Free Discord Nitro | How To Get Discord Nitro For Free? [2023]

Free Discord Nitro | How To Get Discord Nitro For Free? [2023]

Discord is a great platform designed especially for gamers to stream games and shares their content with everyone on the app. Today we will discuss how to get discord nitro for free and how to enjoy its benefits. Have you ever been stuck in a game level for months, you can share your problem on discord and get an immediate answer on discord on how to solve the level.

And this is just a small benefit of being a discord user. You can do much more like chat with other users using text, voice chats, and even video streaming. These benefits multiply when you are subscribed to discord nitro. Discord nitro is a paid subscription service offered by discord that offers many benefits not only to server owners but to regular users as well.

These benefits include custom emojis, custom stickers, file sharing on a bigger level, joining exclusive activities, HD game streaming, free boosts, custom banner and server profiles, nitro badge, access to 200+ servers, custom video backgrounds, and much more.

If you are interested in all these benefits then do subscribe to this service. But there is one problem, it is not free and you might be penniless. So, let’s see how to get discord nitro for free. You must have heard the saying where there is a will, there is a way, similarly, where there is a discord nitro there is a way to get it without paying a single penny.

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free?

how to get discord nitro for free

All you have to do is find the correct opportunity and cash on it before time runs out. Basically, there are many sites and brands that give out free discord nitro subscriptions as a part of their promotional campaigns like salad, giveaways, and promotions.

Also, discord itself has partner programs that allow many server owners to get subscriptions. Other methods include mobile apps, events, and talking on servers. Here is a complete answer to how to get discord nitro for free in detail and how you can gain benefits from these services. Take a look and see if you can use any of them.

1. Salad

how to get discord nitro for free

There are many answers to the question of how to get discord nitro for free and the very first one will give you free nitro and might earn you some money. There is a crypto mining software by the name of Salad that mines crypto by simply using the resources of your computer.

Once it becomes lucrative and gives you crypto, you can use it to buy things like in-game items, gift cards, and discord nitro. Download the software now to earn money and all the additional benefits.

2. Nitro Giveaways

how to get discord nitro for free

How to get discord nitro for free? Look out for servers who are running promotional campaigns to give away nitro subscriptions. Why do servers give out a paid service for free? It’s an advertisement stunt to increase traffic to their server and make people join their community.

All a user has to do is participate in those giveaways and get a chance to win a discord nitro subscription. But these giveaways work like the lottery system and there can only be one winner. If you are seriously looking for ways to know how to get discord nitro for free then here are some options you should always look out for, they have frequently engaged in giveaways.

Open advertisements by servers, server self-promotion central, jet’s dream world, sound’s spooky world, dank’s dungeon, custom’s magical world. Just complete a verification process and you are in.

3. Promotions

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free? Discord Nitro Free!

Many companies have been seen giving out discord nitro subscriptions as a part of a promotional campaign. Among all the goodies, companies know that digital goodies are the most appreciated and accepted. So, why not cash on it?

If a small token can get them a lifetime’s worth of loyalty then they won’t hesitate to give it out. If you want to know how to get discord nitro for free through other apps and websites, then choose the ones associated with discord.

Some time ago epic games offered free discord nitro subscription to all of its subscribers. Discord has also started cashing on this offer by offering youtube premium for free if you get a discord nitro subscription.

This is your chance to enjoy youtube premium for free for three months, all you need to do is buy a discord nitro subscription. But before you get all happy and start typing how to get discord nitro for free but with youtube premium on google, check to see if either is available in your country.

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4. Partner Program

how to get discord nitro for free

Servers that are partnered with discord servers are entitled to receive free Nitro subscriptions. The eligibility to apply for a partnership server is to have at least 500 members, the server active and should at least be 8 weeks old, and should promote good content with no foul language.

It is one of the best answers to how to get discord nitro for free because the subscription is long-term. So, how to get discord nitro for free which lasts more than a month? If you are eligible, join the partner program and start by opening your discord server>go to server settings>tap the partner program>select the partnership application.

This program is not available all year round, discord pauses it from time to time so make sure you know about the timing when it’s available so that you don’t miss it.

5. Discord Mobile App

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free? Discord Nitro Free!

Want to know the easiest way how to get discord nitro for free? Try downloading the app. The thing is discord provides a free one-month discord nitro subscription if you download the discord mobile app. To prevent users from using nitro from different accounts, this method works only if you didn’t have a nitro subscription before and your device didn’t have the app before.

When you download the app for the first time you will be directed to the nitro page where you have to fill in payment information. But don’t worry you just have to fill in the info to activate the subscription, you won’t be charged anything and you cancel it anytime.

6. Discord Events

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free? Discord Nitro Free!

How to get discord nitro for free within no time? From time to time discord and many of its servers organize events where the winner of the event or a tournament in that event wins a discord nitro subscription.

During Christmas, discord is known to organize an event called snowsgiving, and also on the occasion of their anniversaries, it has organized many events. The prize that participants can win in these tournaments includes Xbox, PlayStation, keyboards, headsets, and the discord nitro. It’s like a giveaway that you have to work hard for.

7. Talk on Servers

How To Get Discord Nitro For Free? Discord Nitro Free!

Do you know about the levelling systems in discord servers? If not, then let me tell you many discord servers have levelling systems that allow users to send messages and receive an XP that helps them level up. What some servers do is include discord nitro as one of the level up gifts.

For example, there is a server on discord known as planet roonie that offers discord nitro as a gift to the person who is the most active on their server. So, how to get discord nitro for free? Be active on discord.

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Wrapping Up!

Why and how to get discord nitro for free? Discord Nitro is a very useful service that can help discord servers get noticed on the platform and become a popular community. It’s also beneficial for users as they get access to exclusive features of the app and exclusive content of their favourite servers.

So, if you want a discord nitro subscription but like me often find yourself with empty pockets then try one of the options among salad, giveaways, promotions, partner programs, mobile apps, events, and talking on servers. See which one fits you and enjoy all the benefits of nitro.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is discord nitro?

Ans. Before you start searching how to get discord nitro for free on google check whether it is something you would want or not. Discord nitro is the premium subscription service offered by Discord. It works just like youtube premium, Spotify premium, and Snapchat plus.

It offers users services like custom emojis from all channels they join, custom discord number tags, animated avatars, and server boosts for all of their favourite communities.

Q2. How to cancel discord nitro from your mobile?

Ans. You can cancel your discord nitro subscription on your mobile by following this simple procedure. Just log into the discord account>go to the profile>tap on the user settings>select the manage subscription>select the subscriptions>tap cancel the subscription.

Q3. How much does discord nitro cost?

Ans. Users can choose any of the two plans available for discord nitro, one is Nitro for $9.99 per month and the other is Nitro Classic for $4.99 per month. Yearly subscriptions also have two options, the Nitro, available for $99.99 per year, and Nitro Classic, available for $49.99 per year.

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