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Chip Bot Discord With Bot Commands [2023] | How To Setup & Use Bot?

Everyone loves to listen to music while doing fun activities, so what if I tell you can also listen to music with the help of Chip Bot Discord without using any music player like Spotify, Apple music etc.

So Everyone knows Discord is one of the best platforms for connecting people from all over the world and with the help of various bots like Hydra bot, Xenon Bot, Katheryne bot or Youtube bot you can use discord effortlessly.

If I talk about Youtube Bot that we’ve discussed in our previous article, then this bot is really excellent and by using this bot a discord user can watch youtube videos just by giving some commands.

If you want to only listen to music without watching videos, then this awesome Chip bot would help you to do so. Without taking much time, let’s talk about Chip bot, How to use Chip bot discord and what are the best commands that you need to know after installing it to your server.

To use a Chip bot discord you need to first add the Chip bot to your server, then pick one of the bot commands listed below, and then type the bot commands “ch!” as a prefix in the text box.


What Is Chip Bot Discord And What Are The Features Of Chip Bot?

Listening to music in discord can be easy with help of the Chip bot which allows you to listen to any music which is available on the internet just by typing its name or URL. It’s a free music bot and If you want to use its premium features then you should buy its premium services.

Chip bot allows you to invite four separate versions of the bot to your server at the same time for free. Chip bot is a powerful bot with a wide range of capabilities and instructions.


Here are some features of Chip bot discord:-

  • You can play music,
  • Using the search text box you can search any music
  • It allows you to loop, shuffle or repeat any playlist you want.
  • It is totally free and to access its advanced feature you need to buy it a premium one.
  • You can also queue lots of tracks.

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How To Add Chip Bot Discord

It takes only 2-3 minutes approximately to add a chip bot to your discord server and to do so very easily you need to follow the instructions given below.


Step 1:- Tap on the invite link and it will redirect you to Discord.

Screenshot 2022 04 04 at 7.52.47 PM1

Step 2:- Open Discord and Select the Server where you want to add .


Step 3:- After then give all permissions required as it’s totally safe.

Authorise Permissions to Chip Bot
Credits:- Exploringbits

Step 4:- Then you’ll be asked to authorize after filling up the captcha.


 Step 5:- Tap on authorize and it’s done. Now you can see a chip bot in your General chat area in the discord server.

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How To Use Chip Bot Discord To Play Music On The Discord Server

So, before you start playing music in discord you need to join a voice channel and to do so, follow the instructions given below:-


Step 1:- Open Discord and simply Join the voice channel.


Step 2:- So, after you successfully joined a “voice channel” it will show your name inside of it.

Connect to Voice Channel 1

Step 3:- To play the music you just need to type a music name using a “ch!” prefix.

Play song in Chip Bot
Credits:- Exploringbits

Step 4:- Another way to play music is to paste the URL of a track like this:- ch! play {url}, you can paste the URL of Spotify, sound cloud or any other music platform.


So, this is all about playing music in discord with the help of chip bot discord and below we’ve mentioned some of the best Chip bot commands.

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20+ best Chip Bot Discord  commands

So, there are lots of chip bot commands that you’ll find in or you can check out some of the useful chip bot commands that we listed below. All of the Chip bots commands listed below are updated and taken from

Command Description
ch! clear Remove all tracks from the queue at once.
ch!forceskip Skip to the next track in the queue without starting a vote with other listeners.
ch!forward [Time format] Forward a specific amount of time into the track. Example – ch! forward 30m
ch!loop [loop settings] Cycles between loop settings, off (default) -> queue -> track -> off.
ch!loop off/nothing Disabled looping.
ch!loop track/song Loops the current track.
ch!loop queue/all Loops the entire queue.
ch!lyrics Shows the lyrics of the currently playing track. Example – ch!lyrics what is love
ch!pause Pause the currently playing track.
ch!play [input method] Play a track from one of our supported platforms.
ch!play what is love Searches for the track “what is love” and plays the first found result.
ch!play… Searches for this Spotify song, album, playlist or artist and queues the songs.
ch!play [while uploading a file, no arguments needed] Play the audio file you uploaded.
ch!play insert-URL-here Play the song linked to an URL directly. This works for all supported platforms.
ch!queue Shows the first page of the queue
ch!queue 5 Shows page 5 of the queue (10 songs per page)
ch!replay Replay the currently playing track.
ch!rewind [time format] Go back a specific amount of time in the currently playing track. Example – ch!rewind 30m
ch!search [search terms] Search for a track and choose from 10 options and play the song.
ch!seek [time format] Seek to a specific time in the currently playing track. Example ch!seek 30m
ch!skip Skip to the next track in the queue.
ch!skipto [target position] Skip to a specific track in the queue. Example – ch!skipto 4
ch!stop Clears the queue and destroys the player

The above commands are only used to run music in the discord server if you want to know more commands then you can check out their official website given above at the start of this paragraph.

Why I’m facing “Chip Bot No Sources Found” error?

 “Chip Bot No sources Found error” is due to the fact that removal of YouTube from Chip Bot’s supported platforms, you may occasionally receive an error stating that no source of music could be discovered for a specific query.

It’s also because YouTube used to be one of the chip bot’s primary sources of music, but when YouTube began issuing takedown notice letters to prominent music bots, the chip bot swiftly dropped support for the platform. As a result, you may get this error if Chip Bot is unable to locate a valid source for the identical query on another supported platform.

Why Does Chip Bot Not Working?

If you can’t use Chip bot or it doesn’t work in your Discord server, it might be because of a server issue or an older version of Discord. If it still doesn’t work after you’ve updated it, cross-check whether you have used the correct prefix and song name. If still, you aren’t able to use the Chip bot, then you should ask for help from the Chip Bot support community server, which will most likely be able to assist you in resolving the problem.

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1. How do you add a chip bot to a Discord server?

It’s very easy to add Chip bot discord and to do so,  Enter c! play into a Voice Channel and it will automatically start playing a song you’d like to play.

2. How do you play Discord with the chip bot?

Above we’ve mentioned some commands that you can use to play discord with the chip bot and these are a few of them.

  • ch!play [search the song or URL]: Plays a song from Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, as well as other sites.
  • ch!pause: This command will pause the current track.
  • ch!resume: Restarts the stopped track.
  • ch!queue: Displays a list of the songs in the queue.
  • ch!clear: Removes all tracks from the queue to empty it.
  • ch!stop: Terminates the current track.
  • ch!nowplaying: Displays the name of the current track.
  • ch!shuffle: Reorders the tracks in the queue.
  • ch!lyrics [Song name]: Displays the song’s lyrics.

You can also check more commands listed above.

3. What is the best Discord bot?

1. MEE6

2. ProBot

3. IdleRPG

4. Community Hub

5. Double Counter

6. Arcane


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information is sufficient to know How to use Chip Bot discord with bot commands, also we’ve given some of the best chip bot commands that will help you to use it efficiently.

So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts and if you want to add up something you can tell us in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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