How To Get Verified On Instagram

In England, the biggest status symbol a person can flex is knighthood, in the U.S.A the biggest honour is The Presidential Medal of Freedom, so what will social media give you? Verification. So, how to get verified on Instagram? We shall know today. Social media sites cannot give you medals and trophies but what it gives instead is equally liked by everyone.

I know there is no comparison between those honours and a nice blue tick but I had to start this article somewhere and I couldn’t find a relation. An Instagram blue tick is a great honour that you can get online, that little blue tick signifies that you are an authentic and dignified member of the social media community and you have done some real good to receive this verification.

Not everyone is entitled to receive this blue tick, so you need to have done something worthwhile to receive it. Sit tight and we will tell you all about how to get verified on Instagram. After understanding the criteria follow these steps to get your verification;

Open Instagram>go to your profile>tap on the three lines>open settings>tap on account>tap on request verification>fill the form>tap submit. 

How To Get Verified On Instagram On Any Device?

How To Get Verified On Instagram

if you are an Instagram user then you must have seen a little blue tick next to the names of some users. The people who usually have this tick are celebrities, influencers, politicians, companies and other important people and brands.

The meaning of this tick is that the account is real and not someone impersonating. It’s a great privilege to get one and it signifies that everything uploaded on this account is legitimate and you can trust them. It’s because of this tick that you can tell if the girl dancing in the video is Jojo Siwa or not.

That blue tick is so special that every creator on the platform wants one for themselves and that’s why they come here to know how to get verified on Instagram. Am I acting like the Godfather ask them “so you want to know how to get verified on Instagram, eh? That’s a really good thought.”

I know the Godfather’s voice is a bit much but the thought behind helping creators get verification is true. If you are an Instagram influencer who wants the badge of honour on the platform then and after you have understood the criteria to make that happen, which will be discussed after this, you can follow this procedure to get verified on Instagram.

Open Instagram>go to your profile>tap on the three lines>go to settings>tap on account>tap on request verification>fill the form>tap submit.

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account.

Step 2: Go to your profile.

how to restore deleted content from your Instagram account

Step 3: Tap on the three lines in the upper-left corner.

how to restore deleted content from your Instagram account


Step 4: Select the settings option from the menu.

how to restore deleted content from your Instagram account

Step 5: Scroll down to account.

how to get verified on Instagram

Step 6: Next, select the request verification option.

how to get verified on Instagram

Step 7: It will take you to a page where you have to fill in the form with all the relevant details related to the verification. It’s a thorough process to make sure you have all the necessary documents ready beforehand.

how to get verified on Instagram

Step 8: Once you are done filling out the form, simply tap on submit at the bottom and wait for Instagram to approve your verification.

how to get verified on Instagram

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Requirements For Getting Instagram Verification

Getting an Instagram verification is a moment of great pride, it tells the world that you are someone important and you have a great contribution on the platform and possibly in the world too, that is if you are someone like Barack Obama or Lionel Messi. But don’t worry you don’t need to be the President of a nation or win the world cup to get the precious blue tick on Instagram. All you need to do is fulfil these requirements and you can get yourself verified.

  • The first requirement to get an Instagram verification is that the account that requests the verification should belong to a person, business, brand or entity.
  • Your account should be public. Private accounts don’t get verification.
  • Your account should look authentic, it should have a profile picture, and a bio and should be posted regularly.
  • Your account should be the only one representing your work or yourself. Instagram won’t verify multiple accounts of the same person or business. Neither will it verify general interest accounts.
  • Your account should represent a notable person or business that has been featured on different authentic news sources, not paid or sponsored accounts.

Tips To Know Before Getting Instagram Verification

Now that you know how to get verified on Instagram and what you need to do to get one, take a look at these tips that you must know before you begin your process.

  1. Make sure that you have a complete account, make sure it has a decent profile picture, a well-written bio and frequently posted photos or videos. The profile should be your best representation because it is the first thing Instagram will look at while processing your request.
  2. You should be active on social media, which means that you should be active on other platforms as well. Have the same brand idea on other platforms and develop good content everywhere.
  3. Post consistently, don’t post today and then again in 8 months. Be in constant touch with your followers to build your brand. Be sure to check your insights, stock up on content to post regularly and keep on engaging with your followers.
  4. Build yourself on Google because Instagram won’t care about verifying an account that does not have a media presence. So build your brand in a way that Google represents you.
  5. Avoid buying the blue tick. You can’t buy an Instagram verification because it’s against the guidelines of the platform, anyone telling you otherwise is trying to rob you and wasting your time.
  6. Do not post links to your other social media accounts on Instagram.
  7. Improve your searchability on Instagram, be so active that you are among the most searched accounts on the platform. When someone types your brand’s or category’s name on the platform, your name should pop up automatically.
  8. Create unique and authentic content which is not easy to impersonate.
  9. Hire a publicist to help accomplish all these tasks if you feel you can’t do it alone.

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Wrapping Up!

The process how to get verified on Instagram is very simple all you have to do is open Instagram>go to your profile>tap on the three lines>go to settings>tap on account>tap on request verification>fill out the form>tap submit.

But the journey to get one is not simple, it is not a handout that can be given to anyone, you have to earn it. So before applying whatever you learned in how to get verified on Instagram you should become someone who is worth getting the blue tick. Work hard and chase excellence, and blue ticks will follow.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What happens after you request a verification?

Ans. Once you know how to get verified on Instagram and you actually do it then wait to receive a notification in the Activity section. It can take up to 30 days.

Q2. Can we lose a verification on Instagram?

Ans. Yes, you can lose your verification if you advertise, transfer, or sell your verification to someone else. You can also lose your verification if your bio or profile picture promotes something that goes against Instagram guidelines if you try to get verification via a third party or switch your profile from public to private.

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