How To Post On BeReal App? | Here’s A Complete Guide

How To Post On BeReal App? | Here’s A Complete Guide

Did you guys hear about the BeReal app? If, yes then you guys must know how to post on BeReal app. Social media has made the most positive impact on our lives. The reason is that it helps us stay connected with our friends, family members, and co-workers. We can send messages, pictures, and videos and even share our moods with our loved ones.

We can also communicate with our friends and family members in a very simple way. On the other hand, social media has created a new form of communication that allows us to stay connected with our loved ones no matter where we are. Social media has changed the way we communicate in the 21st century. Social media is not a new trend in today’s world.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms. People of different age groups use social media daily. This can be used to promote your business or can be used as a means of recreation. BeReal is a brand-new photo-sharing application that allows you to publish pictures of yourself without any editing or filters, and it is revolutionizing social media. So, without wasting any time, let’s see how to post on BeReal app.


Here’s How To Post On BeReal App

How To Post On BeReal App?

BeReal, a social network that was founded in January 2020, calls itself “an authentic, spontaneous, and candid social network.” Unlike other apps, this one has a clear purpose for keeping Generation Z glued to their phones. Despite being created in 2020, BeReal is now having a moment.

The app has had a 315 percent increase in downloads since the start of the year, moving up to fourth place among the most popular social media apps, after Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, according to trending news website Social Media Today.


What Is BeReal?

However, authenticity is BeReal’s noble purpose, or at least its selling point to investors. BeReal is a French social networking app that was released in December 2019 and has lately begun to acquire popularity. BeReal urges users to “show your friends who you really are, for once,” by removing filters and possibilities to stage, overthink, or manipulate images, according to the app’s description on the Apple App Store.


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BeReal is presently rated fourth in terms of mobile app downloads in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, after Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest, according to research from the app analytics platform published in March. According to Apptopia, its monthly active users have climbed by 315 percent since the start of 2022.


How To Post On BeReal App?

How To Post On BeReal App?

The most special thing about this new social media is that it does not have any filter feature, and that is why we can guess why it is named BeReal. The firm claimed in marketing materials that BeReal co-founder Alexis Barreyat’s stated motivation for developing the app was to promote “real” relationships online “in reaction to a perception that current social apps are doing everything else than connecting us with our friends and family.”

So, how to post on BeReal app? First of all, on opening the application, you will be given a time limit of 2 minutes from the app. And under the same 2 minutes, you have to click your picture at the same time. Whether your hair is scattered or you have put torn old clothes in the house itself, he will take a photo of you at the time.

Your photo will be taken with both your rear camera and back camera. After clicking the photo, it will ask you whether you want to post that photo or not. and then you post it.


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How It Actually Works?

We have talked about how to post on BeReal app. You can share pictures of yourself and your life on BeReal, but there is a catch. Everybody is required to post at the same time, once per day. The software alerts users that it’s “time to Be Real” at various random times throughout the day.

When a user launches the app, a two-minute timer begins, allowing them a finite amount of time to take a picture of whatever they’re doing at the time. In order for other users to see how you appear and where you are when you submit a BeReal, the software takes a picture using both your front and rear cameras.


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People’s Personal Review On Their First BeReal Photo-

People say that when they first downloaded the application, the app immediately invited them to publish their first BeReal and gave them two minutes to take a photo together. He didn’t even have time to check the lighting or style of his hair before taking the photo, so he soon understood what the app was all about.

She was saying that his click BeReal Photo was too much but, it was also really cute but a little weird her friends ended her in their first post because they didn’t understand it would even take a picture with their rear camera.

How To Delete The Post On BeReal App?

How To Delete The Post On BeReal App?

Above, we found out how to post on BeReal app, so now let’s know how to delete the post on BeReal app. The BeReal website states that once you submit something to your feed, you can only delete it once per day. When the two minutes are up, you can take your BeReal as many times as you want, but once you’ve selected “Submit,” you can only delete it once and take it again.

The lack of many efforts appears to be an attempt by the program to prevent users from spending too much time on their postings. Because we are used to being able to shoot a selfie as many times as we want. However, as time passed, we came to appreciate this function as it helped us save screen time and avoid spending too much time trying to get the perfect photo.



We hope that you have got the answer to your question on how to post on BeReal app. Today We have covered the topic of what basically BeReal application is, how it works and how can we post and delete the post. Hope you find this article informative as well as helpful, stay tuned for future articles for more updates. Thanks for reading!

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