How To Fix iPhone Overheating While Charging 2023? | 6 Easy ways to Fix This Issue

How To Fix iPhone Overheating While Charging 2023? | 6 Easy ways to Fix This Issue

iPhones are best known for their uniqueness and smartness but, some users have reported the “iPhone overheating while charging” issue. This is one of the most common yet serious problems. The reason for iPhone overheating while charging is not one. You may notice that your iPhone keeps turning off and on or some applications might start crashing on your device.

There could be many other reasons too for this issue like your phone being exposed to sunlight, unknown software bugs, or charging your iPhone way too much. It is essential to take care of iPhones properly. The best thing you can do while charging is to put your iPhone in Airplane Mode.

In case, you are eager to solve this issue, there is a need to focus on a variety of things like of- turn off the background application, using DFU mode and upgrading your applications and iPhone as well.

In this article, I have discussed the ways that will help you to fix iPhone overheating while charging. So, let’s dig deeper into the article.


Here’s How To Fix iPhone Overheating While Charging

There are some fundamental precautions that we can take to avoid iPhone overheating while charging issues like never charging your iPhone with a damaged charger and not using your device while it is charging. Let’s see the possibilities to fix iPhone overheating while charging issue:

1. Damaged Charger

damaged charger

If you see that your iPhone is overheating suddenly, check your charger first. Maybe the cable is faulty causing the iPhone to overheat. If that’s the case, change your charger immediately.

2. External Environment


iPhone overheating while charging can occur due to exposure to sunlight or an extremely warm environment. So, avoid direct sunlight around your Phone and keep your phone in shady areas only.

3. Software Bugs

software bug

Sometimes unwanted bugs enter your iPhone causing the ‘iPhone overheating while charging’ issue. Repair your operating system to fix this issue.

4. Inappropriate Operation


Sometimes we are very hard on our devices. Using too many apps on iPhone at once and charging it way too much can make ‘iPhone overheating while charging’ more serious. Be gentle with your iPhone so that it works properly.


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Fix iPhone Overheating While Charging | Here Are The Best Ways

I have gathered 10 ways that will help fix iPhone overheating while charging issues. And if you do not want to try these ways on your own, then take your iPhone to a repair shop to fix this issue. Let’s see what can you do to fix iPhone overheating while charging issue:

1. Prevent iPhone from heat and warm conditions

To do that you can following things:

Remove the phone cover: It is possible that your phone case is trapping the heat. This can cause your iPhone to overheat. Remove your case and then charge your iPhone.

iPhone cover

Avoid CPU activities: Do not use your phone while it is charging. This is a big cause of iPhone overheating issues. Let the phone charge without any interruption.

Check the cable of the charger: Sometimes we ignore if the charger is damaged and keep charging our phones with the damaged charger. Never use a damaged cable to charge your phone. This can cause serious hardware problems in your iPhone.

Avoid sunlight exposure: Never keep your iPhones in warm or direct sunlight areas. It’s obvious that your phone will overheat. Keep your device in shady areas as much as possible.

2. Turn the Background Apps off

how to fix iphone overheating while charging issue

If you want to avoid your iPhone from overwork, then keep the background app refresh off. You can do it by simply going to iPhone’s Settings>General>Background App Refresh and then turning it off.

3. Update Apps and iPhone

how to fix iphone overheating while charging issue

Go to Settings>General>Software Update. From there you can see if there is any update available or not. Updating keeps the software issues away.

If there is no update available, you can try updating your apps. Go to App store>Profile. A list of apps will appear on the screen. You can update them by clicking on the update button next to them.

4. Spot the Crashing App and remove it:

how to fix iphone overheating while charging issue

Sometimes, when you download certain apps on your iPhone, it starts working slowly and causes the iPhone to overheat while charging issue. If that’s the case, delete that app by pressing it and then holding it. A delete sign will appear on the app. Click on it and a prompt will appear asking for confirmation of the delete option. Click on the Delete button.

If you do not know which app is causing issues then you see the problem-causing apps by going to Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data. Here you can find the app that is causing issues and then delete it on the home screen.


