How to Master the Minecraft: 5 Expert Tips & Tricks

How to Master the Minecraft: 5 Expert Tips & Tricks

What started as a project is now one of the most appreciated games out there. Minecraft is a major gaming franchise and one of the most defining games of this generation.

There are always new people trying to get a bite of it, while the complex profile associated with the game turns it into a major challenge.

While simple in theory, the intricate details of Minecraft can raise many question marks. All in all, here are a few tips and tricks that only expert players are aware of.

Everyone is afraid of lava

But lava is a major resource in Minecraft…

Exactly! You see Lava, you turn around and go, or you go around it. However, if you do manage to find it, make sure you mark it, so you can get back to it later. Find some buckets and go collect as much as you can. Lava has a plethora of useful properties in Minecraft. All reputable Minecraft beginner guides include at least one clever way to use lava.

First, you can use it as fuel in the furnace. Second, it will last for ages. Third, you can smelt without too many restrictions. Furthermore, creating obsidian always requires a bit of lava. With so many benefits, make sure you get as many buckets as you can.

In the long run, lava will become one of your most valuable resources.

Use the torch to farm gravel and sand

You are definitely a newbie if you only use the torch to light up darker areas or to keep monsters away from you, Sure, most people will use the torch for these purposes, but this item is extremely versatile and can provide much more later on.

If you have tried mining sand and gravel blocks, you probably already know that they depend on gravity. Take the block underneath out, and they will clearly fall. Before the fall, place a torch underneath. This way, the block will break into small pieces, so you can collect them.

The torch can also go beneath you when digging up and may save your life if you end up hitting gravel or sand from below. Talking about Minecraft tricks and tips, you might want to check out this guide where we present the best things to build in Minecraft Survival World.

No risks on zombie attacks

Zombies, zombies everywhere… They show up at the worst possible moments. They end up invading your home and destroying it just when you are in the middle of something. Luckily, you can prevent all these things from happening. In fact, you can reduce the risk to nothing.

Install the door a block higher, so zombies cannot reach it. The second option is to get a fence. Zombies cannot destroy fences. Hidden behind full protection, you can easily fight back without taking any risks whatsoever.

The pumpkin head is about safety

Lots of newbies will end up with pumpkin heads. It looks great, but at the end of the day, the practical purpose of the pumpkin is what makes the difference, rather than its appearance. Sure, the pumpkin head will also help you fight more powerful enemies. But then, pumpkins protect you against Endermen too.

Endermen will attack as soon as you make eye contact with them. However, they will never attack a pumpkin head because wearing it prevents you from making such contact, so you are 100% safe. You might as well attack them, and they will refuse to give you anything back.

Most people figure it out at some point, but they do it by mistake. Knowing this trick upfront will help you thrive in the game with no problems whatsoever, at least not with the Endermen.

Turn into a cat person

Now, those who like cats in real life will also want to have a cat in the game too. They make some great additions to Minecraft, but at the same time, they also look good.

Now, think about farming for a minute. What can be more annoying than an explosive surprise out of nowhere? You know what it feels like, and you also know who is responsible for it, the Creepers.

How do you prevent all these? Simple. Creepers hate cats. They will avoid them at all costs. Get a few cats around yourself and Creepers will never come close. You can forget about those unpleasant surprises straight away.

Bottom line, Minecraft has become an extremely sophisticated game overtime, and there is always room for improvement. There is always something new to discover.

Knowing a few tips and tricks can help you become better and advance without going through all the hassle and stress, not to mention saving time and avoiding stressful situations.

For a lot of newbies, knowing these things upfront makes all the difference in the world.


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