How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat | Here’s How

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat | Here’s How

Somehow you may be wondering over the query how To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat. Well, to know that let’s go back a little, Social media was invented for the true purpose of making new friends, it wasn’t like we couldn’t make friends before social media but it took making friends to a new level. Now, we aren’t restricted to just the area we lived in, we could connect with anyone from another area, another state, another country, and even another continent.

All we need to do is send a friend request to them and we have made a new friend with just one click. Once you send a request you can check if that person has accepted it or not, and now on Snapchat also you can do that so stick around to know how to see sent friend requests on Snapchat.

You might ask what is the need to check the status of a friend request and I think you already thought of an answer. To check whether your friend accepted the request or not. Why what did you think? No no, here we don’t dare to send friend requests to our crushes so let’s just move on. Well on a serious note it is mainly why need to learn how to see sent friend requests on Snapchat. It helps us reiterate or rethink our decision of whether we want to be friends with the person.

The best part is that there are several ways through which we can check how to see sent friend requests on Snapchat. You can do it by searching your friend list to see who added you back, or you can do this through the Recent list, or you can use the search option. Keep on reading to find out exactly how this is done.

How to Check If You Got a Friend Request on Snapchat?

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat

The beginning of any great friendship is an introduction, if the person is in front of you and the first thing you will do to grab their attention by smile at them or wave at them.

After that, you will begin to introduce yourself to them and the rest will become history, but when it comes to the digital world you can’t smile at someone through a computer screen. So, the digital equivalent of a smile or a wave is the Friend Request. If you got a friend request on Snapchat then here is a simple way to check.

Step 1: Open “Snapchat” and tap on your profile

Step 2: Scroll down and look for the “Add Friend option”

Step 3: Look for the “Added Me option” and tap on it. It will show you the list of all the people who might have sent you a friend request. Choose which of them you would like to add to your friend list by tapping Accept.

How to Send a Friend Request on Snapchat?

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat

Before knowing how to see sent friend requests on Snapchat you need to learn how to add a friend. There are different ways to add someone to your friend list on Snapchat. Once you log into your account and feel like making new friends you can do that in one of four ways. When you create your Snapchat account you get the option to sync your contact list with the app, this is done to see check which of the people in your contact list are using Snapchat, and if you choose then you can add them to your friend list. In this way, you don’t have to search for them on the app and they appear automatically on your feed.

Another way of adding people is by adopting the age-old technique of typing their names to see if they are using the app. At the top of your profile, you can see the “Search option” and by tapping it you can write the name of the person you want to add to check if they are on Snapchat. If you manage to find them then you can tap on the “Add icon” beside their name and hope that they accept.

You can also add people by simply scanning their Snapcode, this way you don’t have to type in any names or tap on any options, simply can and the person is added to your friend list.

Lastly, there is another way of adding a friend on Snapchat which is somewhat like the first way. Just like you get a list of people in your contact list who are on Snapchat there is another way of doing so. No, I don’t mean your contact list can be viewed in another way, I mean that there is an option called the “Quick Add” option which suggests accounts to you, not necessarily in your contact list, that you might want to add. These can range from random accounts to friends of friends.

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat?

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat

There are several ways of doing this and each one of them is as effective as the next, so feel free to choose from any of them to know how you can see sent friend requests on Snapchat.

How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat How To See Sent Friend Requests on Snapchat

  1. You can check your friend list and see if the person has added you back. On Snapchat, a friend request lasts for 48 hours after which expires. If the person didn’t add you back then you will see an Add+ icon next to their name. After sending a request you can later type in their name and if the Add icon still appears then they have not accepted your request.
  2. In case you want to add a professional page then let me tell you that you cannot. The accounts that show Subscribe written next to them instead of Add are professional accounts of companies and influencers and you cannot send them a request. If both of you want to add each other then they have to send you a friend request.
  3. There is a Recents list on Snapchat that shows the accounts that you have recently interacted with recently. You can look through this list to see if the people you sent a request to accepted the request or not.



Snapchat has many features and knowing how to see sent friend requests on Snapchat is just one of the many. Many of them are directed toward socializing and connecting with new people. Sending a friend request is just the beginning of starting an amazing, lifelong friendship. So, take a chance with your heart and send that friend request that you want to send that one person. In case you change your mind we did teach you to cancel it too, so you are covered in every way. All you have to do is take a chance at life because life’s more fun when you live in the moment. I wonder who said that. *wink

Frequently Asked Questions about Snapchat

How can I cancel a friend request on Snapchat?

After knowing how to see sent friend requests on Snapchat then you should know how to cancel requests in case you change your mind. All you need to do is go to the profile of the person and undo the friend request by tapping on the Added icon once you get a confirmation box asking if you want to cancel the request simply tap on yes and you are done.

Can other friends see who you send friend requests to on Snapchat?

No, none of your other friends can see to whom you send your requests, and neither can they see your friends list on Snapchat.

What is the difference between adding as a friend and subscribing to an account?

You can add normal people as your friends on Snapchat and you can subscribe to the professional accounts of companies, influencers and content creators. If you want companies and influencers to add you as a friend then they have to send you a request, no cannot send them one.

Is there a limit to how many times we can send a friend request?

No, there is no limit to the number of times you can send someone a friend request but I think one time is enough. You don’t want to come off as an obsessive stalker.

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