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Similar to the majority of modern apps, YouTube also provides users with a subscription-based plan called YouTube Premium. In order to enable consumers to get this premium membership for free, YouTube also provides a few gift cards and vouchers.

This YouTube Premium code can be used to start a free Premium trial. This gift card is added to the user’s accounts so that the Google Play balance is credited to their associated account. Using this balance, you can purchase YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube TV, as well as other services.

The paid subscription option known as YouTube Premium membership comes with a number of advantages for subscribers. It has features like background play, downloading videos to watch them offline, an ad-free experience, YouTube music membership, and more.

In India, there are three subscription length options for YouTube Premium: one month, three months, and twelve months. The pricing information for India’s YouTube Premium subscription plan is listed in the table below. The instruction given below would help you successfully know How to redeem Youtube Premium Code.


How To Redeem YouTube Premium Code?

how to redeem youtube premium code


To add your YouTube coupon or gift card to your connected account and use it to purchase other Google services, simply follow these easy instructions.

1. Launch a browser and sign in to your Google account.

2. After that, click on this link.

3. Now, when prompted, input the code and click “Next.”

4. Then select the desired plan by tapping the “YouTube Premium” option.

5. When making the purchase, select “Google Pay” as your payment method and click “Buy.”

In this manner, the coupon will be redeemed and your YouTube Premium account will be activated.


Some Benefits of YouTube Premium

1. Watch ad-free Videos

You may always watch videos without advertisements if you can find a YouTube premium code. The only way to get rid of Skip Ads, Banner Ads, and Search Ads, which constantly annoy viewers of videos, is to do this. The Premium plan does not permit ads.

2. Background Play

Background play is a long-desired feature that can now be accessed at youtube.com/redeem. While watching a video on YouTube, you can’t usually switch to another app. As a result, in order to respond to a WhatsApp message or check Instagram, you must exit the YouTube app.

This becomes a problem if you listen to music continuously. YouTube Premium allows you to play your favorite music or video in the background while you use other apps, such as Facebook. When your phone is locked, the video will continue to play.

3. Redeem Code for YouTube on Airtel

All Airtel Prepaid customers are in for a treat. You’ll be able to access YouTube Premium for free. The Airtel Thanks App offers a three-month membership option for this service. You won’t have to pay extra for this advantage because it’s part of the package. To redeem your YouTube/rewards, follow these simple steps:

Pay Rs. 129 or Rs. 399 to recharge your Airtel prepaid number. The plans have one-month and three-month expiration dates. To use the Airtel Thanks App follow the steps:

1. Click here. Select “More” from the drop-down menu. Airtel Rewards” appears next.

2. Select “Add Interest” from the drop-down menu.

3. Make sure you accept the terms and conditions of YouTube Premium by clicking on it.

4. You can Redeem Now.

4. Streaming Music on YouTube

With a YouTube Redeem Code, you have access to YouTube Music Premium. YouTube Music Premium has access to millions of music that may be listened to for hours at a time with no interruptions. All of the songs are available for download, so you may listen to them when you choose. Audio-only mode lets you navigate to other apps and turn off the screen while the music continues to play.

5. YouTube Originals

The well-known YouTubers have access to a unique platform called YouTube Originals where they can conduct events or their own shows. Additionally, there are some films and television shows that are only accessible through YouTube Originals and require a Premium subscription to view. This exclusive material will be accessible with YouTube Premium Redeem.

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 How To Redeem Youtube Premium Code from Google Pay

how to redeem youtube premium code from Google pay

The instructions to redeem your YouTube Premium Code from Google Pay are listed below.

1. Authenticate your “Google Account”.

2. Please visit Youtube.com or “youtube.com/redeem”.

3. Put in the “Code”.

4. Select Next and then choose the item you want to purchase, and then choose “Google Pay” as your payment option.

5. To redeem your voucher, click Buy.

How To Redeem Youtube Premium Code From Flipkart App?

how to redeem youtube premium code from flipkart

1. Download or update Flipkart’s Google Play Store app first.

2. Open the App “Sign up” for a new Flipkart account or log in to your existing account.

3. Almost 75 SuperCoins will be won or earned by the player.

4. Tap on the “Super coins” Section on Flipkart’s Homepage to get your hands on some extra coins.

5. Next, Click on the Super coins “Rewards Banner” or Store.

6. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the YouTube 3 Months “Premium Membership” Banner.

7. With 75 Flipkart Super Coins, you may purchase a “YouTube Premium Offer Redeem Code“.

8. Grab your free three-month YouTube subscription now.


How To Redeem Youtube Premium Code from Discord?

how to redeem youtube premium code from discord

1. Please log in with your “Discord Nitro” username and password to continue.

2. Make sure the “Settings” are OK.

3. Choose Gift Inventory and to access “YouTube Premium”, click the button down below.

4. Afterwards, you’ll receive a “Redeem code” for YouTube Premium and now, go to YouTube.com/redeem to claim your reward.

5. To access it, use your “Google account” as a login.

6. Once you’ve entered the redeem code, click the “Next button” and this will allow you to use YouTube Premium.

8. You may now make use of features like Youtube Music and offline, ad-free videos.

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Wrapping Up!

Above we’ve mentioned some ways how to redeem a youtube premium code. A quick and straightforward trick to get a free subscription to YouTube Premium. When someone is binge-watching their favourite creators or listening to their music while travelling, nobody loves advertising.

We really hope you will like this work of ours. When you can’t access YouTube anymore, a network issue may occasionally be the cause. Additionally, because you do not have a membership, you miss out on the YouTube Premium exclusive shows. Do like, share and comment. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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