How To Make Siri Cuss? 5 Real Hacks You Should Try In 2022

How To Make Siri Cuss? 5 Real Hacks You Should Try In 2022

As we know, Siri is the most promising personal assistant launched by apple and uploaded to their products like iPhone and iPads. Siri is the best assistant because it supports you do anything without using your hand. You have to tell Siri what you want. Like say, Hey, Siri play songs, and Siri will play them. But there are some amusing facts about Siri. You can make Siri Cuss at you or use bad language.

It is a time pass for the individuals who get bored of using the phone for a long time and want to have joy, so they ask quirky questions to make Siri Cuss, which makes them laugh. Some of us, apple users, uncover how to create Siri bad words. We need to give straightforward commands to make Siri cuss at us. And it is shocking how artificial intelligence can curse us or get mad.

What does One Have To Do To Make Siri Curse?

If you want to make Siri cuss at you, you have to question Siri by saying, “Hey Siri can you define a mother.” After asking that, Siri will provide us with the standard meaning that we know. After that, Siri questions us, “Would you like to hear another definition of this term “and when you say yes after saying yes, what Siri says will surprise you because Siri says, “as nous, is the abbreviation for the word motherfucker.

Considerable users worldwide confirm that Siri says the same if you ask Siri for the second definition every time.
While it may seem amusing and straightforward to imagine Siri being sarcastic and cursing at you, this is not the point. Siri uses the Oxford Dictionary to examine definitions for words you ask it. The slang word “motherfucker” is the second explanation of mother in the glossary.

Make Siri Cuss


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It’s a fun fact for people to make Siri cuss, and it makes them laugh, and they are just amazed by the straightforwardness of the Siri. Although it’s fuzzy whether Apple grabbed this chance to smuggle some profanity into its assistant app, the idea that Siri may be suspicious of you asking it questions will make you laugh a little.

The iPhone uses the Oxford Dictionary to tell the meaning of the word we ask from Siri. Still, if there is an acronym or curse word in Oxford Dictionary. Siri will read it out for you without limitations, even though this is motherfucker or some other slang word. Siri provides the data that Siri knows.

At some point in time, we get bored of technology if we utilise it continually, just like if you utilise your phone for hours after using so many hours, you will get bored of it and find other fun. Some iPhone users discover how to make Siri mad, and it is fun to hear an artificial intelligence being mad. And also, Siri is sarcastic many times if you ask Siri some Unrelevant queries.

What does One Have To Do To Make Siri Upset?

If you’re wondering how to get Siri upset, there’s only one method: ask detailed questions. While this list doesn’t cover all you can question Siri, there are a few questions it doesn’t like to respond. It’s also worth noting that multiple of these have many answers from Siri, so it’s worth questioning them more than on time. Ask the following terms if you want to make Siri mad:

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  • Question the Siri, “ are you married to someone ? “ then Siri will respond with irony and say yes, married to its work. 
  • Another question you can ask is, “ Hey Siri will you marry me? “ and then hear Siri’s snarky reply, and that will be “I don’t know you, and you also don’t know me properly. 
  • Now ask Siri about Siri’s age, and Siri will reply, with I’m in the ninth dimension with 45980 years. 
  • Now ask Siri about the home like this: “Hey Siri, you have a sister? “The reply you get is incredible as Siri says I have you; that’s enough from me like family. 
  • Now ask any questions like about god or the world’s end. Siri will answer, “I cannot tell you that as I don’t know about this”.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

1. How do you assemble Siri to say something out loud?

 Change Siri’s volume on your iPhone or You can also ask Siri to change your volume settings by saying, “Hey Siri, speak louder” or “Hey Siri, speak quieter.” If you like to change the volume when Siri is speaking or when you’re utilising headphones, dab the Volume switches on the side of your iPhone.

2. Who is Siri in real life?

It took us many years before we witnessed the actual woman who showed Siri’s authentic voice. According to a statement by Slash Gear, in 2013, Susan Bennett, the voice behind the Apple assistant, confirmed his role to CNN. Initially, Bennett said that this voice-acting project started back in July 2005.

3. Can Siri take a picture?

Whenever you desire to click a shot, say “Hey Siri, Say Cheese,” and Siri will take a photo.

Bringing It To An End

I hope this article is helpful to you. Next time you feel bored or want to have fun, you can try all the things above that make Siri Cuss. Do you share experiences after doing the above fun things and make Siri Cuss.

Thank you for reading.

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