5 Easy Steps on How to see Archived Posts on Instagram

5 Easy Steps on How to see Archived Posts on Instagram

Every day you post something new on Instagram but because of the Instagram algorithm sometimes you were unable to get that many likes or share on your posts or reels that you put nowadays. So some of the Audience create reels or post pictures and after sometime whey, they were unable to get many likes. So Instagram featured a feature to hide posts from everyone i.e “Archive”. But some of them are unable to see where to unarchive and how we can restore posts that are in the archive.

So, Today In this blog we are going to discuss some of the best 5 Easy Steps on how to see Archived posts on Instagram to get back your posts Quickly.

Here are 5 Easy Steps on How to see Archived Posts on Instagram

how to see Archived Posts on Instagram

1. Step:-  First Open Instagram then log in to your Account and then Open Profile Picture Icon in the Bottom Right Corner

2. Step:- Then you will see Three lines Icon tap on it.

3. Step:- Tap Archive.

4. Step:- After Opening the Archive you will see your achieved posts, Reels, Videos, and Story 

5. Step:- Just Tap on any posts, story, or Live and then three horizontal dots at the top right corner then you will see one option Show on profile tap on it and you’re done.

Here are a Few Steps on how to Archive Posts on Instagram


1. Step:- First Open Instagram and then Open Profile Picture Icon in the Bottom Right Corner of your profile.

2. Step:- Then choose any Posts you want to archive.

3. Step:- Then Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of your Feed post.

4. Step:- Tap on Archive.

5. Step:-  After doing these Steps The photo which you achieved will disappear from your posts and you can check that post in your Archive folder and to see that you must follow the steps I have mentioned above.


So, above I have mentioned a few steps on how to achieve posts on Instagram, and by following these steps you can easily archive or unarchive your posts. So, if I talk about the most used feature of Instagram that most of the audience of Instagram use these days i.e “Reels”.

Then you must know about how to hide Reels which you don’t like or not get enough views. So if you don’t then we are going to show some easy steps on how to hide reels from Profile and also that reel you posted already.

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 Steps on How to Hide Instagram Reels from Profile

1. Step:- First Open Instagram on your mobile phone.

2. Step:- Then Go to the Reels Option and select the video.

3. Step:-After Selecting Video You can edit or whatever you like you can do it.

4. Step:-After Opening the next tab you will see an option  “Also share to feed”. By default, this option will be there. Just turn it off and then you can share your reel. By turning this option off your reel will be uploaded directly on reels and will not be displayed in your profile Grid.

Steps on How to Hide Already posted Reels from your Profile grid

1. Step:-First Open Instagram on your mobile phone and go to Profile.

2. Step:-Then  click on the reel in the profile grid that you want to remove.
3. Step:-Tap the three dots button at the top-right of the reel
4. Step:-Then you will see some of the options, directly jump to “Remove from profile grid” and your reel will disappear right after you do.

Some Frequently Asked Questions by Instagram Users

Is it Better to Archive Instagram Posts?

Yes, it’s absolutely a better Idea to archive Instagram other than deleting posts from your feed. The reason is why you don’t have to delete Instagram posts is by achieving Instagram posts you can access your posts, stories, live and you can also restore them anytime. That is the best way you can take care of your posts and hide them for a short period of time.

End of the Line:- 

So in this blog, we have discussed some of the best ways on how to archive Instagram posts on Instagram and how to unarchive Instagram posts on Instagram, and as a bonus tip, I have mentioned some info about reels. So read the whole article and do let me know your views about this article how it helped you and how can I improve my blog in the future.

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