How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue? | Easy And Simple Ways To Fix It

How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue? | Easy And Simple Ways To Fix It

Is your iPhone volume low? Who does not like to watch a movie or web series show, this fun becomes double when you are watching a movie or web series with your family or friends in the evening. And why only movies, playing video games with all of them is also fun in its own right.

But if you are not getting proper volume, that thing can spoil your fun. Whether it is gaming or a movie, both sound and volume have their own importance. That’s a volume that can turn a running scene from exciting to useless.

If you are getting low volume instead of proper volume from your iPhone, then maybe you will do it by restarting your iPhone, or else you will turn it off for a while. But if still, this problem has not gone away, then what will you do?

So let’s talk about this article of ours today, where we will tell you how to get over of query “Is your iPhone volume low?” and will find out how to fix iPhone volume low issue.


Here’s How To Fix iPhone Volume Low Issue


It is not necessary that your phone is broken or water has gone somewhere in it, due to which you are getting very low volume from the phone. There can also be many technical issues due to which the volume of the phone has gone down. So let us first look at their technical flaws and see how you can fix those defects yourself.


How To Fix iPhone Volume Low Issue?

1. Ensure That Silent Mode Is Enabled On Your iPhone

How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue?

It is possible that you may have forgotten to put your phone on silent mode. As you must be aware that both the volume up and down buttons of your phone are very close, so by mistake while playing a game or talking to someone on a call, your phone can accidentally switch to silent mode.

Check it out and if you see your phone on silent mode, give the general number immediately.

2. Bluetooth Trick

How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue?

Whenever you start losing volume on your iPhone, definitely give this Bluetooth trick a chance.

Step 1: In the first step, go to your settings application and then move to the Bluetooth settings.

Step 2: Now open the Bluetooth and then turn it off for a while.

Step 3: After some moments, again turn on the Bluetooth and check whether the volume is proper or not.

3. The Speaker Mode

Try this whenever you are talking on a call with someone from your phone, then put your phone on spacer mode. If you are getting a good sound or saying that it is fine, then it means that there is a problem with the software of your phone.

And if it’s the opposite means that you are hearing very little sound, then it means that there is something wrong with the hardware of your phone.


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4. The Noice Cancellation

How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue?

Having noise cancellation on can also cause a lot of problems with your phone’s volume. So this feature must be turned off on your phone if you want sound with proper volume.

To check whether the noise cancellation feature of your phone is turned off or not, you have to first go to the settings. And then, find and select the “Sounds & Haptics Option”. 

5. Clean Your Iphone’s Speaker

You may need to clean your iPhone’s speaker to get the clear and proper volume.

6. Give A Restart To Your iPhone

If you are not getting proper volume from your phone then you may need to restart it. There will be no loss of any of your data after restarting and the processor will also start fresh. So maybe in this way, your iPhone will start giving you proper volume.


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How To Fix iPhone Volume Low Issue: In-call?

1. Use Of Speaker Mode

With the help of a speaker, you might be able to find the reason behind the low performance of your iPhone volume.

2. The Connection Check

There might be a connection or network issue, try to check this out and try to fix this issue by restarting your device.

3. Remove Your iPhone’s Back Cover

Take off the back cover of your iPhone for a while, as it may be obstructing the speaker.

4. Make Sure You Clean Your Device Speakers

You ought to clean your device speakers as it might cause damage to them.

5. Turn Off The Noice Cancellation

In order to turn this off, go to the “Settings” application and then go to the “Accessibility” now, under that, select “Audio/Visual” and at last, turn off the toggle right next to the “noise cancellation”.

6. Check Bluetooth

Check whether the Bluetooth connection is on or off. This might be another reason for the low volume of your device.


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7. Change Your Location

This could be one of the reasons behind the iPhone volume low issue. Try to change your current location and move here and there to ignore the glitch area.

8. Clean Your Charging Port

Just like you clean your device’s speaker area, you must clean your charging points too.


How To Fix iPhone Volume Low Issue: Ringer Volume?

1. Update Your iOS Version

How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue?

By updating your iOS device you may get free of this volume issue.

2. Verify The Do Not Disturb Mode

How To Fix Iphone Volume Low Issue?

Check, whether you are not on the, do not disturb mode, and if yes, turn this off.

3. Reboot Your Device

In case, you not having the proper volume you should give restart your device.

4. Make The Charging Port And Speakers Clean

Just be sure that your charging port and the speakers both are dirt free.


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Summing Up!

So we have covered how to fix iPhone volume low issue. We genuinely hope you find this article helpful as well as quite informative. Don’t forget to share this useful article with your friends and loved ones who are iPhone users.

Also, let us know, which method you like the most. For more updates on technology, apple, and other social technology like content, stay tuned and also keep checking back to Americbuzz and its future articles. Thanks for reading!

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