How to unsilence calls on iPhone

How To Unsilence Calls On iPhone [Solved] (2022)

So many iPhone users sometimes put their iPhone on silent mode by sliding the button or sometimes turn on the night or Do not disturb mode. It is up to you to decide whether or not to put your phone on silent. It’s not like it just happened to you and you’re stuck trying to figure out how to fix it. However, for many iPhone users, this is a common problem.

Many users have been experiencing troubles with their iPhone call alert system due to becoming confused among a few confusing settings and glitches. When you repeatedly miss essential calls, it can be frustrating sometimes.

So, if you are one of the users who want to Unsilence calls on your iPhone, can read this article till the end and you would definitely get the solution to fix it.


What To Do Before Nonsilencing Calls On iPhone


So, before you unsilence calls on your iPhone you need to check a few things listed below:-

1. Check the Silent and Ring Switch


Make sure the mute switch on the left side of your phone is not in the position where the orange line appears to unmute your iPhone. If it is, simply move it to unmute your iPhone.


2. Check the Ring volume in Settings


Check your Ringer volume if your iPhone is in Ring mode but your calls are being muted. It’s possible that the volume is either extremely low or completely off.

If your iPhone’s settings allow it, you can change the volume of the ringer by pressing and holding the volume buttons. Go to settings-> sounds& Haptics-> Adjust the volume by using the slider.


3. Check Your Do not Disturb Mode


Check to see whether you have the DND mode switched on if your iPhone is still silent. DND mutes call when your iPhone has locked or always, depending on how the settings are configured on your end.


4. Check your Bluetooth Device connected to your iPhone


Perhaps your calls are being muted because they are being routed to a Bluetooth device that you are not currently listening to. If your phone is connected to Bluetooth earbuds but you aren’t using them right now, any incoming calls will ring on the device rather than your phone.

5. Check whether you block a specific number or not?

If you’re simply missing calls from a particular number, keep in mind that you haven’t blocked them by accident. Go to your iPhone’s settings -> select the ‘Phone’ option. In the Phone settings, go to ‘Blocked Contacts.’


So Here Is How to Unsilence calls on iPhone Easily

How to Unsilence calls on iPhone [Solved]
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On iPhone you can easily unsilence calls by turning off the silent mode and to do so, you can follow the instructions given below:-


Step 1:-  To make the orange disappear, move the switch on the left side of your iPhone toward you. Also, search for a notification that says Silent Mode Off on your display.


Step 2:-  Then Go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics to control the sounds that signify calls and other alerts when Silent Mode is turned off.

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Step 3:-  If you wish, toggle on Vibrate on Ring under Vibrate and also, make sure the volume slider in the Ringer And Alerts section isn’t all the way to the left.


How To Unsilence Calls On iPhone with DND Mode

So, if you were at work for a long time and forget to off your DND mode after work, you can follow the instruction given below to turn off DND mode easily.


Step 1:- Go to Do Not Disturb > Settings.


Step 2:- Toggle the Do Not Disturb toggle to the left.

IMG 24651


Step 3:- Swipe up from the top right corner of your device to bring down the Control Center, where you can instantly allow incoming call alerts. Silencing can be turned off by tapping the moon-shaped Do Not Disturb icon.

IMG 2464 2


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What To Do When Your Silent Switch Is Not Working?

In most circumstances, a restart will resolve the issue, allowing the iPhone silent button to function again. By just flipping the switch, you may put your iPhone in silent mode. If you still can’t get your iPhone to go silent, check to see if the switch is damaged or broken.


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How To Silence Your iPhone 12 Without The Switch?

Turn on the switch for “AssistiveTouch” by tapping AssistiveTouch at the top. On your screen, you should now see a floating button that you can move to the edges. To access the AssistiveTouch menu, press the virtual onscreen button. To put your iPhone in silent mode, go to “Device” and then “Mute.”


Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you on how to unsilence calls on iPhone, as we have given a few steps to help you do so very easily. So if you really liked the article do let us know your views in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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