How To Join Wow World Discord 2023? | How Do We Play It?

How To Join Wow World Discord 2023? | How Do We Play It?

Have you ever played World of Warcraft? It is a very popular multiplayer online role-playing game that has many gamers glued to it. Today we teach you how to join wow world discord. Why? Because every popular game has a dedicated discord server that has all the gossip about how to clear a level, how to earn extra points and how to pass a level if you are stuck on it forever.

If you are a World of Warcraft fan then you must know how to earn points, and get necessary objects and powerups for the game. If you don’t know how to do all these things yourself then you must join a WOW World Discord server.

You will meet other players who will guide you with your game and who knows maybe they will become your next best friends. Anyway, coming back to the topic here is the procedure to know how to join wow world discord;

Log into your Discord account>click on the link to join the server>click on “accept invite”>and prove that you are human.

How To Join WOW World Discord?

how to join wow world discord

There is only one way to join any server on discord and both involve clicking on a link. The only difference is that sometimes you get invited to join a server or you ask the server to let you join. If you are invited then you should follow steps 3 through 5 or otherwise you can follow the below-mentioned full procedure for how to join wow world discord.

logging into your Discord account>clicking on the link to join the server>clicking on “accept invite”>and proving that you are human.

Step 1: Log into your Discord account.

Step 2: Every server has a link that is used by members to join in. You can click on the WOW World Discord link to join its server.

Step 3: Next, you have to click on the accept invite option.

Step 4: Prove that you are a human by clicking on the I am human box.

Step 5: Congratulations! you are now part of the WOW World Discord server.

Rules To Be Followed For WOW World Discord

how to join wow world discord

Before learning how to join wow world discord you need to know about certain rules and regulations that need to be followed as a part of the server. You need to follow these regulations all the time because if you are caught violating any of them, it may result in your temporary or permanent ban from the server.

The state of the ban will be dependent on how serious your violation is. Read these rules carefully and you will understand which among them amount to temporary bans and permanent bans.

1. You are not allowed to harass another user on the server or use foul, toxic language, hate speech, hurtful and indecent jokes, and frequent mentions. Your username, profile picture and status updates are also included in this section.

2. No not safe for work (NSFW) content will be allowed on the server including on your username, profile picture, and status update.

3. You cannot trade, promote, spam, or ask for any kind of products and services on this server. This is strictly prohibited here. For example, a user cannot plead with other users or moderators on a server to let him have a subscription for free because he is poor and can’t afford it.

4. You can use various channels when you are trying to stay on topic.

5. Do not spread false and malicious rumours and information during serious debates on the server. It will result in people getting the wrong information and using that information which can cause them losses or harm.

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6. If you are seen behaving in an unacceptable manner and if a moderator asks you to stop the behaviour, you have to listen to the moderator and stop immediately. It is a direct warning from the moderator which should be taken seriously.

7. Do not block the moderators of the server because it will result in you never being able to moderate anything on the server in the future.

8. Never post anything on the server that goes against the terms of services of any game or any law of the country. It may not only result in your permanent ban but can land you in serious legal trouble.

Different Roles Of WOW World Discord

how to join wow world discord

Every server on discord has different roles for different members of the community. Each role is important and is assigned with carrying out certain important tasks needed to keep the server running smoothly and harmoniously.

Once you learn how to join wow world discord after some time you may be given a role to carry out on the server. Learn about what each role does to understand your duty properly.

1. WOW Discord moderators: They are the highest-ranked members of the server. They have the power to manage chats, fix any difficulty that the server faces, and supervise and carry out various tasks on the server. If anyone needs to get in touch with a server moderator they have to go through a link ticket system.

2. Community figures: Community figures include everyone from famous streamers, famous personalities of the server everyone who manages different Discord servers and websites of the WoW community. Whenever they are mentioned on the server, it is done with courtesy.

3. Blizzard employees: Whatever they do on a server is their own doing and not an order from the server owner or a moderator. You should never ping, DM, or behave badly with them.

4. Stewards: Stewards are the discord server bots who assist the server owners and moderators in running the server by carrying out operational tasks while they focus on important duties.

5. Mentors: These are the most valued members of the community because they help other members with any problem they face. They teach and guide, everyone, on the server various new things about the game. Never DM these members personally, whatever help you need ask in the ask-for-help threads. These are the ones whom you can ask how to join wow world discord.

6. Classy community members: Members of the classy community are those members of the server who are given roles on the basis of role assignment.

Top 10 WOW Discord Servers

Now that we are done with how to join wow world discord server and all the information regarding it, we bring you a list of the top 10 World of Warcraft discord servers besides the WOW World Discord.

1. Redcoins LostArk and World of Warcraft

2. Wutai Nation| World of Warcraft

3. Alphagen Codes

4. ETM all the Games

5. WOW Deutschland

6. Pixel Gaming

7. Mundo sylar

8. Dominance (DGX)


10. Arena Junkies.

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Wrapping Up!

If you are a World of Warcraft fan then WOW World Discord is the perfect place for you to be. Here you can learn new tricks to pass each level, know about new versions and updates, make friends with other WOW lovers, share your love for the game, give your opinions in the discussions and debates regarding the game, and basically get all the information about the game at one place.

All you need to do is open your Discord account>join the server by clicking on the link>click on “accept invite”>and prove that you are human.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is World of Warcraft?

Ans. World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online role-playing game where players complete quests together, explore dungeons, and also combat other players in PVP battles. It is set four years after the events of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

Q2. Is World of Warcraft free?

Ans. The game is free to play till level 20 after which you need a subscription to move forward in the game.

Q3. Can we play World of Warcraft in offline mode?

Ans. You can play the game in offline mode by launching the battle net app> going to the settings>select the continue without logging in option.

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