How to Play Games on Amazon’s Firestick

How to Play Games on Amazon’s Firestick

There is no doubt about it, Amazon Fire TV is one of the most appreciated addons in today’s television industry. The tiny console designed by Amazon offers an immersive experience with plenty to choose from.

Apart from movies, shows, and sports, the Firestick has brought in an excellent feature by introducing the gaming edition. Believe it or not, you can play some classic and modern games on your television now, yet you need to set everything up first.

This article will give you all the steps you need to start gaming straight away.

Decide on the game

This step depends on more things. First of all, you may need an external gamepad to play certain games, while others will only require the Amazon remote. No matter what you are after, Fire TV will mention what kind of controller is required for a game or whether you need one at all. There are also browser based games that work on any device.

When browsing games, make sure you pick something suitable for what you have.

Find the controller settings

If you do have a controller and you want to hook it up, you will need to find its settings. Load everything and go to the home screen of the Fire TV. Find the settings tab and go there. You will find some settings for controllers in a different tab.

Hook the controller up

Go into the controller settings, and you will find two different options. The easiest way? Bluetooth Gamepad.

Go to this option and connect the game controller. Obviously, connectivity is established through Bluetooth. Make sure the Bluetooth is on and connected to the device. The process is straightforward and implies going through a few steps. Overall, it takes about a minute.

You are good to go once the devices are paired.

It is worth noting that not all gamepads are compatible with Fire TV. You should double check upfront, especially if you have not purchased a gamepad yet.

Browse some games

Get to the Firestick home screen and go to the find setting. Once in there, find the Appstore and get inside. The great thing about playing on Firestick is that there are many fun games to choose from. So, you will never get bored. You will find more submenus there, one of them providing access to games.

Once in there, you can go from one section to another and explore games. Some games are in the spotlight category. Some others are in the retro zone, and so on. More categories are revealed as you scroll down, from action and adventure to arcade and board games.

Find a game you like, select it, and you can start playing. Games go in two categories. Some of them are free, while others are premium. If you end up picking a paid game, you need to associate a payment method with the Amazon account before playing.

Find specific games

Browsing random games on Amazon’s Firestick is a good idea when you are just exploring the feature, or you are looking for some new games, perhaps some free releases. However, you can also go for one game in particular if you are eager to play it.

To find a game, go to the find option and search for it, simple as that. The icon to search is normally located in the upper left corner. Type the name letter by letter. Suggestions will also pop up with every new letter, so you may also look down there for your game.

If it is a free game, you will have the option to download or get it straight away. If you cannot see this option, chances are it is a premium game. You will see a cart next to it, as well as the actual price in both real money and coins.

No payment method into your Amazon account? You will face an error message asking you to update these details in the browser before trying again.

Getting a game is a matter of minutes only. It obviously depends on your Internet speed. However, once you find something suitable, you can usually wait in front of the TV for a bit before giving it a try.

As a final conclusion, figuring out how to play games on Amazon’s Firestick is not as difficult as it may seem. There is one challenge you may need to face, and that is the compatibility between your gamepad and the Firestick.

Double check online if the two are compatible, or you may waste your time. If you are about to purchase a gamepad only for this experience, check upfront if you can use it on the Firestick. Most modern gamepads with a Bluetooth connection are alright, but it is still worth checking.


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