How To Unfriend Someone On BeReal

Suppose you accidentally add someone to your BeReal app but now you want to unfriend them how would you do that? How to unfriend someone on BeReal? A French social media app that was launched in 2020 quickly became quite popular, particularly with the Gen Z generation.

It provides users with a window of two minutes to share a snapshot of whatever activity they are engaged in during the day. Although many users are already familiar with how BeReal works, many of them are unsure of how to unfriend someone on BeReal. It is the first software that enables users to upload photos that are unedited or unfiltered.

In other words, we could compare this to Snapchat or Instagram without the flimsy filters or edits. Users are limited to posting only real, authentic photos. The topic of how to unfriend someone on BeReal is covered in this article. Before that time, if you are unsure how to add friends to the BeReal app, click here to see that page. On iOS and Android, unfriending has various changes. Let’s examine its operation.


How To Unfriend Someone On BeReal

How To Unfriend Someone On BeReal

In the BeReal app, you might have made a lot of pals. I believe you should delete them from your friend list after a few days for whatever reason. You can unfriend, for sure. By taking a few actions, you can unfriend someone. On Android and iPhone, there are two options. I’ve outlined how to unfriend in the paragraphs below.

In the BeReal app, you may add and remove friends in the same way. All of the friends you have added so far are visible if you visit the friend list. You can also delete any undesirable pals from it. This is the procedure. For both iPhone and Android, there are certain adjustments to be made. Both, though, can be unfriended with a few simple actions.


How To Unfriend Someone On BeReal On iPhone And Android?

For iPhone-

You can see every person you’ve added to your friend list. On Bereal, unfriending someone is just as simple as adding them. It’s quite simple. Follow the steps below if you wish to unfriend someone on Bereal for iOS or iPhone:

1. Go to the “my friends” section of the BeReal app by opening it.

2. On the left, select the “Add Friends” button.

3. Go to “My Friends” and select the person you wish to unfriend by clicking on the cross to the right of their profile.

4. After that, click ‘Delete’ to confirm.


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For Android-

Open the app, select Add Friends, Unfriend, and Delete from the menu to unfriend someone on BeReal for Android. On Bereal for Android, you can unfriend someone by:

1. View the friend’s section by opening the BeReal app.

2. The option to add friends is on the left.

3. You can unfriend someone by clicking the cross icon next to their profile after visiting your friends.

4. Once you click “Delete,” the task is complete.

Whether you are using iPhone or Android, there is little to no difference. On Bereal, both have identical processes for unfriending someone. It is a really simple and basic method, as was already described. There is nothing difficult about it.

How To Unfriend Someone On BeReal



Q1. How to delete a post on BeReal?

Ans. Click “Delete my BeReal” from the dot menu in the top right corner of your BeReal. There is a catch, as there always is with items on this app. Use your BeReal carefully because you can only remove it once every day. You have the choice to delete a post after sharing it if you want to prevent others from seeing it.


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Q2. Does BeReal send notifications?

Ans. The screenshot provides the solution to your query regarding when Bereal sends notifications. Instead, users snap a daily photo of exactly what they are doing at an unplanned moment to promote consistency and honesty (to a degree). The French company claims that the app portrays itself as “uncontrollable.” Regardless of what you choose, with an emphasis on…Read more

Q3. Is that safe to use the BeReal app?

Ans. BeReal includes various features that parents should be aware of, just like any app or site where users could communicate with strangers: Pictures are not moderated, so if your child is going through the Discovery feed, they can see something that someone posted that contains offensive material.

Q4. How to use the BeReal app?

Ans. The first step in learning how to use the Bereal app is to make an account. BeReal is an app that can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone. Download the app from the Play Store or, if using an iPhone, the App Store before creating an account on BeReal.

Once the app has been downloaded, you can establish an account by entering your phone number, birthday, full name, and username. After you log in, the program will ask you to access your contacts so you can add friends. If your friends do not use the app, you can choose Don’t Allow to…Read more

Q5. What happens if BeReal is not posted?

Ans. Nothing really occurs if you don’t post within the allocated two minutes. There is no streak to break in the vein of Snapchat, and you can still post afterward. However, BeReal informs people that your post was “late” and spies on you. Every time someone posts on BeReal, the push alerts are sent out, letting your friends know how late you were in posting.


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Q6. What serves as BeReal’s purpose?

Ans. A social media platform called BeReal requires users to upload one unaltered photo of themselves every day. Instead of attempting to exhibit their best selves, it is intended to encourage people to be more real.



You should be able to discover the answer to your question about how to unfriend someone on BeReal. Bereal is a social networking site like Snapchat or Instagram where users can post unedited images and promote a welcoming environment. To prove its legitimacy, the application prompts users to upload one unedited photo each day.

If you were also wondering how to unfriend someone on BeReal, this page will provide you with all the details you require. Do share your feedback with us whether you like this article or not. We hope you find this article informative, stay tuned for more updates on the BeReal app. Thanks for reading!

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