How to Unban Someone On Discord (2022) | Dyno , Carl Bot

How to Unban Someone On Discord (2022) |  Dyno , Carl Bot

As we all know that discord is a voice-over IP and instant messaging social media platform in which users can communicate using voice calls, text messages, video calls as well as text messages. The Discord community is so cool where you can do different types of things like you can listen to music, and watch youtube videos inside a discord server by using some bot commands.

A discord owner can also give roles to the members of discord to let them share files and media in private chats or group chats known as community servers. If you’re new and wanted to join different discord servers for more fun you can do that inside discord. But as we know it’s very difficult to manage each and everything inside a discord server which consists of thousands of members. Indeed all of these activities can be managed by plasma Bot efficiently for free.

You can unban a user on discord just by doing this: “Discord”-> “Choose Server”-> “Server Settings”->Tap on the “arrow” ->Click on “Bans”-> Select the “user” you want to unban-> Tap on “Revoke” ban. In short, discord is a platform made for gamers to give them space to build their communities so they can chat with fellow gamers and their friends while playing games too.

But what if you were annoyed by someone and you reported the member on discord and now he/she is banned. Now, after some time you wanted to undo the report or want to know How to unban someone on Discord, you should follow the article till the end.


How is Discord today?

Today Discord is not only used by many online gamers but also by other content creators. Servers of discord are filled by text channels and voice channels in which you can also share media such as videos, music, files, images, internet links etc.

Each server usually consists of multiple channels which can include different topics and different rules. For example, in one server there can be a channel for a game as well as a chat room for sharing funny dog videos. In short, the possibilities are endless in this application and that is also a reason for its huge success.

How To Unban Someone On Discord On Mobile 2022

So, if you’ve banned someone on Discord accidentally or by any means you can unban the user very easily. Following these steps shown below can help you do that quickly.

Step 1- Open “Discord” app on your phone or your favourite browser.

Step 2- Go to your “server or channel” (you should be the administrator of the server).

2 discord desktop server menu 1
Source- HowtoGeek

Step 3- Click on the down “arrow” on the top-left of the screen doing this  a drop-down menu will appear.

Untitled design 5 1
Source- Alphr

Step 4- Click on “Server Settings” and then Tap on the “Bans” at the bottom of the page. There you’ll find a “list of banned users”.

Untitled design 6

Step 5- Choose the member whom you want to “Unban” by typing the name in the chat box.

17 revoke ban

Step 6- A message will appear to revoke the ban or not click on the “Revoke ban”. After following these steps the banned person will also be able to join your server again.


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How to Unban Someone On Discord Using Dyno Bot

How to Unban Someone On Discord Using Dyno Bot

Unbanning someone who has been banned using Dyno is very easy if you follow the step-by-step guide explained below.

Step 1- Launch “Discord” on your computer.

Step 2- Select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu at the top left.

Step 3- Select “Bans” from the menu on the left. On the right, a list of “Banned members” will appear.

Step 4- Pick the person you want to unban and select “Revoke ban”.


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How to Unban Someone On Discord Using Carl Bot

How to Unban Someone On Discord Using Carl Bot

Carl Bot is another very helpful bot for all Discord users which can also be used to unban someone on Discord. Simply, follow the instructions given below to do that instantly.

Step 1- Launch your “Discord app” on your mobile or desktop.

Step 2- Go to the Server and Click on the arrow to get the “Server Settings” and then open it.

Step 3- Scroll down a little and you’ll see a “Bans” option, simply Tap on it and you’ll get the list of banned users.

Step 4- Then choose the user you want to unban and then click on “Revoke Ban”.

Step 5- Right after you Tap on Revoke Ban, the user will be unbanned from the server.


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What Not To Do To Get Banned On Discord

So, there are multiple reasons why somebody might be banned from Discord and if you do the same mistake you’ll get banned.

  • Sending spam messages to the server.
  • Spreading negativity or chaos by sharing pornographic content.
  • Sending inflammatory or disparaging messages.
  • Posting abusive, violent, or self-harming content.
  • Discriminatory behaviour or hate speech in any form.
  • Private messages are being leaked.
  • Any other unlawful activity.

Above I’ve mentioned some of the reasons that you need to take care of while using discord and many of  them depend on the Discord’s policies and rules of engagement.


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1. Are bans permanent on Discord?

The ban will be permanent until the user is unbanned by a moderator; however, bots can be used to temporarily ban a user.

2. How do I join a banned Discord server?

You can get access by acquiring a new IP address and establishing a new username. A VPN is the best way to change your IP address.

Wrapping Up!

As I’ve mentioned some of the best practices you can do to get unbanned from discord and also it depends on your server admin until he/she unbans you from the server by removing your name from the banned list.

If you found this article helpful, do share this information and also share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank you!

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