How to Get More Streams on Spotify?

Looking to get more streams on Spotify? If so, you need to find a way to stand out from other musicians on the platform.

The following figures alone demonstrate just how competitive Spotify is:

  • More than 182 million paid subscribers worldwide
  • Available in 79 countries and growing
  • Over 50 million tracks available to stream
  • An astonishing 3 billion Playlists are available

By a clear mile, Spotify is the platform for up-and-coming artists. If you’re serious about breaking into the music biz, you need a credible Spotify presence.

This is where the numbers can make all the difference. The number of streams you stack up speaks volumes for your credibility and appeal. You need all the streams you can get, but what’s the best way to gain streams as quickly as possible?

10 Great Ways to Get More Streams on Spotify

Each of the following is a tried, tested, and trusted method to get more streams for your Spotify tracks:

1. Create & Manage Your Own Playlists

First up, creating your own Spotify Playlists can give your performance a major boost. It’s a great way to share your music with more people and can increase your stream count in no time.

There are three options available here:

  1. Create Playlists featuring nothing but your own music
  2. Create Playlists featuring your tracks and those from other artists
  3. Create 50/50 split Playlists in collaboration with another artist

Playlists increase the likelihood of people finding your music in the first place and can ensure they stick around to listen to more of your tracks when they do.

2. Submit Your Tracks to Playlist Curators

It also makes sense to pitch your songs to independent playlists on a regular basis. The more Playlists your tracks are featured in, the more exposure you benefit from. Plus, it’s easier to gain exposure via independent Playlists than with Spotify’s own editorial list.

Platforms like SubmitHub, Musosoup & Soundplate can be great for finding curators to pitch your music to. Or you could simply do the legwork and find viable curators yourself and introduce them to your work.

3. Make a Music Video on Spotify

Did video kill the radio star? Not quite, but the popularity of video content on Spotify is explosive. Shooting and publishing a video can therefore be a great way to promote your work and your artist profile.

Better yet, why not shoot multiple videos? An official music video for one of your tracks, a behind-the-scenes look at what you do, a live video from a recent performance, an acoustic or unplugged video – the options are endless.

Video content adds an entirely new dynamic to your output and can be worth its weight in gold. Show them who you are, and let your personality shine in the videos you publish.

4. Upload & Release Music Consistently

Sticking like glue to a planned publishing schedule isn’t essential on Spotify. But what does matter is putting out plenty of new music on a regular basis. The bigger the gaps between the tracks you release, the more likely your audience will lose interest.

In addition, the Spotify algorithm shows a preference for artists who publish regularly. It’s Spotify’s job to introduce listeners to new music from artists they’ll be interested in. Hence, if you’re not putting out anything new, they’re unlikely to recommend you.

5. Build your Brand Identity

Stacking up streams, listeners, and kudos, in general, is about more than just the music you put out. These days, brand identity plays an equally vital role. In practice, this means getting your artist bio in order and using every social channel at your disposal to build a credible image.

You also need to be an active user on Spotify, interacting and engaging with other artists on a constant basis. Publishers who sit silently on the sidelines are rarely attractive to Spotify’s users. By contrast, those who take the time to become an active part of the Spotify community always perform better.

6. Get a Verified Artist Profile on Spotify

It is absolutely essential to verify your artist profile if you’re to be taken seriously on Spotify. The little blue check mark by your name can make a huge difference and is surprisingly easy to get.

You simply need to do the following:

  • Step 1 – Claim your profile on Spotify for Artists.
  • Step 2 – Confirm your account.
  • Step 3 – Search for your artist profile.
  • Step 4 – Fill in a few questions about yourself.
  • Step 5 – Verify your profile submission.

Best of all, there are no longer any specific eligibility requirements that need to be fulfilled. Anyone can verify their Spotify profile, just as long as they are who they say they are.

7. Cross Promote Your Music on Social Media

Each time you publish something on Spotify, promote it across your other social channels. Take every opportunity to spread the word and make a big deal about your latest releases. In the meantime, promote your best work and invite people to check you out on Spotify.

Post links to your most popular tracks, show them how to find your profile page, and stay as active as possible. Don’t wait for them to find you and listen to your tracks – show them the way (and remind them regularly).

8. Use Spotify Pre-Release Campaign

A Spotify pre-release campaign can be just the thing to generate hype. Instead of simply dropping tracks randomly and without notice, it’s far better to create a stir ahead of time. Well-executed Spotify pre-release campaigns can make it much easier to get into the platform’s most prestigious Playlists.

Examples of which include ‘New Music Friday’ & ‘Discover Weekly’ – both offering exposure on a viral level. Always ensure your fans and followers know what’s coming and when. And while doing so, be sure to make a big deal of it.

9. Use Spotify Ad studio

Spotify Ad Studio is the platform’s paid marketing engine, which enables artists to target listeners with pinpoint precision. It’s easy to use and fairly affordable and can be great for promoting audio or video content.

All you need to do is submit your script, select a background song for the clip, and upload the cover art. Spotify will then produce your ad with a professionally recorded voiceover, with a maximum duration of 30 seconds. Just as long as the costs are within your budget, paid Spotify Ads are worth considering.

10. Buy Spotify Streams

Last up, the quickest and easiest option is to buy Spotify streams. Social proof specialists like Media Mister offer 100% authentic Spotify plays and streams at surprisingly low prices. Buying plays can be great for boosting the credibility, appeal, and perceived value of your tracks.

It can also be just the thing for influencing the Spotify algorithm and for convincing curators to add you to their Playlists. Purchased plays are not the same as organic plays in terms of listenership but can still be fantastic for promotional purposes.

Final Thoughts

There’s no silver-bullet solution or overnight fix when looking to get more streams on Spotify. Instead, it’s a case of combining the activities above into a broad and multi-dimensional publishing campaign. Once again, you can’t force people to listen to your music or to follow your profile.

But what you can do is give them a good reason to take you seriously. The more work you put into your music and your promotional strategy, the easier it becomes to stack up streams in viable numbers.


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