How To Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar? [2023] | Read Without Knowing Them!

How To Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar? [2023] | Read Without Knowing Them!

At some point, you must have come across a Snapchat message that you didn’t want to reply to. Luckily, there is a way you can read it without opening it, just Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar. In this way, you can know what’s written in the message without letting the sender know and having to reply to them immediately. This technique comes in handy when you are busy at work and someone keeps spamming you with messages.

The read receipt introduced in the instant messaging world brought out the true faces of many friends. The feature tells the other person whether your viewed their message or not and in some apps like Instagram it’s even worse, there people also come to know when the message was viewed. This has ruined many friendships, and now we need a solution to save our friends from disowning us. So, come closer to reading the solution, the solution is that friendships are saved when we Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar

Now if you want to know a way to check your messages and not alert your friend then you can easily Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar. There are two ways to do it, read messages on airplane mode or half open the message. Then there are some other ways to do it which include using third-party apps like Airdroid Parental Control App or KidsGuard Pro which will be discussed below.

How To Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar?

A phone has three different notification settings to view a message. The lock screen, the notification bar, and the banner.  The lock screen of the phone can show a notification when the phone is locked and not in use. Read the message there and reply when you want. When you are using the phone, the notification slides down from the upper part of the screen giving you the to either tap on it to see or swipe up to ignore. This type is called the Banner notification. 

You can lightly swipe the banner notification to view the message and it won’t be visible to the sender. You can even choose to reply from there. Lastly, is the Notification Bar which is visible when you swipe the screen down on your phone and a list of all pending notifications is seen here. You can see the name of the sender and the message and read it there. Also, you can view the message by tapping on either and you will be directed to the chat section of Snapchat directly.

Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar Through Half Swipe

Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar

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Before knowing how to Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar by doing the half swipe let me tell you what a half swipe is in the first place. It is exactly what you think it is, you swipe the message halfway. When you get a message on Snapchat you don’t swipe it entirely but hang on to a little gap.

Wondering how it helps? Well, Snapchat does not consider a message to be read unless it is opened completely. So if you only open it halfway, read the message and close it again, the app will be fooled into thinking that you didn’t see the message. But one thing to remember here is that it’s a very tricky thing to do, if your hand slipped or moved then the message will open and the game is over.

So be very careful and follow these steps to learn how to Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar using your stealth half-swipe technique.

Step 1: After seeing a message notification in the notification bar, open Snapchat and don’t panic.

Step 2: Take a deep breath and wait for the message to load.

Step 3: Take your finger and slowly swipe the message and stop a few steps before the entire message opens.

Step 4: Read the message and slowly swipe back in the direction you came and you are done.

This method to Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar is much less complicated than doing it through airplane mode. But the only difference is that airplane mode is a foolproof technique and nothing can go wrong there.

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Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar Using Airplane Mode 

Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar

To Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar you need a solid technique that will leave no room for errors. The best technique in this regard is to use airplane mode on your phone for assistance. It allows you to open the full message and read it and still show the unread sign on the Snapchat app.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and go to the Messages.

Step 2: Find the message you want to open. Before opening the message put your phone on Flight Mode or Aeroplane Mode.

Step 3: Open the message to read its contents or see the snap.

Step 4: After reading the message, go to Settings on your phone.

Step 5: Find the Apps icon.

Step 6: Tap on Snapchat and then Storage.

Step 7: Clear the Cache by tapping on the Clear Data option and confirm the command by tapping Delete and OK in the confirmation box.

Step 8: Turn off Flight Mode/Aeroplane Mode.

If you open the Snapchat app after following the process correctly you will see that the message will be restored to the Unread status again.


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Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar Using Apps

There is another way that can be used to Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar and it is by using certain apps. These apps don’t guarantee sure-shot success but many times have proven to be fruitful in reading Snapchat messages without opening them. For Android users there are two apps called KidsGuard Pro and AirDroid Parental Control app, and as the name suggests they have been developed to monitor a kid’s activities on Snapchat.

The apps allow you to see all the messages, stories, and snaps without opening the app. But how? Well, that is the catch, you need another phone for that. Download the app on both phones, sync them together and monitor the app through the second phone. This means it allows you to Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar but on another phone.

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We hope that now you get to Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar easily without worrying about the sender knowing about it. These solutions may seem either too complicated or too risky to practice but you have to decide what’s better. Checking the message and start replying in the middle of an important task or checking it now and replying later when you are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view a snap again on Snapchat?

You can view a snap more than once on Snapchat. Once you have viewed the snap, Tap and Hold the same snap and it will appear again for viewing. Press Tap to View and you can see the snap again.

Can the sender know if you Read Snapchat Messages In Notification Bar?

No, the sender is not notified if you check your messages in the notification bar or through the banner settings of the bar. It is only when you tap on the message and opened will they be notified.

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