Checkout How To Restrict WhatsApp To Wi-fi Only With 5 Easy Steps

Checkout How To Restrict WhatsApp To Wi-fi Only With 5 Easy Steps

If you want to turn off the cellular data of your phone and only want to use WhatsApp through Wi-fi this one is for you. Using WhatsApp on Wi-Fi only can be very useful as it allows you to save your data from your data-limited plan on your mobile phones. you can completely turn off cellular data while using WhatsApp on your phone in order to save your data from your cellular service. You can use WhatsApp purely on your wi-fi to save your data as well as you you can also adjust some settings within WhatsApp to limit your data or prevent WhatsApp to download heavy files or unwanted pictures/videos/audios over a data connection.

This article will walk you through some ways to restrict your WhatsApp to download stuff only through a Wi-fi connection.

How to Restrict WhatsApp to Wi-Fi only on iPhone?

For this you have to have to go through some simple steps given below:
1. Firstly you have Open Settings on your home screen also labeled as “Utilities.”
2. Then Tap to Cellular.
3. Scroll through the list to find WhatsApp. Tap on WhatsApp.
4. Tap the switch next to “WhatsApp” to toggle it off.
Note: Now WhatsApp will be unable to use your cellular data, which means that you’ll only be able to send or receive messages only over a Wi-Fi connection.

How to restrict WhatsApp to Wi-Fi only on an Android phone?

If you are an Android user you have to follow the steps below:
Step 1: Go on setting>Apps, find and select WhatsApp from it.
Step 2: In Whatsapp’s go-to app Info then locate the Network setting.
Step 3: Click on the button on the ‘Restrict data Usage’ section.
That’s it, Now WhatsApp can’t use your cellular data, meaning that you’ll only be able to send or receive messages over a Wi-Fi connection.
You can also use other pseudo methods which will not purely restrict WhatsApp to work on Wi-Fi but surely will help you to save your data and allow you to use WhatsApp on Wi-Fi as well as on cellular data. This can be done by limiting your downloads on WhatsApp from your mobile network.
Checkout How To Restrict WhatsApp To Wi-fi Only With 5 Easy Steps

How to Limit Auto-Downloads on WhatsApp for iPhone/ Android

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the three-line menu icon present in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap Settings. Which is normally located at the end of the menu.
  • Tap Data and Storage Usage.
  • Tap When using mobile data. It’s under the “Media auto-download” header.
  • Tap to unselect everything and you can also uncheck a few items instead.
  • Then tap OK.
  • This will be useful you don’t want to WhatsApp spend your precious data to download photos, videos, and audio clips.
  • You can always reverse these settings and re-enable them according to your will
  • When you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, your phone will no longer automatically download it.
  • You can see a placeholder image that you can download over your mobile data connection just by tapping on it to force the image to get downloaded.
You can set your WhatsApp application to automatically download multimedia files only if you’re on a Wi-Fi network. This method will still let WhatsApp use cellular data, but your background downloads (like the pictures sent in your chat messages) will not download until your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

What are the Ways to Fix WhatsApp if it is Not Working on WiFi?

There can be times when your WhatsApp will have trouble working on Wi-Fi. Here are some methods to consider:

1. Restart your phone and router

The most ideal and basic thing you can do is to switch off your phone and the Wi-Fi router, then turn it back on. the easiest solution to any problem on your phone is to simply switch it off and restart it. Restarting your phone when things are going wrong usually fixes the problems. The same applies to this WhatsApp wi-fi problem. And, the same thing goes with the Wi-Fi router as well.

2. Update the WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp frequently updates its apps in order to upgrade security features on the app and solve every possible security loophole.   Not only that, updating your app might bring new features and reduce bugs.
 Although, it’s better to have the latest build of WhatsApp on your phone to enjoy the latest features and smooth functioning
It can be possible that your WhatsApp has a bug or is not compatible So updating the app may fix WhatsApp not working on the Wi-Fi issue.
Here are a few steps to update WhatsApp on android:
1. Open Google Play Store on your android phone.
2. Search for WhatsApp & tap on it.
3. You will notice the green update button if your update is pending.
4. Now tap on the update button and wait for it to complete its downloading and installation.
5. After updating the application try to connect to your Wi-Fi and check if it is now working on Wi-Fi or not.

-Steps to update WhatsApp on an iPhone:

If you have disabled Automatic App updates,  manually Update WhatsApp on your iPhone by following the steps below:
STEP 1: Tap and open the App Store icon on your iPhone’s home screen.
STEP 2: In the upper-right hand corner of the screen you will see a person-shaped icon by tapping on it you will be led towards your account info.
STEP 3: Find the “Available Updates” section  by scrolling down
STEP 4: Find WhatsApp in the list and tap “Update” in order to install the latest version of the application.

3. Clear WhatsApp Cache Memory

How To Clear Whatsapp Cache On Android
Cache memory is the information about your applications. The more information in the cache the slower your phone will be. Cache memories sometimes can be more harmful than doing good. Deleting your app cache can help to overcome a number of issues.
clearing cache can help to increase the loading time of your application. So if you are struggling with your Whatsapp not working on WiFi, then it’s a good idea to clear the cache memory of the WhatsApp application.

How To clear cache memory of WhatsApp on Android:

1. Tap on phone settings.

2. Find the app settings and tap on them.

3. Scroll over the apps to find WhatsApp and tap on it.

4. You will see an option called clear cache Under permission settings.

5. Now tap on the clear cache button.

How to Clear WhatsApp Cache on iPhone:

1. Go to the “Settings” menu on your iPhone and select “General”.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Data and Storage Usage.
3. Tap on “Manage Storage”
4. Scroll down and once you see  “WhatsApp” messenger tap on it.
5. Hit “Clear Cache”.
You Can also see how much storage is being used by the app here.
Once you’ve cleared the cache, try connecting to the Wi-Fi and try using WhatsApp and observe whether it is working or not.

4. Update your phone’s operating system

Updating your smartphone’s operating system can help you to overcome any security issues and improve your device’s overall performance. It ensures that your device is using the best version of the operating system, which enhances the fastest and smoothest experience. The more updated version the less will be your chances to deal with slowed performance and lagging in your phone.
Installing the latest OS update, if available, can solve your WhatsApp connectivity error with Wi-Fi.

To update the phone’s OS:

1. Go to phone settings.
2. Tap on software update.
3. the latest version of the OS. It will be visible on the screen automatically
4. If available any update is available you can tap on update or install.


Restricting your WhatsApp to work only with wifi can save your valuable data if you have limited data on your mobile network. it also gives you the ability to download pictures or files according to your will. What are other advantages of restricting the data according to you, comment down?

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