How To Turn Off Retakes On Bereal 2023? | How Does It Works?

How To Turn Off Retakes On Bereal 2023? | How Does It Works?

If you use the Bereal app then you must be well-versed in its process of uploading photos and you must also sometimes retake photos to make them better. But today we will teach how to turn off retakes on Bereal to those who don’t want to show that it took them 47 attempts to make their cat sit in one place and take a selfie with it.

Okay, 46 may be an exaggeration for a two-minute timer but you get the gist. This article is for those people who don’t want to show their friends their retake count because 4-5 attempts are fine but everyone would raise their eyebrows when they see it took your 23 attempts to come up with a selfie of you just eating ramen noodles.

They don’t know how many times their lens fogged up due to the heat, or how your flick didn’t cooperate with you. But that’s the whole idea of Bereal. Be real. Show off that uneven flick or you’re fogged up glasses.

Until you get the confidence to do so here are some simple solutions for how to turn off retakes on Bereal. Restart your phone, reopen the app, or clear the cache.

How To Turn Off Retakes On Bereal?

How To Turn Off Retakes On Bereal

In reality, there is no definite answer to how to turn off retakes on Bereal because you essentially can’t do it right now. You can just go to the setting toggle of the retakes button, but what you can do is work around to delete or at least lower your number of attempts. There are three solutions and they are explained below.

1. Restart Your App

The first solution for how to turn off retakes on Bereal that everyone should follow is to restart their app. Once you finish clicking your Bereal and feel embarrassed about your number of attempts, instead of uploading it simply close the app and reopen it. In this way, the app will incorrectly enter the retake attempt and act like the original photo was never taken.

2. Restart Your Phone

If the first solution for how to turn off retakes on Bereal doesn’t work then try this next method of restarting your phone. Simply switch off your phone and switch it on again and you will see that the retake count will not be raised. But make sure to restart your phone before uploading your Bereal.

3. Clear Cache

Lastly, we have the OG solution for everyone’s problem, be it how to turn off retakes on Bereal or how to stop any app from lagging or crashing. Simply clear your cache and you are done. To see more effective results uninstall the app and reinstall it again.

How To Retake A Bereal?

How To Turn Off Retakes On Bereal

If you are not in the mood to know how to turn off retakes on Bereal then you must learn how to retake a Bereal. There is only one thing to know here, you have to destroy the existing thing to create a new one, so you need to delete your existing Bereal and then only can you retake another one.

Once your original one is deleted then take another one. Follow these steps to retake a Bereal within the two-minute timer to get the perfect unfiltered and raw selfie.

Step 1: Click a photo and make sure to not like it.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots, it will be next to your Bereal time.

Step 3: Select options.

Step 4: Tap on the delete my Bereal option.

Step 5: Tap on yes I’m sure to confirm deleting the Bereal

Step 6: Tap on delete once again.

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How To Check Retakes On Bereal?

How To Turn Off Retakes On Bereal

On Bereal a user gets a notification to upload a photo, it can be at any time during the day and no one can one when the notification will arrive. Bereal is a platform that encourages everyone to take upload their unfiltered selves on the internet without feeling cautious and sending the notification at any time encourages that thought.

If the user doesn’t know when the notification will arrive, they will have no time to prepare and clear themselves for the photo. Some people may think that if the rules are so strict then it’s best to learn how to turn off retakes on Bereal because we will anyway look the same.

Once the user presses on that notification a timer for 2 minutes starts, that’s another way of making sure only natural photos are uploaded, and no one can clean themselves in 2 minutes. In those two minutes, users have to upload two live photos, one of themselves from the front camera and one of what they are doing from the back camera.

If they don’t like the final photos then they can retake the photos as many times as they like but within those two minutes. You never know when your dad can roam around in his shorts or your sibling can creep up from behind making a funny face.

Once they get those perfect photos they can upload them. So in a way, it’s not necessary to know how to turn off retakes on Bereal because it’s a useful option. Whenever you upload a photo a timestamp of the photo will appear at the bottom of the picture.

The timestamp will have all the necessary information regarding the photo like when was it uploaded, whether was it uploaded on time or late, and how many retakes did you do before uploading it.

The timestamp will also include information like total comments, and total realmojis. You can also check your friend’s retake attempts by checking the timestamp on their Bereals.

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Wrapping Up!

So, that was all about how to turn off retakes on Bereal, I’m sorry that there is no definite answer right now to this problem but maybe in the future Bereal will create a solution. For now try restarting your phone, reopening the app, or clearing the cache to lower the number of retake attempts on Bereal.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How many Bereals can I post in a day?

Ans. You can post at least one Bereal in a day. The Bereal is divided into two parts, one is your natural selfie and the other is a photo of what you are doing.

Q2. How to turn off the location on Bereal?

Ans. You can turn off the location on Bereal by taking your Bereal selfie>not posting it>tapping on the location icon>togging it off.

Q3. Is there a limit to the number of retakes on Bereal?

Ans. No, there is no limit on the number of retakes on Bereal but you have to take them within the two-minute timer.

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