Best 8 Cutest Ways On How To Propose A Girl On Chat?

Best 8 Cutest Ways On How To Propose A Girl On Chat?

Want to propose to a girl on chat and wondering how to propose a girl on chat? Want some tips? Are you confused about how to start? No need to worry friends. Today I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to propose to a girl on chat. It is very difficult to propose to the one whom you love. There is always a fear of getting rejected or being misunderstood. The other fear lies in the friendship bond breakups.

If you are curious to know how to propose to a girl on chat try texting at the very right time, avoid dirty talks, keep your messages short, don’t sound desperate, etc. To know more about tips that will help you a lot in texting a girl those three magical words. Scroll down and read them carefully.

The Best 8 Cutest Ways For How To Propose A Girl On Chat

Proposing a girl on chat seems to be really very tricky. Isn’t it? Saying it face to face is something else and proposing to her on the text and facing her afterward seems really awkward. However, some think that it is easy to propose to a girl on Whatsapp chat rather than racing society.

I know boys must be confused about where to start, what should we say, should we say directly or indirectly? Everybody thinks twice when it comes to expressing your love on a chatbox. Proposal messages can include different factors, they can be funny, naughty, poetic, or lovely. Proposing a girl on WhatsApp can turn out to be romantic or charming. But it can turn the other way too. The girl may not take it seriously and reject it.  Girls like being proposed in a unique and romantic way.

The first and foremost thing is to impress a girl first. If you are pretty sure that you both share a good bond, you have gotten the attention of the girl, and are ready to take forward your relationship, then go for the proposal. Think twice before taking this decision. The best advantage of proposing to her by text is that you’ll not face each other. Below we have mentioned some ways that will help you. So, make sure to read carefully.

1.) Text At The Very Right Time

how to propose a girl on chat

Texting at the very right time matters a lot while proposing to a girl on chat. Time matters a lot. If it is not the right time you might get the rejection from the other side. You must be aware of the girl’s schedule. And most importantly the mood of the girl. If she is in a bad mood then there is no fun in proposing to her.

Keeping all this in mind, nighttime is the best time to start such type of conversation. At that time she is free from all her work and tensions and ready to listen to you. Night conversation can turn out to be a little romantic too.

2.) Avoid Dirty Talks

propose a girl on chat

If you are proposing here, always try to avoid dirty talks. Keep in mind that she is not your girl till now. Girls get offended when talked dirty. Message her in a bit flirty way but don’t talk dirty at all. Girls don’t like boys who talk dirty soon so first win here and then. Keep your word clean. Be funny and make her feel comfortable at first.

3.) Keep Your Messages Short

propose a girl on chat

The third most important thing to keep in mind is that keep your messages short. Nowadays we hardly have time to read long texts. So don’t text long messages and make her feel bored. Short cute, funny text can work the best. Type short but explain the needed convos. Make yourself and she feel comfortable and everything will go fine.

4.) Don’t Sound Desperate

propose a girl on chat

Keep in mind not to be desperate at all. Girls have a sixth sense and they can judge easily who is acting desperate. The more you sound desperate, the fewer chances are there for acceptance. Be original and prevent exaggerations, this will make up your bond. Respect her private space and try to make her mood every time she is upset.

5.) Compliments Work

propose a girl on chat

For proposing to her, try to compliment her whenever you get a chance. Compliments do work a lot. Who doesn’t like compliments? Everyone does especially girls. Compliment her and make her feel special and loved. A compliment about her beauty, face, eyes, hobbies, her interests. Talk to her and make her feel comfortable and loved. But don’t exaggerate, she will feel you are just flattering. Say the correct words at the right time. This will help her fall in love with you.

6.) Put An Eye-Catching Display Picture

propose a girl on chat

Sometimes it is difficult to say it directly. So for this, you can put an eye-catching DP or a WhatsApp status something related to love. Then when the girl asks you, you can say it’s all for you. Find some cute romantic proposal posts for her, tag her, and show your love.

7.) More Casual Conversation

propose a girl on chat

If you know that you both have a good bond, so while talking to her don’t be formal at all. Turn your talks to casual. Talk light. Send her memes related to love which she’ll understand easily. Build your trust in her and make her feel very comfortable. This will help you express your feelings easily.

8.) Be Confident & Courageous

propose a girl on chat

The most important thing besides all is that you should be confident and courageous to confess your feelings. You should be confident about what you are going to say. Girls get easily impressed by the confidence you have. If you are a shy person or afraid of confessing, then there might be a risk of rejection. So be confident in everything and talk to her.

Few Cute Proposal Messages You Can Use-

“Every time I’m with you I cannot avoid feeling something very special in my heart. The only reason is I would love to be with you throughout the day and make everything possible to make you happy. Would you be my girlfriend?

“I love every time our eyes meet because I can see through your eyes that you have very good feelings and great happiness awaits us if we’re together. You’re the woman of my dreams and I would love you to be my girlfriend.”

“What began as a beautiful friendship between the two of us has been growing day by day and I cannot deny that we have recently begun to have many samples of sincere love. I want us to be a couple and to enjoy our love without fear.”

“Do not be afraid of love, maybe you feel it awkward at the beginning but when it becomes part of our lives, it can provide us the greatest happiness. Be my girlfriend and I promise to make you very happy.”

“will you be mine?” or “I can’t help falling in love with you” or “I have fallen for you” or “I want to be a part of your life; will you?” etc.

End Of The Line-

So, boys, I have tried my best to help you out with everything How to propose a girl on chat on WhatsApp”. Read everything carefully and then go confess your feelings for her. It is never too late to confess what you feel for a girl. But yes waiting long might be risky. Always try to be cute in front of her. This will help you a lot. Rest above are some messages that you can text her.
If you want any other help or want to know something more, please comment down.
Till then get set ready!!

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