • p!ban – Bans the specified user from the server while clearing their past week of messages.
  • p!clearinfractions – Clears all of a user’s infractions.
  • p!duration – Changes the duration of a mute or ban
  • p!infractions – Shows all of a user’s past infractions.
  • p!kick – Kicks the specified user from the server.
  • p!mute – Mutes the specified user with an optional duration.
  • p!purge – Purges the specified amount of messages.
  • p!reason – Sets a reason for a modlog case.
  • p!removeinfractions – Removes the specified infraction.
  • p!softban – Softbans the user from the server (ban & unban). Removes a week of messages.
  • p!unban – Unbans the specified user ID from the server.
  • p!unmute – Unmutes the specified user if they are muted.
  • p!vckick – Kicks the specified user from the voice channel.
  • p!warn – Gives the specified user a warning.


Music  Pancake Bot Discord commands list

  • p!autoplay – Plays the song you say, then automatically selects relative music to play after.
  • p!bassboost – Changes the bass boost level.
  • p!join – Makes Pancake join your voice channel.
  • p!lyrics – Search for a song of your liking and get the lyrics.
  • p!move – Move the song you want from the queue around.
  • p!nowplaying – Shows the currently playing song.
  • p!pause – Pauses the music playback.
  • p!play – Plays a song.
  • p!queue – Shows the current song queue.
  • p!remove – Removes a song from the queue. Accepts song name or queue position.
  • p!repeat – Changes the repeat mode of the music player.
  • p!resume – Resumes music playback.
  • p!search – Searches YouTube then gives a list of songs to choose from.
  • p!seek – Seeks through a currently playing song.
  • p!shuffle – Shuffles the music queue.
  • p!skip – Starts a vote-skip for the current song. Instantly skips if the user queued the song.
  • p!stop – Stops the music, clears the queue, and disconnects.
  • p!volume – Changes the volume of the music.

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So, above I’ve mentioned some of the most used pancake bot discord commands, and the credits of all the commands listed above go to pancake. gg.


Why does Pancake bot discord not working?

It might be due to a server issue or an older version of Discord if you are unable to use certain of the Marriage bot instructions or if it is not operating in your Discord server. Do you need to cross-check whether you’re using the correct prefix or not?

If it still doesn’t work after you’ve updated it, you may need to seek assistance from the Pancake support community server, which will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the problem.


Wrapping Up!

This is pretty much! I hope this whole guide helped you to know some of the useful commands of pancake bot discord and also How to use pancake bot discord to play, pause or remove any music.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank you!

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