How To Fix iPhone Screen Won’t Rotate 2023? | 9 Quick & Easy Methods

How To Fix iPhone Screen Won’t Rotate 2023? | 9 Quick & Easy Methods

Screen rotation brings a lot of convenience to iPhone users while watching movies, playing a game, etc. But sometimes the screen stuck, and the iPhone screen won’t rotate. This is a common problem faced by iPhone users. Have you ever been in a situation where while downloading some files your iPhone screen got stuck or you weren’t able to close or open some app? All these things result in your iPhone screen won’t rotate issue.

Generally, the iPhone screen rotates the way you hold it but sometimes due to some kind of glitch the screen won’t rotate at all and making it difficult to use a certain app or your device. It’s obvious to think that your phone is broken. But you can fix this problem with some tricks and tactics that I will share with you in this article.

A few things that you can do is turn off the Screen Rotation of your iPhone by going to iOS Control Center > tap lock and arrow icon > turn off orientation lock. Other than this, you can see if your iPhone’s app supports Screen Rotation or not. And restarting your device is another better and quick solution. Let’s learn more about how to treat the iPhone screen won’t rotate issue in this article.


Here’s How to Solve iPhone Screen Won’t Rotate Issue

If your iPhone screen won’t rotate, then you can apply a few tricks to solve this issue. I have gathered very easy 9 methods for you that will help you fix this problem. Let’s see how you can use them.

1. Turn off the Screen Rotation Lock

turn off screen rotation

If your iPhone screen won’t rotate, then ensure that your auto-rotating setting is not locked. If it’s locked, then you can turn it off by swiping down the screen from the top right corner. It will bring up the Control Center where you will see a rotation icon. Click on it and you will see a message on the screen that says Portrait Orientation Lock: Off. Now try to turn the phone to check if it is rotating or not. If it is still not rotating, then you can move to the next method.


2. Check If App Supports Screen Rotation Or Not

app supports screen rotation or not

If the iPhone screen won’t rotate even after turning off the screen rotation lock, then you must be using some app that does not support screen rotation. Yes, it is possible. There are some apps that run only in portrait mode and some that only work in landscape mode. If that’s the case, you can use such apps to see if rotation is working properly or not.


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3. Update your iPhone

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The best thing you can do is update your iPhone. Updates keep your phone free of bugs and glitches. To update your iPhone go to Settings > General > Software update. Always keep your device updated, otherwise, your phone eventually will start getting issues.

4. Restart the App

how to fix iphone screen won't rotate

Sometimes the problem is with apps. Many users have reported that while running an app their phone screen got stuck not allowing the screen to change its orientation. In this case, you can try restarting the app. But as I told you earlier there are a few iOS applications that do not support screen rotation so also consider that. But if the screen stuck or gets frozen while using a certain app then you can opt for this method.


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5. Restart your iPhone

restart 1 1

Restarting a device can take care of lots of things. It is a perfect solution to remove any kind of glitch from your phone. If your iPhone screen won’t rotate, then restart your phone. This may fix this issue.


6. Turn off Display Zoom

Display zoom enhances the visibility of the apps but sometimes it interferes with the screen rotation. Many times users do not realize this feature is on and it keeps affecting the screen rotation so the iPhone screen won’t rotate with this feature on. See if the display zoom feature is on or off. If it is on then turn it off. To disable the display zoom feature:

Step 1: Go to the iPhone’s Settings.

Step 2: Click on the Display & Brightness option.

Step 3: Now press the View button under the Display Zoom feature.

Step 4: If it is in zoom mode then you can turn it off by turning it to standard mode.

After disabling the Display Zoom feature, check if the screen is rotating or not.


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7. Reset iPhone

iPhone reset

If nothing works then you can try resetting your iPhone. But before resetting back up your data otherwise, you will end up losing your important data. This is the best way to remove certain glitches. To reset your iPhone:

Step 1: Go to iPhone’s Settings.

Step 2: Click on the General option.

Step 3: Now tap on the Reset button.

Step 4: Click the Reset All Settings option.

Step 5: Now enter the phone’s passcode to confirm reset.

By performing this method, the iPhone screen should be fixed.


8. Check if there is any Hardware Problem

hardware problem

If you are still not able to fix the iPhone screen won’t rotate problem then there might be a possibility that there is some hardware issue in your phone. Do you know that your screen rotation is controlled by an accelerometer? It tracks the overall movement of your device. See if it is broken.

If there is any problem with the accelerometer then it will cause an issue in your device and the iPhone screen won’t rotate. You have to take your iPhone to a repair shop as there is no shortcut to solve this problem.


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9. Contact Apple Support

Apple support 1

If you think your phone screen won’t rotate because there is some software glitch then contact Apple Support. This is the best option to fix any issues with your device. Report your problem to Apple Service Center and they will resolve the iPhone screen won’t rotate problem without any hassle.


Wrap Up!

This is a very common issue and easily fixable. You have to take care of very little things like making sure the iPhone screen rotation lock is turned off and the display zoom feature is disabled. Use your phone carefully. Phones are sensitive and easily get damaged if not taken care of. That’s all for the iPhone screen won’t rotate issue. I shared 9 ways that will help you fix this issue. Thanks for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Why did my iPhone screen stop rotating?

Ans. One possible reason is your screen rotation lock is on. Turn it off by swiping up your screen and opening the control center. Now click on the screen rotation lock to turn it off.

Q2. What to do if the iPhone screen won’t rotate?

Ans. You may restart your device. One thing you need to check is if the app supports screen rotation or not. Keep your phone updated to avoid any kind of glitches that could be the reason for the iPhone screen won’t rotate issue.


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