12 Best Monopoly Online Free Games | How To Play Monopoly?

12 Best Monopoly Online Free Games | How To Play Monopoly?

Do you guys don’t know How to play monopoly online free with your friends? This short guide will explain you. The first real estate board game ever created, Monopoly is also the most well-known. The game was redesigned as a result, and digital versions were made available. Furthermore, we decided to compile a list of the top Monopoly online games available online right now.

Only the official version of Monopoly is available online due to copyright issues. The official game did indeed have a few variations that were released, but they were removed from the market owing to copyright breaches. Playing Monopoly online with others is possible, but only on certain PCs. You and your buddies can play Monopoly online on several computers.

The original Monopoly game cannot be played for free online, but there are various unofficial versions that you may play for free. Typically, these won’t have the typical property spaces because doing so would interfere with the main game, but the rules will still apply. The official paid versions of online Monopoly are the best because they have better graphics and offer support in the event of a technical problem.

However, the cross-platform play issue, which is one of the greatest issues with the official games, is typically resolved in the free versions. We’re going to look at some of the top PC-compatible online Monopoly games. There are various unofficial Monopoly online games that you may play online with friends on a PC, Xbox, mobile phone, or tablet for free, while official Monopoly online isn’t. So, without wasting your single minute let’s get started.


How To Play Monopoly Online Free With Your Friends


How To Play Monopoly Online Free

A board game of Monopoly costs $20 to $30, depending on the variation, and that’s all there is to it when you play it in real life. The only problem is getting all of your buddies in one spot at once. What if you prefer to play online, then? After that, it can end up costing a lot more!

You must all purchase the game, rather than just one of you doing so. If you have a large group of friends, suddenly getting everyone to spend $10–$20 might add up. But don’t worry, there are many possibilities for free online Monopoly games, and we’ll tell you all about them as long as you don’t care too much about utilizing an official board.

If you don’t mind playing an unofficial game, there are some free versions of Monopoly accessible on Google Play and the Apple Store. However, many of them require you to watch advertisements to play, so don’t anticipate a seamless and rapid gaming experience.


5 Best Online Monopoly Free Game To Play On Computer

On your computer, you may play a few unofficial versions of Monopoly for free. While some can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, the finest games can be played directly in your web browser without the need for a download. Find out more about the several PC Monopoly official editions here.

1. Rento

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

Another free Monopoly game you can play online is Rento. There is also an unauthorized board, however, the individual properties there are countries rather than cities.

Additionally, it somewhat varies the rules, with some places allowing you to advance to another area or gain or lose money by spinning the wheel. With the option to play solitary games versus computers or with strangers, Rento has some intriguing benefits over Capitalista.


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The fact that you cannot play by the official rules makes the game a little slower and takes a little longer to load, which may turn some players off.

2. ArcadeSpot Monopoly Online

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

You may play a different version of Monopoly on the gaming website ArcadeSpot for free online with people in the same room as you or against artificial intelligence.

Similar to the UK Monopoly board, this game also features official board artwork and properly written properties. Even the eight original Monopoly tokens are available for selection when playing. The overlay visuals while making a deal or purchasing a property are the only thing that doesn’t appear official.

Since it violates the rules of the official game, I wouldn’t be surprised if Monopoly Online was removed. However, this can be a nice choice right now if you want to enjoy the traditional board without having to pay.

3. Capitalista

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

On the website Gidd.io, you can play Capitalista, a counterpart to the Monopoly board game, as well as UNO and Yatzy. It’s excellent for someone who wants to play against their pals because it’s multiplayer-only and you can’t play with strangers.

Having said that, you can participate in games that are organized via the Monopoly Discord group and involve actual players. Although the properties have been renamed to avoid any copyright issues, the rules remain the same as in a conventional game of Monopoly.

Instead, each color scheme is country-themed, with individual properties representing significant cities. Although there aren’t many modification choices in Capitalista, you can change a few of the rules.

4. RichUp

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

RichUp and Capitalista are extremely similar in that you can play them through your browser on a computer or smartphone, and although they are not completely identical, the boards are very similar in style.

Richie doesn’t quite have the same streamlined gameplay as Capitalista, but it is just as fast-paced, they are also testing bots, and you can play with strangers without much difficulty.

Richie might be the way to go if you want to utilize bots, however, Capitalista is probably a better option if you want to play with friends.

5. Board Boss

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

The free online game Board Boss is intriguing because it’s created to be an exact reproduction of the UK version of the game. You can play against AI opponents or play multiplayer locally, but not online.

The sole difference in the regulations is the full renaming of the Go, Chance, and Community Chest spaces to Start, Luck, and Bank, respectively. But many of the UK property names are spelled incorrectly.

Marylebone Station is transformed into Maryrlborn Station, and Whitechapel Road changes to White Chappel Road. When you purchase a property, even the term “Bought” is spelled incorrectly. Even if many of the errors are accurate, it’s not deliberate.


