How To Get Back a Lost Snapchat Streak 2023? | Try These Methods To Revive Streak Now!

How To Get Back a Lost Snapchat Streak 2023? | Try These Methods To Revive Streak Now!

If you are a millennial or a Gen Z kid, you are probably familiar with Snapchat. If you’re not a millennial or a Gen Z kid, then let me tell you that Snapchat is a social media platform for sharing pictures and videos that last for 24 hours (if you upload a story). Also, pictures and messages that you send to your friends on personal chat get deleted automatically once you leave the chat section.

Another feature because of which Snapchat is famous is its unlimited collection of filters. In fact, Snapchat was the first platform to introduce filters and popularize them. If you are a Snapchatter then you probably have participated in a snap streak with someone at some point in your life. In fact, I bet my Harry Potter collection that you are a part of at least one right now.

But sometimes because of you or some technical glitch, the streak is lost and it means you have lost months of progress and will have to start all over again. But fret not! If a four feet hobbit can recover a treasure from a mighty dragon then this is just a Snapchat streak. Keep reading and you will find out how you can get back a lost Snapchat streak.

What is a Snapchat streak?

This is the reason why many friendships are still going strong. If you haven’t spoken to your friends in months but still know that they had a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks on Saturday at 4:00 pm, then I’m sure you are on a snap streak with them. A Snapchat streak is a marathon of photos or videos you and your friends send to each other and which Snapchat keeps a log of.

Simply put, a Snapchat streak is the ongoing exchange of pictures and videos between you and your friend that is counted and recorded by Snapchat and displayed on the app. The idea is to keep increasing the number and see how far you can go, simply for fun. But, the catch is that these exchanges have to be done every day within 24 hours of sending the previous snap. If you even miss one day, the streak is lost and you are not awesome anymore.

How can I lose my Snapchat streak?

The primary reason for a user losing their snapstreak is because they or you forgot to send snaps to each other within the 24-hour time limit. Other reasons could be technical faults or the app crashing for some reason.

NOTE: Both parties need to send snaps to each other, not just one, to keep the streak going. If you sent a snap then your friend has to send another within 24 hours to keep it going. You send another snap the next day if they didn’t respond won’t be counted. If your friend fails, then the streak is lost.

What happens if I lose a Snapchat streak?

Now, a Snapchat streak might not look like a big deal, but trust me it is. Losing a snap streak of 23 pictures and videos might not hurt that much, but losing a streak of 1543 pictures can give you a heart attack.

It is not an exaggeration. I myself am involved in five snap streaks currently, and those friends might not remember my birthday but will remind me every day to “save the streak.” This is because once the streak is lost, it means you have to start all over again.

How to Get Back a Lost Snapchat Streak?

These Snapchat streaks are a trivial feature of the platform that allows users to send pictures and videos to their friends back and forth. Snapchat keeps a score of the snaps and the idea is to see how long you can build the streak. People have gone all out in building these, so much so that the longest continuous streak is for 2492 snaps. Imagine how long that took.

Now imagine if you are inching closer to crossing the above number and forget to snap one day and your entire progress is lost. You have no other option than to start over.

As I mentioned before, a streak missed is a streak lost, but sometimes Snapchat is generous and allows the user to get back a lost Snapchat streak. How it does that is mentioned below:

Here’s the method for Mobile Users ( Android & iPhone )

Step 1. Open “Snapchat

snapchat streak

Step 2. Go to settings by clicking on the “Gear” option

Recover snapchat streak

Step 3. Scroll down to the Support section and click on the I Need Help 

snapchat streak

Step 4. Click on the “Snapstreaksicon

snapchat streak


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Step 5. A statement stating the most basic reason for snap streak loss will appear on the screen. If you believe that the reason doesn’t apply to you then click onlet us know 

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Step 6. From the drop-down option, choose I lost my Snapstreak

snapchat streak


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Step 7. Fill in the form with as many details as possible and hit submit.


snapchat streak


Step 8: After carefully filling out the form all that’s needed to do is hit Send and you’re good to go.

Note: No need to tick a Captcha box or anything, Snapchat believes that you’re a human.

snapchat streak

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Things to Consider While Filling the Form

The form will ask questions like:

  • Device name
  • Friend name (with whom you lost the streak)
  • Length of the streak

Put in all the correct information, and under the question What information should we know?” try to give the most reasonable explanation for your problem. The questions in the form will be direct, so it’s better that you remember as much information as possible. You never know, if Snapchat finds it acceptable, your streak might be restored.

An important thing to know here is that if Snapchat finds out that the hourglass emoji was displayed before the streak ended, then most likely it won’t be able to help you. But, if you put in a valid reason, then it might restore your streak.

I faced a similar situation a few months ago, and the only reason my streak was restored was that it was the first time it had happened. They gave me a pass for missing the deadline because I didn’t see the hourglass emoji when I opened the app. So my streak was back and my friend was my friend again.

What all isn’t counted in making a Snapchat streak?

Keep in mind that only pictures and videos keep the streak alive. Messaging, and sending pictures and videos from the gallery to your friend will not count as a part of the exchange. Live videos and photos you snap and send only count as the contents of the streaks.

How do Snapchat filters help keep the streak going?

Sending at least one photo or video per day keeps the streak running. A few emojis can help you keep track of your progress. A fire emoji means the streak has begun. A 100 emoji will indicate crossing a milestone, like exchanging a total of 100 snaps.

A grimacing face or a heart emoji will show who your best friend is on the app. Finally, keep your eyes out for the hourglass emoji, which means it’s time to send a snap, otherwise the streak will be gone. The hourglass emoji start showing when the 24-hour limit is about to expire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the purpose of a Snapchat streak?

Besides getting to know that they had a latte at 4:00 pm, the more exchanges you have with a friend, the more likely Snapchat will declare them your best friend. Snapchat records your interactions with your friends and ranks them accordingly. Snapchat says they are your best friend, even if they were an ex-coworker from two years ago. Also, it becomes a game of let’s see how far we can take this streak.

How long does it take for the Snapchat streak to get restored?

Snapchat usually takes action as soon as the form is submitted, and if they approve your request then they will restore your streak at that very moment.

What makes Snapchat different from other platforms?

This feature became the reason that Snapchat became famous; it allowed users to send messages, pictures, and videos to their friends without worrying about them saving them, and misusing them later.


In the end, the only thing left to say is that precaution is always better than cure. Going through the hassle of contacting the server and that too, when you don’t have a full guarantee that the streak will be restored, is a gamble. So it is better to keep snapping every day, even if you have to send a blank picture every day. What’s important here is to create a record and, of course, stay in touch with your friends.

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