How To Fix YouTube Crashing On Android And iPhone 2023

How To Fix YouTube Crashing On Android And iPhone 2023

What hurts more than a break? Probably the time you hit your pinky on the corner of any surface. So why are we learning how to fix youtube crashing today? Because do you know what the other thing hurts equally more? It’s when you finish work and just want to relax and watch reaction videos on youtube and suddenly youtube crashes.

We understand the pain of wanting to watch something fun and not being able to see it because youtube decides to die that day. That’s why we bring you all the latest solutions for whenever you are wondering how to fix youtube crashing. Apply any of these following solutions and never worry about youtube crashing again.

Restart the youtube app, clear cache, update the android system web view, reboot your phone, install new youtube updates, and free storage, update phone software, reinstall youtube, check the youtube server, turn off VPN, install pure VPN, check network settings and reset factory settings.

How To Fix YouTube Crashing On Android And iPhone?

Below I have listed all the fixes that you can use to answer the question of how to fix youtube crashing. Use any of these to solve your problem and continue enjoying funny videos on youtube.

1. Restart The YouTube App

How to fix youtube crashing

The first and easiest solution how to fix youtube crashing is closing the app and restarting it. The process is natural and comes to mind instantly when any app stops working. When the apps are kept idle in the background for too long they tend to feel back and this is their way of acting out. Restarting the app will force youtube to close the old session and begin a new one.

2. Clear The App Cache

How to fix youtube crashing

Another reason for needing to know how to fix YouTube crashing is the cache data and clearing it is the solution. It’s natural for your device to collect cache data while you watch your favorite videos on YouTube.

Sometimes the cache data is old or corrupted which results in the app crashing. The solution is to keep clearing cache data from your phone for smooth performance of the youtube app as well as your phone.

3. Update Android System Web View

How to fix youtube crashing

If your youtube app is crashing frequently and you want to know the solution to how to fix youtube crashing then you need to identify the reason for the reason first. One of the reasons youtube crashed is the new android system web view feature.

Since its launch, it has caused youtube to crash many times. So if you see youtube playing dead all the time then I suggest going to the play store, updating the android system web view, and restarting your phone.

4. Reboot Your Device

How to fix youtube crashing

How do you fix a remote that’s not working? You slap it and how to fix youtube crashing? You reboot your phone. Restarting your phone is like waking your phone up from a power nap. It clears the lagging of the system and refreshes the entire device.

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5. Install YouTube Updates

How to fix youtube crashing

Sometimes even when everything is fine youtube crashes because it has not been updated. Using an old version of the app will result in slow performance, lagging, download errors, and crashing of the app. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app, it will automatically have the latest security patch, fixes all the bugs, and consistent performance.

6. Free Up Your Phone Storage

How to fix youtube crashing

It is rightly said that excess of everything is bad, and it stands true for today’s technology as well. Having excess storage in your phone can slow your phone down and result in apps crashing frequently.

Always make sure you have enough storage in your device for apps to run smoothly. Uninstall unused apps, unnecessary files, and photos and videos that you no longer need. It’s better to move important and heavy items to a pendrive. This is the best solution to how to fix youtube crashing.

7. Check For System Update

How to fix youtube crashing

Apart from updating youtube make sure your phone/laptop/tablet is also up to date. If your phone is running on an older version of the software then it won’t be compatible with the latest apps and will have lots of bugs and errors. Having an up to date software with ensure bug fixes, and security patch improve your phone’s performance.

8. Uninstall & Reinstall The YouTube App

How to fix youtube crashing

If nothing works then a kickstart works. If no solution for how to fix youtube crashing given in this list works then I’m sure this one will. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and watch it work smoothly as butter again. Reinstalling the app will eliminate all the bugs and errors in the app.

9. YouTube’s Servers

How to fix youtube crashing

Whenever you find yourself asking how to fix youtube crashing the first solution you should apply is to check the youtube server. Because of maintenance works youtube apps and sites can crash so the next time youtube crashes check the web or twitter to see if the youtube server is down.

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10. Turn Off The VPN

How to fix youtube crashing

How to fix youtube crashing? Use a VPN. A VPN is used to access restricted sites and platforms privately and seamlessly but sometimes it’s the VPN that causes interruptions in the network. It is possible because in order to protect your data and identity some VPNs modify your IP address. This can result in youtube servers crashing.

11. Pure VPN

how to fix youtube crashing

Another option on the list of remedies for how to fix youtube crashing is to use Pure VPN. It has more than 6500 servers all over the world and comes with features like split-tunneling, port forwarding, and 256-bit AES encryption.

All this means your browsing, downloading, and streaming will be fast, seamless, and safely encrypted. Pure VPN’s 24/7 customer service team is always ready to help and is available via chat, email, and phone.

12. Network Settings

How to fix youtube crashing

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Resetting your network settings can also be a great solution for how to fix youtube crashing. Sometimes apps that run on the internet can crash due to network and connectivity issues. So if ever youtube crashes suddenly try resetting your network settings to see if it works again.

13. Reset Factory Settings

How to fix youtube crashing

When nothing in the list of options for how to fix youtube crashing works, try resetting your phone to its factory settings. It will remove any problem that was causing the crash but will also remove all of your data, so do a backup before you reset your phone.

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Wrapping Up!

YouTube is a very important app nowadays, not only for making content but for consuming too. It is one of the most visited websites today and when it decides to crash it is a black day for everyone. That’s why it is important to know how to fix youtube crashing so that the next time it happens to you, you can fix it within minutes and resume enjoying your day with cat videos.

Remember solutions like restarting the youtube app, clearing cache, updating the android system web view, rebooting your phone, installing new youtube updates, freeing storage, updating phone software, reinstalling youtube, checking the youtube server, turning off VPN, installing pure VPN, checking the network settings and resetting factory settings are the key to your happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What are the most common causes for youtube crashing?

Ans. The most common problems that cause youtube to crash are network issues, system conflicts, issues with device settings, bugs and viruses, and malware.

Q2. When was the latest youtube service outage?

Ans. The latest youtube service outage occurred on august 8, 2022.

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