How To Use Instagram Guides In 2023? | 11 Easy Tricks To Follow!

How To Use Instagram Guides In 2023? | 11 Easy Tricks To Follow!

Are you aware of this instagram feature, instagram guides and are you wondering about how to use instagram guides? Well, instagram is a very popular social media platform among the young generation having millions of active users. Instagram has plenty of different features which makes this app more interesting and fun to use.

If you are an active instagram user then you must be aware of instagram reels and also how intriguing they are. Once you start scrolling through instagram reels then you won’t even realize how much time you have spent while scrolling but these are even a great source of income for many social media influencers they can earn money through instagram reels.

You can use an instagram guide for expanding your business by creating a gift guide, creating a list of special offers and sales, sharing bts content, promoting the cause, and providing resources, sharing a travel guide, collaborating with other creators are some of the ways to use instagram guides.

So today in this article we are going to explain another feature of the instagram app which is the instagram guide and we are going to explain how to use instagram guides and what are the types of instagram guides. So without further delaying let’s get started.

How To Use Instagram Guides?

How To Use Instagram Guides?

Instagram app is recently testing various different features like instagram notes, these notes are just like short messages where you can also put funny things and this feature is now launched some of the features are still under process and they are not been launched yet just like the candid instagram feature.

Instagram is taking some innovative ideas from other apps to improve it just as the avatar feature which is available on snapchat as bitmoji and now whatsapp also has this feature of an avatar. Also, this candid feature is inspired by the bereal app and instagram reels are from tiktok short videos.

What Are Instagram Guides And How To Use Instagram Guides?

How To Use Instagram Guides?

If you are not aware of this instagram feature and you are wondering what are instagram guides then let me tell you these instagram guides are mini versions of blog posts that you can curate by adding your instagram post along with a description or commentary.

These instagram guides help us to connect to our audience easily just like blogging we can modify our related instagram posts that we have already posted into a grid and add our thoughts regarding that particular post as a description. So today we are seeing some of the ways how to use instagram guides.

Various Ways That Will Help You Regarding How To Use Instagram Guides.

These instagram guides are a great way to engage your audience and also these instagram guide also helps you in marketing but the question arises of how to use instagram guides. So, we have got some of the quick and best use of instagram notes.

1. By creating a gift guide.

Instagram guides are of great use if you start looking at them from a business point of view. What if you start curating a list of gift ideas on different occasions? Trends change but the idea of gifting someone never goes away. So what if you start gathering information and curating an instagram guide on gifting ideas to your parents, partner friends, and relatives?

2. By creating a list of special offers and sales.

You can create a list of sales and offers to go on a website or you are particularly showing the products on which there is a sale going on. Creating such kind of instagram guides also engages viewers.

3. By sharing BTS content.

If you are a social media influencer or a small business owner then you can make a list of behind-the-scenes and curate them in a guide that will help other people who are planning to start their small business or who want to start creating content online.

4. By promoting the cause and providing resources.

What’s better than promoting a social cause it doesn’t matter what kind of content you are creating if you are making a list of some serious social cause then it’s worth everything and people will connect to you more.

5. By sharing a travel guide.

Still not getting how to use instagram guides, just make a travel guide and you are good to go. If you are someone who loves to travel then go ahead and make a gravel guide for your followers so that it can also help them and when other people search for a travel guide your account also gets listed there.

6. By collaborating with creators.

Instagram provides a lot of strategies for content creators and businesses and making instagram guides is one of them. You can add your business collaborations, brand ambassadors, and everything related to your business and create an instagram guide that will help you to grow your business.

7. By adding others’ posts.

Adding others’ posts will help you to grow your account reach and also it will help them. It is more of a kind of collaboration that will help your followers as well as other creators.

8. By providing instructions.

You can also make a step guide or instructions or tips or guides providing all the necessary information regarding a particular topic. For example, if you are posting how to improve your mental health you can make a series and put it together on an instagram guide.

9. By sharing the story behind your instagram page.

You can’t control what others will think of you or your business and your instagram bio are not sufficient to explain what you are and what are your sentiments related to your business so an instagram guide is a perfect way to explain your behind story with a brief description and photos.

10. By creating a ranking list.

How to use instagram guides well the answer is simply by creating a ranking list. You can also attract an audience by creating a ranking list of different products or music or food items based on your most favorite to least favorite or from expensive to cheap.

11. By creating a list of your favorite products.

Making a list of your favorite product is also fun and while doing that you can also get an idea about your most favorite to favorite to less favorite.

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What Are The Different Types Of Instagram Guides?

How To Use Instagram Guides?

Now that you have known how to use instagram guides it is important to know the different aspects of instagram guides. So here we are going to see what are the different types of instagram guides.

So basically there are three different types of instagram guides. Let’s see what are these guides.

1. Place Guides.

These place guides are geographic-based and are a great help for tourists even if you are visiting a new place this place guide will help you to search the cafes or hotels or best places to visit.

2. Product Guides.

Making product guides on instagram are a great way to earn money if you are a small business owner make a list of your products that fall under one category and this will help you for growing and sell your products.

3. Post Guides.

In post guides, you can post whatever content you want to post related to your daily habits to ootd. So you can add a post from any feed in your post guide.

How To Make An Instagram Guide?

Now that it is clear to you how to use instagram guides, it is necessary to know how you can make an instagram guide. So follow the step guide given below to know how you can.

Open instagram>go to your profile>tap on + icon>tap on guide> select the guide option>tap on next>tap to add guide and add description>add a cover photo>double check and edit if needed>add a place and tap next>tap share and so you are done.

Step 1: Open your instagram app.

Step 2: Then, go to your profile.

Step 3: Then, tap on the plus symbol in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 4: Then, tap on guide and select the type of guide you want to create whether a post, product, or place.

Step 5: Then, you will have different options depending upon the type of guide you have chosen.

  • If you have chosen the instagram places guide then you can use geotags, saved places, locations, and geotags in your saved posts.
  • If you have chosen an instagram products guide then go ahead and search for brands and products that you have saved in your wishlist.
  • If you have chosen an instagram post guide you can use your saved post or your personal post.

Step 6: Then, tap on next.

Step 7: Then, add a description and title for your instagram guide.

Step 8: Then, tap on change cover photo and add a new picture.

Step 9: Then, double check and edit if needed and add a description if needed.

Step 10: Then add a place then tap next until your guide is completed.

Step 11: Then tap on share.

Wrapping Up!

So, we have come to the end of the discussion regarding how to use instagram guides. I genuinely tried to provide you with all the information regarding instagram guides as this feature is not known by many peoples so it’s a great way to attract more audience.

So this is all about how to see the instagram guides. If you find this article informative for you then make sure you share it with your friends and other instagram lovers also. Also, keep visiting Americbuzz for more such kinds of articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to find contacts on instagram?

Ans. To find the contacts on instagram you have to go to your profile then tap on three lines then tap on discover friends then tap on connecting contacts then select the access to allow option.

Q2. Can we see who views our instagram profile?

Ans. Currently, you are not able to see who views your instagram profile as it is against instagram terms and conditions and even third-party apps won’t help you to check your views on instagram.

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