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5. Turn on Airplane Mode

how to fix iphone overheating while charging issue

Airplane mode closes all the activities of the iPhone which helps a lot in avoiding the iPhone overheating while charging issues. Go to Settings>Airplane Mode and turn it on and it will close features like Bluetooth, Hotspot, Data, Locations, etc.

6. Reset All Settings 

If nothing works and your iPhone is still overheating while charging, then you can reset all the settings. To do that go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset All Settings. It will remove all the software bugs and your iPhone will stop overheating.

7. DFU Restore Your iPhone

You can also perform a Device Firmware Update. This will help you reload the software and firmware of your iPhone.

But first, back up your data using iTunes or iCloud. See the steps for a better understanding to use DFU:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB.

Step 2: First quickly press the Volume-up button and then the Volume-down button.

Step 3: Keep holding the Side button until you see the screen goes black.

Step 4: Now press the Side and Volume-down buttons and keep holding it for 5 seconds simultaneously.

Step 5: Release the side button but keep holding the Volume button.

Step 6: After a while, the Apple logo will appear on the screen.


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8. Contact Apple Support

If you tried every way to fix your iPhone overheating while charging issue, then you can contact Apple support and report the issue. They know exactly what to do. You can always trust them blindly and they will help you fix the problem.

How to Prevent iPhone Overheating While Charging

I have 7 ways that will prevent iPhone overheating while charging issue with just simple and easy steps.

Let’s see the methods one by one:

1. Keep the Brightness Low

High brightness drains your battery. Therefore, it is suggested to keep the iPhone brightness low. You can also keep your iPhone on auto-brightness, or you can adjust the brightness manually by going to Settings>Display & Brightness.

2. Keep Data & Wi-fi off:

We have a habit of keeping data or wi-fi on all the time but it drains the battery. So keep them off when you do not need data or wi-fi. They both might cause iPhone overheating issues.

3. Keep your iPhone Updated

Never avoid updating your iPhone. Updating keeps your phone healthy and it works smoothly. So, if your iPhone is overheating then you can try updating it.


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4. Check your Apps

There are some apps that affect your iPhone’s performance. Avoid having useless apps on your iPhone. Delete the apps that you do not use. They can be a big cause of your iPhone overheating while charging issue.

5. Turn on Airplane Mode:

Airplane mode stops everything going on in your device. So, when you turn the Airplane mode on it gives iPhone time to rest, and especially when your charge your iPhone keep the airplane mode on. It prevents the overheating issue.

6. Use Apple-approved Apps only

Third-party apps can be a big cause of iPhone overheating while charging issues. Avoid using apps that are not approved by Apple.

7. Keep the Bluetooth, hotspot, and location off:

Bluetooth, Hotspots, and locations drain your battery and you have to charge your iPhone quite plenty of times. So, to avoid this, keep them turned off. You can always turn them on when needed.


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Wrap up!

So we have covered how to fix iPhone overheating while charging and if you don’t resolve this in time, then it may lead to nail-biting by yourself. There is a need to focus on a variety of things like of-turn off the background application, using DFU mode, and upgrading your applications and iPhone as well.

It should be taken care of immediately. Always take care of iPhone properly because if user behavior is not good then device behavior will also be disappointing. Make sure that you are charging your iPhone properly and not using it while it is charging.

Treat your device gently. I discussed the best ways to prevent & fix iPhone overheating while charging issues with you. I hope you liked the article and found it informative. For more updates on technology and other trending topics, keep exploring back to Americbuzz and its future articles. Thanks for reading!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q.1 How to know iPhone is overheating while charging?

Ans. There are various signs that will tell that your iPhone is overheating while charging. Your phone will charge very slowly or does not charge at all. A pop-up will appear saying your phone needs to be cooled down and your phone flash will not work.

Q.2 What happens when iPhone overheats while charging?

Ans. It can cause severe problems and your phone will not work properly. So, it is advisable to treat this problem immediately so that it does not harm your iPhone.


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