How to Join Zoom Meeting on Two Devices

How to Join Zoom Meeting on Two Devices

During the pandemic time (Covid-19) everything went down and lockdown started everywhere in the world. Due to that everyone who was working offline in their offices and students who were studying in classes was closed as per government order.

So the Government decided to take most of the work online so that, it would not affect anyone’s health. So many officials and students started working online and many students started learning online on apps like zoom, Google meets, or Microsoft teams.

But Do you know Zoom is one of the most reliable and great platforms for meeting or doing any official or college work? But sometimes Working continuously on zoom makes you feel tired and to help you cheer up a little you can play some best virtual zoom games.

But what if I want to join a zoom meeting on two devices at the same time? is it possible? Yes, it’s possible you can join multiple zoom meetings with your single account.

Let’s Talk About How To Join Zoom Meeting On Two Devices-

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Before you run Zoom on multiple devices you need to make sure that each device should first meet the requirements given below and then he/she can easily sign in to multiple devices while using a single account.


Requirements to run Zoom on Android Devices

  • Android Upto 5.0 or above
  • Free app
  • Size:- 154 MB
  • Ram:- 4GB or above

 Requirements to run Zoom on iOS Devices

  • macOS X with macOS 8.0 or later
  • Free app
  • Size:- 179.2 MB


Requirements for Windows and macOS users

  • Windows: version 4.1.27348.0625 or later
  •  macOS: variation 4.4.522551.0414 or later


Can I Join a Zoom Meeting With Phone And Computer At The Same Time?

At any particular time, you can only be logged in to Zoom on one computer, tablet, or phone. You will be immediately logged out of the first device if you sign in to another device of the same kind while signing into another device of the same type.


How to Join Zoom Meeting On Two Devices At The Same Time?

So as you already know there’s no such trick to join with the same device but you can do a lot more things to join and to do so you need to first join as a host on the computer and then sign in to your mobile phone as a co-host so that you can simultaneously use zoom without getting logout.


How Can You Fix Zoom Echoes During Voice Calls?

During meetings, it’s fairly unusual for Zoom users to experience an echo. The hardest thing is when every phrase is echoed back to you With that irritating echo in your ears, staying focused on your train of thought might be difficult.

So it can be fixed by using a microphone or earphone which will allow you to listen separately on both devices with echoing and you can also mute one mike and keep another one “ON”.


How To Sign In To Zoom Using Different Platforms

To join a zoom meeting each meeting has its own unique 9-11 digit number called a meeting ID  that is used when you want to join a meeting.


Steps To Join a Meeting on Windows

Zoom app for Windows 10

Steps 1:-  Open the Zoom app on Window

Step 2:- There are lots of methods to join a zoom meeting:-

  • Click Join a Meeting if you want to join without signing in.
  •  Sign in to Zoom then click Join.

Step3:- Enter the meeting ID number and your display name.

  •  If you’re signed in, change your name if you don’t want your default name to appear.
  • If you’re not signed in, enter a display name.

Step 4:- Then tap on the Select option to connect audio and/or video and click Join.


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Steps To Join a Meeting on MacOS

How to Join Zoom Meeting on Two Devices

Step1:- First you need to download the zoom app on a mac if not downloaded then you can join a meeting.

Step 2:- One can also join directly by clicking on the link or you can sign and Enter a password.

Step 3:- Third you can enter the meeting ID number and your display name or if you don’t want to change your name then your name will be displayed as a default name.


Steps To Join a Meeting on Android Devices

Step 1:- Open the zoom app on an android phone or you can download it from the google play store if you didn’t download it before.

Step 2:- The process of joining into a zoom meeting for android devices is the same as ios but the only difference is a little user interface.

Step 3:- You can directly sign in to zoom meeting by just clicking on the link or you can add a Meeting Id and password to Sign In.

Step 4:- After you’re into a zoom meeting you can choose whether to mute your mike or off your camera or not.


Wrapping Up!

So as we have mentioned above all of the info related to how to join zoom meeting on two devices and we have added some more info on how to sign in to different zoom devices easily just by following the steps. If you really liked the blog do let us know your valuable feedback in our comment section. Thank You!

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