How To Share Videos Directly From YouTube To Snapchat (2024)

How To Share Videos Directly From YouTube To Snapchat (2024)

Have you ever tried sharing YouTube videos to Snapchat? Well, if you haven’t till now then do it because Snapchat has recently rolled out a new feature. After hearing this you must be getting curious to know how to share videos directly from YouTube to Snapchat. Well, the most popular social media site Snapchat has rolled out a very new feature that lets you share YouTube videos directly on Snapchat. The company said that now all the users can seamlessly share videos directly from YouTube to this respective platform right from the camera section of Snapchat.

If you are getting curious to know how to share videos directly from YouTube to Snapchat then you need to head to the YouTube app>choose any video you want to share>tap on the share icon>choose the Snapchat app icon>you will be redirected to the Snapchat app>make any changes you want>tap on the share to option to share the video with your friends. To know more about this topic you will have to continue reading the article so that you can know the steps of performing this trick.

How To Share Videos Directly From YouTube To Snapchat?

Have you ever tried to share videos from YouTube to Snapchat before? and got failed, you can try it now and you will be able to do this trick easily without any hassle. This update will allow users to directly paste the link and from there only you can open the link directly from there.

Content creators will have the maximum benefits of this feature as they have to promote their YouTube channels on every social media platform they use, one of them could be Snapchat also. So they just have to copy the link and insert it into the YouTube sticker and by tapping that sticker the user will be directly directed to the channel of that particular creator.

“…all Snapchatters across iOS and Android can seamlessly share their favorite YouTube videos with their friends straight through the Snapchat Camera—no more pesky copying and pasting required!” the company stated in a post. “With this new integration, we are making it easier than ever for these viewers to send their favourite clips and videos right where they are already talking with their friends on Snapchat,” the company added.

If we talk about the functioning of this feature, the feature can be operated on both Android as well as iOS across the world. You will be surprised to know that this is the first time you can share the YouTube link directly to Snapchat by using the Snapchat camera and you can also use other tools to express your feelings or emotions. Now let’s get into further details of performing this trick by following the simple steps that are listed below.

Step By Step Guide to Share Videos Directly From YouTube To Snapchat:

How To Share Videos Directly From YouTube To Snapchat

Step 1: First of all, open the “YouTube App” and choose a “Video” that you want to watch.
Step 2: Then, click on “Share Icon” and then select the “Snapchat Icon” from the menu. This will direct you to the Snapchat Camera.
Step 3: Now, the video will emerge as a computerized “YouTube Sticker” on your actual Snap. You can also use other tools to express your emotions and feelings.
Step 4: When you’re done, tap on the “Save Icon” to save your snap or click on the “Send To” option to share your “YouTube Video” with your friends.

And you’re done, now your friends can watch your shared video by just a tap on the given link on the snap. Isn’t it interesting? Earlier we used to manually copy the link and paste it into the snap but now it is so easy to share a YouTube video on Snapchat.

The company also said some more things like-

“Our tappable YouTube stickers bring Snapchatters directly to the video within the YouTube app or in their preferred mobile browser,” the company further said.

“At Snap, we believe in the power of visual communication, and with this partnership, we are giving our community infinite ways to express themselves, share what they are watching, and layer on their own creative takes,” the company added.

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Wrapping Up!

How do you feel about this feature? If you ask me I am totally mesmerized with this feature on Snapchat as I have also tried this many times but I failed, and when I tried this now I was able to do it easily. Try it now and tell me your experience in the comment box. I hope you liked this article and it made you happy after reading this information. If you still have some queries you can ask us in the comment section.

Till Then Happy Learning!

Some Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is it possible to share YouTube videos on Snapchat?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to share YouTube videos on Snapchat easily by tapping on the share option and choosing the Snapchat icon.

Q2. Can anyone see my Memories on Snapchat?

Ans. Fortunately, this is not possible. Nobody has access to your Snapchat memories section not even to the people you have added as friends. Only you can have access to your Snapchat memories section as well as My Eyes Only.

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