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How To Remove A Friend On Gas App 2023? | The Quick Guide!

We all have that one friend on social media that we just want to remove from our list and thank God we do have that option available. Today we learn how to remove a friend on Gas app even though the app is all about being inclusive and building friendships. Well, it is true that the Gas app wants everyone to feel included and loved by their friends and peers.

But sometimes due to some reasons, we don’t feel comfortable sharing our activities with a particular person. And since the app is also about making everyone feel safe, it gives users the option to remove those people who give them discomfort. Also, when users don’t feel comfortable around some people it gives them the option to know  remove a friend on Gas app.

If you are a Gas app user and are getting bugged by a particular friend of yours, don’t feel sorry for yourself, instead kick them out. You get the option to remove any unwanted interference in your profile that prevents you from feeling good and safe on the app.

If you want to remove a friend on Gas app do it by opening the Gas app>going to your profile>tap added icon>find the friend who is getting the boot>tap remove friend to take them off your list.

How To Remove A Friend On Gas App?

How To Remove A Friend On Gas App

The Gas app is a first-of-its-kind app, unlike the staple social media apps where you can share photos and videos, share posts, and message everyone privately, the Gas app has taken a completely different route. Instead of going the normal way, the Gas app is a poll-based app where users simply come to hype their friends up.

What does hype them up exactly mean? It means they say good things about their friends in the polls which in turn makes their friends feel good about themselves and boost their confidence. We all have that one annoying friend on social media apps who keeps bugging us all the time.

From constant messaging to constant tagging on posts or sending random posts, we all know someone who made us regret adding them as a friend. These habits of a person can still be tolerated but what cannot be endured is if someone is constantly harassing or causing constant discomfort to you.

How To Remove A Friend On Gas App? | Step Guide

If so, you should immediately remove a friend on Gas app. The Gas app has been designed for teenagers and this group should particularly be taken care of. Teenage is the most vulnerable age for a person, anything that is endured by a person at this age stays with them forever.

That’s why the Gas app was created in a way to boost their self-esteem and induce positivity in them. For anyone who prevents a user to enjoy their peace of mind on the app, there is the option to remove a friend on Gas app. Here is how you can exercise your right to remove a friend on Gas app.

Step 1: Open the Gas app.

Step 2: Go to your profile.

Step 3: To see your friend list tap on the added option.

Step 4: Look for the creep you want to kick off from your list.

Step 5: Put the final nail in the coffin by tapping remove friend.

Congratulations! That bugger will never irritate you again. Enjoy getting hyped on the Gas app and continuing hyping others up and making the world a better place, one poll at a time.

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How To Add A Friend On Gas App?

How To Remove A Friend On Gas App

It is said when you make something you should know how to destroy it in case things go south. If only Cyberdyne Systems knew this before they created Skynet, John Connor would have had a normal childhood and a dad who was born before him. But that is a debate for another time.

Right now let’s focus on the Gas app. Cyberdyne might have been foolish but not us, we showed to how to remove a friend on Gas app before we taught you how to add one. If you want to add a friend to your Gas app account you can do it in one of these ways:

  • While signing up for the app sync your contacts so that the app can identify which of them use the Gas app and will subsequently suggest them to you.
  • You will be suggested friends on the app based on your friend’s friend list. People from their list will be suggested to you to see if you would like to add them.
  • You can find friends on the app based on your school, people who go to the same school are always on each other’s suggestions on the app.
  • You can use the age-old trick of typing their name on the search bar.
  • You can also create a poll link on Gas and send them out for other users to accept and participate in the poll and become your friends.
  • Lastly, you can ask your friend to create a poll and send you the link to participate and become their friend.

Wrapping Up!

Before setting foot in something you should learn how to get out, and before adding a friend you should learn how to remove a friend on Gas app. This will not only help you rid your account of unwanted people but will also help the Gas app do what it was created to do, help you thrive in life, and find those people for you who contribute to your growth and happiness.

By opening the Gas app>going to your profile>tapping added icon>finding the friend who is getting the boot>tapping remove friend to take them off your list you remove noise from your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Can we dm someone on the GAS app?

Ans. For safety reasons, the Gas app has restricted the direct messaging feature on the app. You can only DM someone on the GAS app if you and the other person are subscribed to the God Mode.

Q2. Will anyone know if we remove a friend on Gas app?

Ans. No, just like Instagram and Facebook if you remove a friend on Gas appthat person or anyone on your list will not be notified of this.

Q3. How to report someone on the Gas app?

Ans. You can report a person on the Gas app by opening the Gas app>choosing the person you want to report>clicking on the three dots>tapping on report>choosing a reason for reporting>completing the procedure.

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