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How To Use Fredboat Discord Bot With Bot Commands? (2023)

Fredboat  Discord Bot allows users to add songs on a discord music channel with a variety of features such as adding a playlist and making a queue of songs, you can also play music from Spotify or youtube.

Like Chip bot discord and Hydra bot discord, it also comes up with features to play, pause, resume, queue, and shuffle songs. This can all be done inside the discord with some of the commands listed below.

To add fredboat to your server Search Fredboat bot-> Tap on the invite link -> Select Server ->fill up the captcha and then Authorize it.

Below In this article, we’re going to discuss How to use the Fredboat discord bot with bot commands and also we’re going to show some commands that would definitely help you to become a pro.

How To Add Fredboat Discord Bot To A Discord Server

To add fredboat to your discord server you need to find it on google or you can follow the instructions given below.

1.  Go to google and search Fredboat or you can click on the Invite link directly.


2. So, when you click on the “Invite button”, you’ll be redirected to the discord server.

How To Use Fredboat Discord Bot With Bot Commands

3. In the discord server simply log in with your “Username and Password”.


4. Select the server where you want to “Add Fredboat” and Open it.


5. Now you’ll see the Fredboat, simply give all the required “Permissions” to get started.


6. Then, Tap on the “Authorize button” and before that fill the captcha correctly, only then it will be added to your discord server successfully.

How To Add Fredboat To Your Discord Voice Channel

So before you get started using fredboat in your discord server, you need to first add it to your voice channel and if you already have a voice channel you can simply add and start using it. 

You can follow the instructions given below to do so.

1. Open Discord and create a “Voice channel.”

How To Use Fredboat Discord Bot With Bot Commands

2. If you don’t have one you can simply create a “Voice channel”.

How To Use Fredboat Discord Bot With Bot Commands

3. To add fredboat type the command “;;join” and it will be added to your voice channel.


How To Use Fredboat Discord Bot

Fredboat is an awesome bot to play music to know how to use Fredboat discord bot, and you may do so by following the steps described below.


1. Open “Discord” on your phone or computer.


2. Next, choose the “server” and “voice channel” where you added the fredboat by following the instructions given above.

3. Select a command from the bot command list below, prefix it with “;;” and then type the bot command name.



How To Play Youtube Music Playlist With Fredboat Discord Bot?

Yes, it’s possible to play any type of youtube music playlist with the fredboat discord bot and to do so, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1:- Open “Youtube” on your Pc or mobile phone.


Step 2:- Choose a “Playlist” that you want to listen to.


Step 3:- Copy the playlist’s link from the search window or by tapping on the “Share option”.


Step 4:- Then simply Go to a voice channel on your Discord server where you’ve added “FredBoat Bot”.


Step 5:- Type the following command in your voice channel –;;play{playlist link}.


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However, you can play any type of music playlist from Spotify by just copying the link and using the ;; prefix and song link.

Features Of The Fredboat Discord Bot

There are lots of features inside this bot and here are some of the best features of fredboat Discord Bot that you should be aware of before adding it to your discord server.


  • Online at all times of the day and night
  • There is no need to set up anything.
  • Any type of music can be played.
  • You can change the quality of music.
  • You can also do a YouTube search.
  • Skip, pause, unpause, and stop are all options.
  • Repeat the shuffle.
  • Searching, forwarding, and rewinding
  • Playlist that never changes
  • Regular updates

Some Useful Fredboat Discord Bot Commands

To have fun with this best discord bot, you can use a variety of bot commands. I’ve included it below for you to look through and execute.

15+ Best FredBoat Bot Music Commands

Command Description
;;play [url] Play music from the given URL. See supported sources below.
;;play [words] Search for a track on YouTube and Soundcloud.
;;queue Display the queue of the current tracks in the playlist.
;;nowplaying Display the currently playing track.
;;skip Remove the currently playing track from the queue.
;;voteskip Vote to skip the current track. Must have at least 50% of the votes.
;;stop Stop the player and clear the playlist. Reserved for moderators.
;;pause Pause the player.
;;resume Resume the player.
;;join Make FredBoat Bot join your current voice channel.
;;leave Make FredBoat Bot leave the current voice channel.
;;repeat Change the repeat mode. Run this command for more info.
;;shuffle Toggle shuffle mode.
;;reshuffle Reshuffle the queue.
;;fwd [time] Forward the track by the given amount of time.
;;rew [time] Rewind the track by the given amount of time.
;;seek [time] Set the position of the track to the given time.
;;restart Restart the currently playing track.
;;history Show history of recently played tracks.
;;export Export the current queue to Hastebin.
;;volume Set the volume (Available for FredBoat Bot patrons only).
;;help [command] Show advanced usage of a command


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4 Best FredBoat Bot Admin Commands

These commands can only be run by an Administrator of the Discord Server.

Command Description
;;lang Set the language for FredBoat Bot.
;;config Allows you to change a couple of server-specific settings for the bot.
;;prefix Used to change or reset the prefix for FredBoat Bot.
;;modules Used to enable, disable or manage modules of FredBoat Bot.


Why Is Fredboat Discord  Not Working?

So, if you aren’t able to use the Fredboat discord bot or if it’s not working in your Discord server, it might be due to a server issue or an old version of Discord. So, if it still doesn’t work after updating it, you may need to ask for help from the Tatsu bot support community server, as it would definitely help you to resolve the issue.



1. Does FredBoat work on Discord?

You could simply and easily add FredBoat to your Discord server, but before that, you should have an updated version.

2. What is the FredBoat prefix?

The Fredboat Prefix is ;;”command.

3. Why is my FredBoat offline?

The first step is to determine whether bots, specifically the one you’re attempting to deploy, is still working or banned from the server. If bots are permitted and you’ll see that other individuals still use Fredboat, the next thing to look at is the permissions and roles settings.

4. Does FredBoat still work with YouTube?

Yes, Fredboat has some great features that let you play songs or videos directly from Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify

5. Can FredBoat play Spotify?
Like I said above you can play music, Playlist or any album from Spotify just by giving a few commands with the correct ;; Prefix.


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you to know How to use Fredboat discord bot with bot commands , also I’ve given a guide to using the Youtube playlist in your discord server with commands.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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