5 Simplest Ways on How to Unlock Snapchat Account (2022) | Step by Step Guide

5 Simplest Ways on How to Unlock Snapchat Account (2022) | Step by Step Guide

As you all know Snapchat is one of the most running apps right now in the world. If I talk about the daily active users of Snapchat then this number is far bigger than any photos, media, and sharing app. Snapchat had 293 million daily users right now according to a 2020 survey and is one of the most downloaded apps too.

This platform is not only used for sharing pictures, videos, or any kind of media. Snapchat comes with lot more features like you can chat with anyone and by sharing pictures and media you can make a streak and have fun. This app also comes with more interesting filters which most people use right now to make reels and funny video content to make them more interesting and funny.

But if I talk about the user behavior of this app then I will not rate it good because not only me but a lot of people face a lot of difficulties like getting locked their account by Snapchat because of not matching their terms and conditions.

So Today in this blog we are going to help you understand the policies and terms and conditions of Snapchat and will let you know how to unlock your Snapchat account so that in the future if your account gets locked then by following these easy steps you can unlock Snapchat easily.

 Here’s How Snapchat Can Lock your Snapchat Account?

According to Snapchat, there are three types of lock you will get if you violate their terms and Conditions.

1. Your Account has been Temporarily Locked.

So if your account is temporarily locked then you don’t have to worry much because you can log in back by following some steps and be aware to look at the reasons why your account is temporarily blocked, otherwise it will lead your account to be permanently locked account.

2. Your Account has been Permanently Locked.

So here comes a lot of stressful things you can face after getting permanently locked because you cannot unlock your Snapchat account by contacting the Snapchat support team.

3. Your account has been blocked it violates the Policies.

If you see this message whenever you open your Snapchat account you just have to mail the Snapchat support team and then fill a form so that they can watch why your account is getting these messages and how you violated the policies of Snapchat. Then they will ask for some additional information about your accounts like email or username so that they can see what’s the matter and will solve it quickly.

“Here are Reasons Why Your Account has been Locked”

So if your Snapchat account is locked then you must be doing these wrong things while using Snapchat.

  1. If you are sending spam messages and more violating content likes manipulating or disrespectful content.
  2. If you are using a lot third party apps or services to use Snapchat services.
  3. If lots of people send you the request on a Snapchat account it will be counted as suspicious activity so to keep your account safe they kind of lock your account which you can unlock afterward.

“Here’s How to Unlock Snapchat Account”


How to Unlock Your Snapchat Account


So, if you want to unlock your Snapchat account more quickly then follow the steps given below:-


Step 1:- So to unlock your Snapchat account first you have to open the Snapchat website.

Step 2:- Then use your login username and password and just log in and then a window will appear which will verify whether you are a Robot or not.

Step 3:- After logging in the webpage that will appear will show your account is “Locked”.

Step 4: Then you will see a unlock “Yellow “button below and click on it and wait for the page to load.

Step 5:- Then after if the page loaded well and if you will get the access right away then your account is unlocked and if not then you have to wait for some hours to get your Snapchat account unlocked.

So, in this way, you can unlock your Snapchat account and if within 72 hours you are not able to log in to your account then your account would be banned and then contact the Snapchat support team so that they can look at your account and do possible things to unlock your account as soon as possible.

Also, you can create a new Snapchat account and use it to share your pictures and all kind of media, but I know it will not be easy to get back to your friends easily but it’s much more good and far better than waiting for your account to get unlocked. And if your account is permanently banned then you only have one option to create a new Snapchat Account.

End of the Line:-

Above I have mentioned all the possible ways so that you can unlock the Snapchat account and by following these steps it will be easier to unlock your account and if this blog helped your account to get unlocked do let me know in my comment section and do share with your friends too.

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