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5 Best Online Monopoly Free Game For Android And iPhone

If you don’t mind playing an unofficial game, there are some free versions of Monopoly accessible on Google Play and the Apple Store. However, many of them require you to watch advertisements to play, so don’t anticipate a seamless and rapid gaming experience.

1. Crazy Poly

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

Another Monopoly clone that you can download for free for Android devices is CrazyPoly – The Business Dice Game. However, an iPhone cannot be used to play it.

Instead of buying towns or countries, you’ll buy “Toy factories,” “Pizzeria,” or “Diamond Mine.” The aesthetics are a step up from Europoly, and it has one of the most interesting boards.

The unusual pairing of “Hollywood” and “Electronics Factory” for the finest color pallet in the game is maybe the most intriguing. You may play local multiplayer or against bots once more, and the app says that online multiplayer will soon be available.

2. Rento

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

Yes, the same game that you can play in your web browser is also accessible as an iPhone or Android app, and unlike the console versions, this one is still free.

Additionally, it is 3D, which is an improvement over the web version’s simpler flat graphics. The app’s reviews aren’t always positive though; several individuals have criticized the AI for being too challenging on the hardest settings or for making errors when calculating rent or dice rolls.

Rento won’t be perfect, but if all you want is an app that allows you to play online versus other players, Rento might be able to deliver.

3. Euro poly

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

You won’t be shocked to learn that one of the boards in Euro poly is based in a region of Europe. The fact that the board isn’t square, unlike every other game on this list, might surprise you more.

Some color sets don’t have all of their spots down one side of the rectangular board because the Android and iPhone apps are designed for mobile devices.

The majority of users who have downloaded the app have primarily voiced their displeasure with the app’s graphics, which are subpar like in most bootleg Monopoly variations, as well as with the AI and user interface. Although it’s odd, it does support local multiplayer or bots, and the tools for modifying the rules are good.


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 Best Monopoly Online Free Games To Play With Your Friends

This guide will show you exactly how to play Monopoly online with pals who aren’t present in the same room as you.

1. On PS4 With Monopoly Plus

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

Up to six people can play Monopoly online with Monopoly Plus if you all own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Each of you must buy the game, and both of you must have a PlayStation Plus subscription to play games online.

On PS4, Monopoly Plus performs better than on PS5. While it is playable on the PS5, some functionality might be absent. You might need to update your system to the most recent software if it doesn’t work.

Each player needs their console because it is impossible to mix local and online players in Monopoly Plus. It is not cross-platform either.

Price: $14.99 / £11.99

The Monopoly Family Fun Pack should be taken into account if you intend to purchase Monopoly for your PS4.

2. On Nintendo Switch

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

You can play Monopoly for the Nintendo Switch online or off, with a maximum of six players. To play together online, you’ll both need to own copies of the game and be members of Nintendo Switch Online.

Three 3D boards are available in Monopoly on Nintendo Switch, and there are various settings for quicker games. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of rules and use the new Actions Cards to liven up the game.

Cost: $39.99/£29.99 (plus $3.99/£3.49 per month for Nintendo Switch Online)

3. On Your TV With A Chromecast Ultra and Stadia

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

Play games like Monopoly on screens you already possess, like a TV with Chromecast Ultra, thanks to Stadia, Google’s gaming platform. Playing games on a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or any compatible device is also possible with a Stadia subscription.


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Each player has to have a Stadia Pro subscription to play Monopoly online with friends using Stadia. You do not, however, require the same apparatus. Because of this, playing Monopoly online with up to six friends on different devices is best done through Stadia.

The 3D board for Monopoly on Stadia features a variety of themes, including City, Amusement Park, and Haunted. Additionally, you have the option of selecting the Speed Die rule. Larger screens are better suited for Monopoly on Stadia.

Price: $9.99 / £8.99 per month

4. On Xbox With Monopoly Plus

How To Play Monopoly Online Free

You can play Monopoly online with up to six players if you all own an Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S. The engaging online Monopoly game has a 3D board and interesting special features.

Xbox Monopoly is a fantastic online multiplayer game, but each player needs their own Xbox. Sadly, there is no possibility to play the game, for instance, with four people on two Xboxes. You can choose from a wide variety of rules when playing Monopoly Plus on Xbox One.

The Speed Die variation is another option. However, I discovered that the Speed Die version of this game had a few bothersome bugs that occasionally prevented you from moving to the desired location.

Price: Around $14.99 / £11.99 (OR $4.49 / £3.59 with Xbox Live Gold)


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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the topic of how to play monopoly online and what are the best games you can play with your friends; monopoly online. On your laptop, you might be playing Capitalista versus your partner, who might be relaxing on their phone on the couch, as well as pals (friends) from other countries who might be playing on their tablets while seated at a posh coffee shop.

Therefore, even if the unapproved games are far from ideal, they do provide a fantastic free experience and are well tried out. We hope you find this article informative as well as helpful too. For more updates on tech and gaming, stay tuned for future articles. Thanks for reading them out!

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