Nikke Discord | How To Join Nikke Discord Server?

Nikke Discord | How To Join Nikke Discord Server?

Are you thinking of nikke discord server and wondering about how to join this server? You all must be aware of the various discord servers. Well, these servers are so easy to join and help you do multitask I mean talking to other people and enjoying your favorite activity is much more fun.

This social media platform, discord has servers for almost everything for sports lovers there are various sports servers like nfl football servers for football lovers, there are various gaming servers like summoners war chronicles, and plenty of other servers available for a different genre.

Also, there are various streamers who stream their games online like adin’s planet is the server of adin ross who is youtuber and he streams games like grand theft Auto V and NBA 2K. So if you are a games lover then make sure you check it out. Let’s get back to nikke discord and see how we can join this server.

If you want to join the nikke discord server then firstly you have to Open the discord app>Log in to your account>tap on the link>tap on accepting the invite>verify if you are human and so you are done with joining this server. 


What Is Nikke Discord Server?

Nikke Discord | How To Join?

Nikke is a sci-fi rpg game where you can command unwed girls to make a squad of anime girls who are particularized in guns and sci-fi weapons. You can command the girls and choose the best one to make your squad unbeatable.

This game has very intuitive action and dynamic battle effects that you will love. In this game, you will have different characters with different characteristics and personalities called nikkes. This game will provide you with a variety of different weapons to overpower the invaders.


Link For Nikke Discord Server

Nikke Discord | How To Join?

There are various links available everywhere but they are not real and authentic to solve this problem for you I have thoroughly searched and got you the best and most authentic server of this game make sure to check it out by clicking on the link given below.

Link: Nikke Discord Server.


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How To Join Nikke Discord Server | Step Guide |

Nikke Discord | How To Join?

If you are new to discord and don’t know how to join nikke discord server then let me tell you it is very easy you will easily get it with the help of this step guide and also you can join any server using this step guide.

Open the discord app>Log in to your account>tap on the link>tap on accepting the invite>verify if you are human and so you are done with joining this server. 

Step 1: Open the discord app, first.

Step 2: Then, log in to your discord account.

Step 3: Then, click on the link (As provided above).

Step 4: Then, tap on accepting the invite.

Step 5: Then, verify if you are human.

And so you are done with joining the nikke discord server.


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What Are The Tiers Of Nikke Discord Server?

Nikke Discord | How To Join?

There are various tiers of this game that will rank the level of your characters.

  • Tier 1: OP.
  • Tier 2: Best.
  • Tier 3: Good.
  • Tier 4: Decent.
  • Tier 5: Average.
  • Tier 6: Bad.

There are three grades of characters available in the goddess of victory nikke ssr, sr and r where ssr stands for super super rare, sr stands for super rare and r stands for rare. These characters belong to either attacker, defender, or supporter category and all of these have their own capabilities.


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What Are The Codes Of Nikke Discord Server?

Nikke Discord | How To Join?

There are some codes that you can use to get the full summon on nikke discord server.

  • NIKKEN01.


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What Are The Rules Of Nikke Discord Server?

Nikke Discord | How To Join?

Rule Number 1:

You can behave disrespectfully like abusing or harassing or making derogatory comments about other members of the server. You are not allowed to pick up irrelevant fights or to provoke someone. You cannot make comments on religious or political topics which will lead to tense situations on the server.

Rule Number 2:

You cannot spam or troll someone by sending excessive use of markdown, capitalization, long irrelevant messages, similar messages, or sending messages using acronyms.

Rule Number 3:

You cannot use any other language other than english, you cannot use distorted or illiterate language. Using blacklisted words or filter language is also prohibited.

Rule Number 4:

You cannot promote or advertise any other external resource on this server nikke discord it is an offense and you will be punished for doing so.

Rule Number 5:

Encouraging suicide or giving threats to anybody is a heinous crime you cannot provoke somebody or threaten somebody to do so.

Rule Number 6:

You cannot play songs or use software to change the voice or record, someone, without their consent, this is an offense.

Rule Number 7:

You cannot portray the admins and mods as negative persons or you cannot pretend to be one. You cannot provide false information to the mods and beg them to make you admin.

In case you are found to break any of the above rules then you will be temporarily muted from the server for 3 days or either you can be banned permanently.


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Wrapping Up!

So we have covered the main topic of discussion regarding nikke discord and I tried to give you all the information regarding how you can join this server, I hope this information is relevant to you.

So this is all about nikke discord. If you find this article useful for you then do share it with your friends also. And keep coming back to Americbuzz for more such kinds of informative articles. Till then join this server and enjoy a masterpiece game while talking to other gamers. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How many report requests are required to get banned on discord?

Ans. The bigger the rules you are exploiting the sooner you will be banned it depends upon the offense you are committing. But a maximum of 10 report requests will lead to the banning of your account permanently from this platform, discord.

Q2. How to initiate an activity on the discord app?

Ans. To initiate an activity on the discord app you have to first open the account then login into your profile then open the server then tap on the rocketship icon then tap on the activity you want to start and you are good to go.


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