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There are a lot of Avatars that appear extremely similar because the game has millions of players and is only getting more popular. Thankfully, you have the option to make your own clothes and many queries arise How to make clothes on Roblox? In addition to finding new and vintage goods in the store to personalize your player.

You’ve certainly seen some pretty great outfits on other players’ avatars, whether they were leaping their way through the newest hobby or becoming (virtually) wealthy in their favorite tycoon game. If so, you might start envious of your Roblox friends’ homes.

You are aware that the Roblox store sells several shirts and pants, but here the question is how can you make your own clothing? or How to make clothes on Roblox? You are undoubtedly well aware if you play Roblox that the game is accessible on a variety of platforms. After six years of being a Windows-only game, the game switched to mobile in 2012 when it was made available in Apple’s iOS App Store.

A few years later, the popular game’s creators released an Android version, and around a year later, the Xbox One version followed. However, we strongly advise using a Mac or Windows PC to design and upload your apparel, even if you prefer playing Roblox on one of these latter platforms. However, the entire experience is much superior. Yes, there are ways to generate and even upload shirt and pants designs on a mobile device using a mix of apps.


How To Make Shirt And Pant On Roblox?

How To Make Clothes On Roblox
Source- Making avatar clothing

Instead of having to worry about creating a single enormous image that must fit exactly, ROBLOX has made it easier to produce the garments that Avatars wear by breaking them up into a number of smaller images. Compared to T-Shirts, Shirts and Pants can appear a little more difficult because they wrap around the Avatar’s body.

It’s much easier than it appears if you follow this guide, though. Check out these helpful templates that ROBLOX itself has produced to get started. When you upload the assets to ROBLOX Studio, you can utilize these photographs as a reference if you right-click and save them.

A helpful instruction on image sizes for the clothes has also been added by ROBLOX. This data will be displayed in pixels in the table below. It’s crucial to remember that the photographs must match their size exactly to avoid an upload failure.

So How To Make a Shirt on Roblox?

create shirt roblox 2.0


The simplest item of apparel to manufacture in ROBLOX is a t-shirt. Make a 512×512-pixel image if possible, and then upload it to ROBLOX using the Asset Manager in ROBLOX Studio. There isn’t much else to do because T-shirts are only a square decal rather than a full shirt.

Here’s How To Make Clothes Shirt On Roblox Mobile?

mobile roblox new

As was already indicated, two apps are required for this to operate, so let’s go on to the steps. They are Google Chrome and Picsart. You can use any browser and image editing programme; but, for the purposes of this lesson, we’ll be using these two. To upload your shirt, you will also need Roblox Premium or a minimum of 10 Roblox. Both Android and iOS devices can be used to complete the tutorial’s steps. Let’s now review the procedures.


  • Look for “Roblox Shirt Template Transparent” on Google.


  • There will be numerous outcomes; make sure to preserve the “transparent” one.


  • Click on the add button in the lower Centre of the main screen of Picsart after opening it.


  • To begin altering, add the Roblox shirt template picture.


  • There are various tools at the bottom. Scroll until you see the Draw tool, then click it and select Draw.


  • Then, select Shape from the menu options at the bottom of the screen.


  • Change the shape of this to a circle, increase the size to 8 pixels, and leave the opacity alone.


  • Ensure that the final option is set to stroke rather than fill.


  • In the template image, place this circle where the head ought to be.


  • Fill in the spaces outside the circle and inside the lines of the template.


  • The sleeves in the template can be filled similarly.


  • Text or stickers can also be added here.


  • Click on the right arrow symbol in the top right corner of the screen once you are satisfied with the design of your shirt.


  • To share and store the image in your gallery, use the Gallery option below. Click Done after that.


  • Now go to Roblox on your phone’s browser. There is an option to continue in-app, but you should select Continue in a browser instead.


  • Sign in to your account, then select Create.


  • Next, select the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome, scroll down, and select Desktop site or a request desktop site option.


  • Now, on the left side of the screen, under the My Creations Section, select Shirts. Now, on the left side of the screen, under the My Creations Section, select Shirts.


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  • Here, select the created shirt file by clicking on Choose File.


  • Click the upload button after naming your shirt.


  • Before uploading, you might have to complete a captcha.


  • Click on your shirt’s name once it has been uploaded.


  • You’ll be redirected to another website where the shirt is open.


  • Press customize after clicking the rightmost three dots.


  • Give your shirt a description by scrolling down.


Note: Do keep in mind to first review the Roblox ToS before adding any text or stickers to your shirt. This will guarantee that your shirt complies with community standards and is not taken off By selecting the Item for Sale option and entering a price in Roblox, you may also sell your shirt.   That includes all the information you require to create shirts in Roblox for mobile.

Let’s Examining Your Outfits and Designs

Let’s test our brand-new outfit to make sure it appears nice while we’re still in ROBLOX Studio and after we’ve uploaded it to the platform. Click Build Rig under the Plugins menu in ROBLOX Studio. Then, select a rig type that offers the various Avatar models that ROBLOX players can employ.


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Once you’ve decided on a Build Rig, open the Explorer window, hover over the Dummy item, click the Add button, and then, depending on the design you want, select either ShirtGraphic (T-Shirt), Pants, or Shirt.  Inside the Dummy, find and pick the new clothing item or Shirt Graphic. Find the property in the properties window, and then click inside the row.


You can choose the picture you submitted to ROBLOX with this. Once finished, look at how your attire appears! Your virtual fashionista just tested a few designs; congrats! Follow the same instructions as before and choose a different Build Rig to test the clothes on. You may do this to observe how your clothing appears on various player models!

Here’s About  Hats And Other Accessories?

hat 2.0


Roblox does not allow everyone to add hats, unique faces, and accessories. Compared to shirts and pants, the corporation handles these things differently. You must be a participant in the User Generated Content (UGC) programme in order to submit your original designs.

You must complete an application process and submit your own distinctive designs for evaluation in order to join this programme. Roblox restricts the number of developers they accept, probably for reasons of quality control, making the programme competitive.

The business doesn’t want a surplus of shoddy-looking and uninspired content to permeate the Roblox-sphere. Furthermore, hats and similar items are 3D objects, as opposed to clothes like shirts and pants, which are made up of a number of 2D surfaces.


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As a result, making your own designs needs a far more extensive procedure and the usage of 3D rendering software, such as the free freeware Blender. YouTube is rife with tutorials, and the Roblox developer forum is a great place to obtain advice from other programmers. The UGC programme is currently accepting applications, but the window for admission could close at any time.

Wrapping Up

You’ll soon be creating and uploading your own Roblox apparel like a pro with some perseverance and practice. Even if you’re not the richest tycoon or the best at your hobbies, you’ll still look beautiful while playing the game.

I hope this article will help you in every possible manner. Don’t forget to like, share and comment. Do let me know by commenting in the comment section. Till then stay safe and healthy.

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