How To Remove Tiktok Watermark With 7 Apps For Free In 2022

How To Remove Tiktok Watermark With 7 Apps For Free In 2022

Tiktok is indubitably famous for its trends, challenges, short clips, voice effects, etc. It is actually a great platform to connect with the audience and get famous but why should you stop there? If you are winning the hearts of a lot of people there and, getting a lot of views then you should share them on other social media platforms too like Instagram reels, etc. The point is that it includes a watermark when you download your video from TikTok which is really annoying.

But fortunately, we have many ways to remove watermark from the TikTok. Yes, you heard it right. So let’s talk about HOW TO REMOVE TIKTOK WATERMARK FOR FREE so that you can easily download your video from the TikTok without any watermark.

What Is A TikTok Watermark Actually?

It is a small logo that pops up on the bottom right and top left corner of your videos on the TikTok. The purpose of that logo is obviously to make the origin of the media so that if you want to post that video, post it with attribution.

You can see in the below slide, how the watermark looks. It includes the logo and your username.

Here Are The Best Way To Remove TIKTOK Watermark For Free-

Cropping the watermark out of the video is the simplest approach for removing TikTok watermark-free. Indubitably, this will change the video’s aspect ratio. If you want to reshare your video to another social media platform that uses the same video size as TikTok, it will leave a black margin around the content.

Cropping also doesn’t work every time, for every video, because you might end up cropping your own head. If there are important video elements near the edges of your video, then you’ll need a different approach to remove the watermark. So no worries, we have many approaches and will discuss them all with you so keep reading.

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Necessity is the mother of invention, right. So, if you search’ remove TikTok watermark’ in the apple store, you will find many apps there. It can be enormous. SaveTik, Saver Tok, TokSaver,Savetok, TikSaver— it can be hard to distinguish! So how to pick one?

Before you get into this thing, know that none of these apps are interconnected with the TikTok application. All of them are unwarrantedly and designed to detour the watermarking process. So they could stop working someday if TikTok changes its Application programming interface.

You should read the reviews carefully before diving into any application. As TikTok’s user base grows, more companies are coming into the race to capitalize on content creators trying to make it big — a perfect storm for scammers making false assurances.

Okay, enough renunciation! Now let us come to an editing app. There are many apps to remove the TikTok watermark as I already told you, and they all work the same.

Here Is The 7 Best Watermark Remover Apps List [2022]



How To Remove Tiktok Watermark For Free

  •  Download your application from the app store.
  • Open the app. It may bring you to purchase a subscription or a free trial
  • Add a video. To do this, open the TikTok app and choose the video you want to export without a watermark.
  • Click on the “Share” and then click “Copy link.”
  • Open your watermark remover app again.
  • It will automatically import the video.
  • From there, you can download it without the watermark by tapping the “Save” icon.
  •  Your app may also let you amend the caption, add hashtags, and make it possible to post to your TikTok account.

You can also visit here, if you want to edit caption.


apowersoft click remove watermark from video

  • Tap on the Remove watermark from video from the main screen.
  •  Then select the video from the bottom of the screen to download videos. You can also drag and shift them from your computer to the desktop version of the software.
  • Next, highlight the thumbnail of the video you want to edit and click the selected button. A box will show up that you can move around or change the size and set the time for the box to be visible if the watermark only shows up in a portion of the video. By lapse, the box is fixed to show up for the full length of the video.
  • Tap add parts so that you can add more watermark selections. Just click the red “X” to eradicate a box you don’t want

NOTE:TikTok watermarks move around sometimes or get hidden, so firstly play the video and use “Add parts” to get all instances of the watermark. You’ll need a premium to remove more than one watermark.


  • unnamed 4 1   Tap select video.
  •    Click remove watermark or add watermark.  We will tap on the remove watermark as we want to remove it.
  •    After this interface will come where you will have to choose the video you want.
  •    Then interface will come with a preview of your video and a rectangle you can change the size to cover the watermark.
  • If you want to add another rectangle, just tap on the plus icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • After completing, tap save.


  • Here firstly you have to tap More > Crop video to remove the watermark and choose the clip you want from your gallery.
  • Then, select the aspect ratio for your TikTok video and use the corners of the grid to choose the part of the video you want to keep.
  • Once you’ve selected the portion with the watermark, just click on the export button.


TikTok Mp3 MusicalDown TikTok No Watermark 1024x393 1

  • Open the TikTok application and choose the video you want to download.
  • Click the share button on the right side of the screen and copy the video link.
  •  Then,, go to MusicallyDown in any browser and paste the link you just copied, make sure that the checkmark next to Enable “Video with Watermark” is NOT checked.
  • Then, click download.
  • After a few seconds, you’ll see a preview of your video and links to see the video on TikTok, down the video, or download the audio.
  • When you click Download MP4 Now, you’ll be redirected to a new interface with just the video on it. Right-click and choose Save video.


YouTube 1

  • Firstly, twin the video layer three times, crop two layers to the watermarked corners, and place those corners on top of your original clip.
  • For each of the clip overlays, you’re going to click Trim and change the start and end times so that the only remaining portion of the clip has no watermark.
  • Then, tap the Open Timeline section to confirm that the shorter clip small loop throughout the whole video so the non-watermarked section of the video continues working over the watermarked sections.
  • Important: Tap Mute on the overlay clips so the sound of the clip doesn’t loop
  • Now just save your video.


  • img1Open Watermark Remover on your web browser and then click on the chosen files to upload the TikTok video.
  • After the video has finished exporting successfully, tap add area and crop the lasso tool on the preview screen to complete the watermarked area.
  • Then, click Remove watermark to clear the unwanted TikTok watermark.


Something Extra: There are other applications too from where you can remove watermarks like Flexclip, SSStiktok,snaptik, tikmate, etc. Using these applications is a work of no trouble as their interface is so simple and here you just have to open, choose and then export the video.


Hope this article is useful for you and now it is clear to you how to remove the TikTok watermark for free?. Do try these applications and share your experience with us and if you have any queries do write them down below there in the comment section. We will be glad to help you.


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