How To Search On Tiktok | The Elite 5 Ways To Find Videos Now!

How To Search On Tiktok | The Elite 5 Ways To Find Videos Now!

So, how would you search for that video on tiktok? You have been scrolling down on tiktok and suddenly you thought of a video that you watched a couple of weeks ago and you even forgot to save that video and now you don’t know how to search on tiktok; for the video that you might have watched, a few days ago. 

Tiktok has billion of users and thus helps you to earn money by creating content in different categories such as dancing, singing, and painting, or by creating short videos on different topics that are trending. It is one of the popular social media platforms which is available in 70 different languages and is used in almost 150 countries now

It is actually a great source of entertainment and also you can earn a handsome amount of money from it. Are you keen to know how to make your video look more attractive or how to use the filter on your video that you saw? So that you could also enjoy and use them in your videos?

You are using this platform for the first time and if you are finding trouble searching for them but you don’t know how to search on tiktok for different effects and filters. No worries! you simply need to open the search bar on your application and then press on the search icon.

Then you are at the right place through this article we will guide you thoroughly that how to search on tiktok for different purposes and you may clear all your doubts after reading this. You won’t find it difficult that how to search on tiktok for anything and you would be able to easily access this social media platform.


How To Search On TikTok? 

If you want to cook that delicious dish that you saw in a video and you don’t remember the recipe. What would you do now? Want to get that cooking demo back so that you could prepare that dish you were thinking of? But you are using this application as a beginner and you don’t know how to search on tiktok for the video you are looking for.

You heard of a song and found it very soothing and want to listen to a full song but you don’t see that video anymore. You thought that you won’t get that video back again. Well if I said yes! it is possible to find that song but for that, you should know how to search on tiktok. It is very simple and easy you just need to follow these given steps to search on tiktok.

Open tiktok profile>tap on three horizontal lines>settings and privacy>content and activity>watch history and you are done!

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Step 1: Open your tiktok profile, and click on the three horizontal lines which are on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on “settings and privacy”

Step 3: Below the “content and activity” section click on “watch history”.


 How To Search For Different Filters?

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Want to know how to put that effect on your video that impacted you? But you don’t know how to search on Tiktok to use those filters on your video. There is always a little bit of commotion between filters and effects as we always think that they’re one and the same thing. No, they aren’t.

Actually, the Tiktok filters are used to change the color display on your screen however effects help you with adding emojis, sounds, and stickers to your video and help to make your video look more trendy. Following are the steps that you need to follow to know how to search on tiktok for using different filters-

Go to the create option>upload your video or image>see options>go for filters and you are done!

Step 1: Choose the create option which will be at the end in the middle of your screen.

Step 2: Upload the video or image that you want on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Different options will appear on your screen such as text, stickers, effects, filters, etc.

Step 4: Go through these filters until you found the one you need.


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How To Search For The Effects Of Tiktok?

how to search on tiktok

Want to apply that effect to your video? You couldn’t remember the name of that effect and you lose hope to find it or you don’t know how to search on tiktok for these effects. Don’t worry if you only remember any one word of it you could easily search for it on the search tool.  

You can search for the latest used effects also and can find different categories of effects that you can use in your content. But for that, you should know how to search on Tiktok for different effects and apply them to your video. You simply need to follow these steps-

First of all record or upload>effects>choose effects>tap on the video and so you are done!

Step 1: Record or upload the video that you want to feed.

Step 2: Tap effects on the bottom menu.

Step 3: Choose the effect.

Step 4: Tap on the video where you want to apply the effect.


Pro tip: If you want to change the effect that you applied you can simply head back to the effects and click on undo.


How To Search For The Sounds On Tiktok?

how to search on tiktok

Tiktok is all about sounds. It plays a crucial role in making a video more interesting and helps you to connect with the audience in an easy way as sound helps in making a video more entertaining

Sound plays a pivotal role in tiktok as it also provides access to use your own sound if you want to therefore sound helps to ascend your audience reach. The main thing is how you pick the sound and how to search on tiktok to use it. Follow the steps mentioned below you would easily be able to use the sound in your video.

Open tiktok>tap on the + button>click on options for more sounds>different categories will appear>choose one and you are done!

Step 1: Click the plus button at the bottom.

Step 2: The option for sounds will be shown you have to click on that.

Step 3: Different categories of sounds will be displayed on your mobile screen.

Step 4: You can choose the relevant one that you want to use on your video.


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 How To Search For People On Tiktok?

 How To Search For People On Tiktok

You are going through tiktok and you found your favorite star video and now you don’t want to skip any video of them. Want to follow them but don’t know how to search on tiktok for these famous individuals? Follow the steps mentioned below-

Open the tiktok app>tap on the search icon>write the name>suggestions>profiles>tap on the follow button>upload and you are done!

Step 1: Click on the search icon which will appear on the right-hand side at the top of your screen.

Step 2: Write the name of the person you are looking for.

Step 3: Different suggestions will appear on your screen.

Step 4: All the profiles with a similar name will be shown to you.

Step 5: On the right side of a profile the option follow will be shown.

Step 6: Click on that if you want to get updated on the new videos that the person is going to upload.

Are you finding any issues in connecting with your close ones on tiktok or don’t know how to search on tiktok for them?  Don’t worry Your problem is solved then just follow the steps given below-

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First of all, you need to visit profile>tap on the user icon>options will appear>contacts>phone contacts and you are don!

Step 1: Go to your profile.

Step 2: Look at the left side of your screen on the top you will find the User icon.

Step 3: A page with various options will be open like contacts, invite friends and Facebook friends.

Step 4: Click on contacts and allow access to your phone contacts.

If any of your contacts are on tiktok their name will pop up on your screen and you can follow them.


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  How To Search Hashtags On Tiktok?


Hashtags for TikTok

Like in other social media platforms hashtags help you to boost your audience reach to know about the trend and identify competitors and collaborators.

Therefore, hashtags help to boost audience reach.  But if you don’t know how to search on Tiktok for these hashtags. Here are various steps you need to follow to know how to search on tiktok or how to use these hashtags in your videos-

Tap on the search icon>type on it>search for it>results>hashtags>choose your hashtag and so you are done!

Step 1: Click on the search icon.

Step 2: Type in the search bar and click on the search.

Step 3: The results will appear on your screen.

Step 4: Tap on the hashtags and trending hashtags will be displayed on your screen.

Step 5: Choose and click on the appropriate hashtag that you want to use.


How To Search For Your Followers On Tiktok?

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Want to know how much people want to see your content and are following you? If you don’t know how to search on tiktok for people who are following you. So for that, You just need to follow these simple steps- Visit profile>tap on the followers, and done!

Step 1: Go to your profile.

Step 2: Tap on followers and all the profiles following you will be shown on your screen.


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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered how to search on TikTok and other related queries. We hope that this information will be useful to you and you will easily be able to search for famous faces that are trending on Tiktok or use different effects, and filters, to make your videos more attractive and trendy for the viewer.

We hope that it will help you to easily access the information you have been searching for and after going through the post you would now know how to search on Tiktok and hope all of your doubts are clear but if you still face any issues you can type them in the comment box. We would love to help you out.



Q1. Can you search on Tiktok without an account?

Ans. Yes, you can do that on your PC or Phone but for that, you will have to use the official site of Tiktok.

Q2. Why I cannot search for anything on Tiktok?

Ans. There may be a slow connection that you need to fix and that may be the reason you are not getting the desired results when you are searching Tiktok. So do check your internet connection

Q3. How would you search for a person if you don’t have the username?

Ans. You can find them on other social media platforms like Facebook or you can search for them on your phone in contacts.

Thank you for reading!


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