How To Turn Off Margin On Robinhood | Here’s a Fix [2022]

How To Turn Off Margin On Robinhood | Here’s a Fix [2022]

Robinhood’s whole investing concept is based on quick deposits, each brokerage account opened on the site is automatically set up as a margin account. This implies that you can buy assets and invest on margin, which you will have to pay back to the platform later.

On the other hand, it’s very easy to use the Robinhood app and every transaction you do on the platform is safe and secure. But many users can’t link bank accounts on Robinhood due to some issues but they’re nothing but system errors that can be solved with some fixes.

But not everyone likes this feature and wants to get rid of it. Well, It’s possible to turn off the margin on Robinhood, and today in this article we’ll guide you on How to turn off the margin on Robinhood very easily.


What is Margin and How does it Work?

The difference between investment value and the amount you borrowed from a broker is known as Margin. But you have to face the danger associated with margin trading if not used in the right way. So if you borrowed some money for deposits and if it will go higher than the value of securities, only then you may have to pay more.

What if you failed in the investment you made? In that case, you will be responsible for repaying the money you borrowed + interest.

How to Turn off Margin on Robinhood

So, if you aren’t into day-trading, you should follow the instructions given below to know How to turn off margin on Robinhood. 

Step 1:- Open Robinhood on your mobile phone and at the bottom-right corner of the screen, tap the “Account” button.

Step 2:- Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu and click on  “Robinhood Gold”.

Step 3:- Then, Simply  tap on “Margin Investing” and d Disable Margin Investing by tapping “Disable Margin Investing.”

Step 4:- Return to the main “Account” page and go to the “Investing” section of the menu.

Step 5:- Choose “Day Trade Settings” from the drop-down menu and disable the option “Instant Settlement.”

Step 6:- Boom! It’s done.


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How To Cancel Robinhood Gold?

It’s very easy to cancel a Robinhood gold subscription and to do that you need to follow a few instructions and to know the step-by-step guide, read till the end.

Step 1:- Open Robinhood and log in with the details of the “Gold account”.

Step 2:- Tap on the “Account settings” option and after then you’ll be redirected to a new page where you can cancel your Gold membership.

Step 3:- Instantly your “Gold membership” will be cancelled.


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Is It Possible To Use Margin In Robinhood Without Gold Membership?

So when you create an account on  Robinhood by default it will be considered an instant account. You will be given immediate access to some initial capital with which you start trading. Purchasing a gold membership on Robinhood is needed if you want to use margin.

But to use margin, you’ll have to buy a  Robinhood Gold subscription, which would cost you $5 per month. Users should also pay $1,000 in the margin, which is included in the $5 per month payment. On Robinhood, you’ll also have to pay a 2.5 percent interest rate on the margin. If you don’t know How to turn on Margin on Robinhood, you can follow the steps shown below that will guide you to do this easily.

How To Turn On Margin On Robinhood

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Step 1:- Ensure you have a Robinhood Gold account.

Step 2:- Have at least $2,000 in your portfolio or $20-25,000 if you’re a professional trader.

Step 3:- Launch the Robinhood app on your phone and at the upper right corner, tap the three-line menu symbol.

Step 4:- Then, Tap on the yellow profile icon in the upper right corner.

Step 5:- Choose “Margin Investing” and   “Turn on Margin”.

Step 6:- Allow it to complete its registration check.

Step 7:- Click on the “Confirm” button.


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Frequently Asked  Questions[FAQs]


1. How do I disable margin trading?

It takes a very less time to disable margin trading, firstly check the status of an order, Go to Reports ->Choose orders->  Right-click on the order & Click on the cancel button.

2. What happens if you ignore a margin call?

The margin call requires the deposit of additional cash to your margin account. Somehow, If you fail to fulfill the margin requirement, your brokerage company may cancel any active trades in order to restore the account to its minimal value.

3. How do you avoid margin interest?

Yes, it’s possible to avoid margin interest, and to do so, you should repay the borrowed amount just before the settlement.


Wrapping Up!

I hope this article helped you to know How to turn off margin on Robinhood, as we have given step by step guide that would definitely work. So if you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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