3 Ways To Split Screen On iPhone With Easy Methods (2022) | How To?

3 Ways To Split Screen On iPhone With Easy Methods (2022) | How To?

As I looked through some of the big websites and every website states that ios don’t allow every device to use split-screen. Spit screen is a typical feature in Android that we don’t see on iPhone. On an Android smartphone, you can easily split between two windows on one screen, which is not possible on an iPhone.

So if you’re using an iPhone 6 or above device then you may use split-screen mode in your iPhone. But there is an alternative way to split-screen in iPhone by installing a specific app for the Splitting screen iPhone, such as browsing the web. Without wasting much time let’s get into the article and let’s find out how to split screen on iPhone.

How To Split Screen On iPhone Without Installing The App

So, if you don’t know the secret features of splitting the screen in your iPhone which is somewhere hiding in the settings then you should follow the steps given below.

Step 1:- Open Settings on your iPhone and search Display & Brightness

Step 2:- Then Tap on Display -> Zoom-> Set-> Use Zoom.

Step 3:- Sp right after you set the settings to zoom your phone will restart and then you can use split-screen mode easily.

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How To Split Screen On iPhone 13 Or (Break Up Display Screen)

The iPhone 13 features a new feature called “iPhone split screen,” which allows you to run two apps on the same display screen at the same time. This is an effective way to multitask and get more work done with much less effort.

Follow the steps given below to Split the screen on iPhone 13:-

Step 1: From the house display panel, tap the Settings icon.


Step 2: Select General > Multitasking Gestures from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: In the left or right panel, toggle on “Swipe Across” and select the app you need to utilize.


This is all about the Split screen on iPhone, however, if you won’t be able to use split-screen mode on your iPhone, then below we’ve listed some of the best split-screen apps for iPhone that work really well on any iOS device.


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5 Best Free & Premium Split-Screen Apps For iPhone


So, below we have some best Split-screen apps for iPhone that definitely help you to split-screen and all of them works really well on higher iOS version or maybe in lower versions.


1. Split Screen – Dual Window

Split Screen – Dual Window allows you to be more productive while learning or working. Caesar’s strategy was to divide and conquer. The amazing thing about this software is that it has received a lot of positive feedback.

Users say this application is the most fantastic for work or study among the analogs. You can share the screen and use the iPhone with many turned-on different tabs with this software.


  • Ratings:- 4.2 out of 5
  • App size:- 59.7 MB
  • Compatibility:- It requires ios 10.0 or above
  • Free to use


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2. Split Screen Window: Dual View

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A Split-screen window is an excellent app to split screen on iPhone which some sup with a lot of features like Dark Mode and Light means you can split-screen while you’re sitting in the house or outside the house in daylight.

The second advantage of using this app is that you can open multiple tabs at once, making it more fun to spend time with. You can easily switch between split screens on iPhone.


  • Ratings:- 3.4 out of 5
  • App size:- 15.3 MB
  • Compatibility:- It requires ios 12.3 or above
  • Free to use



3. Split It: Split Screen

download 3

Split It: Split Screen is another fantastic iOS app that allows you to explore two websites at the same time. Stop juggling multiple apps or browser tabs to complete all of your online tasks. It contains a feature that allows you to customise the size of the screen’s working sections. You can chat with your loved one and at the same time can watch a movie on Netflix or Apple Tv.

Screen splitting is done in a fast mode so that switching takes as little time as possible. Unlike others it comes up with premium features, although you can use its free version after some time it will expire and you need a premium version to explore its other features.

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  • Ratings:- 4.4 out of 5
  • App size:- 62.4 MB
  • Compatibility:- It requires ios 12.0 or above
  • Free to use
  • Premium Version$1.99
  • Remove Ads$9.99



4. Split Screen – Dual display

Split Screen On iPhone

Split-screen – Dual display is another best split-screen app for iPhone that allows you to perform two tasks on screen, where you can watch movies and work at the same time.

Some of the best features of a Split-screen are you can resize 2 windows and can add websites to your favourite list to access later. Also, all of your brose histories will be saved. It also comes up with premium features that let you use its more engaging features .


  • Ratings:- 3.9 out of 5
  • App size:- 10.4 MB
  • Compatibility:- It requires ios 12.0 or above
  • Free to use
  • Weekly:- $1.99
  • Lifetime:- $9.99


5. Multitasking Split Screen

1200x600wa 1

Multitasking Split Screen is last but not least, this app allows you to browse through websites, chat or you can watch videos on youtube at the same time. Multitasking split screen is a great app that lets you directly split-screen on your iphone without switching between tabs.


  • Ratings:- 3.0 out of 5
  • App size:- 17.4 MB
  • Compatibility:- It requires ios 12.0 or above
  • Free to use



Wrapping Up!

I hope the above article helped you to know How to Split screen on iPhone and also I’ve mentioned some of the best Split-screen apps for iPhone that are an alternative way to split screen on ios devices.

So if you really liked the article do let us know your thoughts related to this article in our comment section down below. Thanks for reading!

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