How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 | 7 Best Troubleshoot Methods!

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 | 7 Best Troubleshoot Methods!

Disney Plus is one of the most famous and popular streaming platforms. On these types of live streaming platforms, you can watch hundreds of movies, Tv Shows, and Live Sports with HD quality. But I’ve seen many users facing ” Error Code 42″ which is so irritating while watching your favourite sports live. Although you can fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 by rebooting the wifi or updating the outdated version of Disney plus.

Also if you’re new to Disney plus you should know How to log in Disney + 8-digit code and then you can watch whatever you want on the platform. “Error Code 42” is nothing but an error which may appear when you’re trying to watch some content on Disney plus and it won’t open and display a message “We’re sorry; we’re having trouble connecting you to service” along with Error code 42. Most of the time this error is caused due to bad internet connection.

So, today in this article we’ll show you some effective methods that you can try to fix this error very quickly or else you can watch movies online for free or read manga online and wait until this error gets fixed.

What Is Disney Plus Error Code 42?

Disney Plus error code 42 means that there are some connectivity things stopping you from streaming Disney plus content. If the Disney service is not available or if your internet connection is not functioning properly, you can fix this issue. Although this error  can be solved easily as we solved Roblox Error code 103 on Xbox One

How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 | 7 Best Troubleshoot Methods

As we all know some errors can’t be fixed by simply updating the platform or changing wifi routers. But below we’ve mentioned some of the best methods you can try to get it fixed as soon as possible.

1.  Check Internet Connection & Wifi Router

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This is one of the must-try methods you can try at first when you encounter error code 42. To check whether your internet connection is good or not, you can use another device of yours and check whether the video is running properly or not. If the video is working properly on a different device and not yours, then the problem is in your device.

But if the same error persists and you’ve also checked the internet speed on and it’s not good then you should reboot wifi and check once again or you can contact your network provider.

2. Clear Cache On Disney Plus


If the above method didn’t work and you’re still facing the same issue then you can try clearing your app cache, because sometimes the app stores an unwanted cache and due to that this error occurs. Hence, clearing the cache can be possible on android devices but not on iPhones, so you can follow the steps given below to clear the cache on android phones and for ios there’s only one way to do that is to uninstall the app and then re-install it from Apple Store.

Here are the steps to clear the cache on Disney Plus:- 

Step 1:- Open “Settings” on your Android Phone

Step 2:- Click on “Apps”.

Step 3:-  Select “Disney Plus” from the list of apps.

Step 4:- Tap on “Cache & Storage”.

Step 5:- Click on “Clear Cache”.

3. Sign Out In Disney Plus

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Quite often the problem is as simple as signing out and signing into Disney Plus. The process to do that is quite simple and fast you can simply log in and out by starting the “Disney Plus app” on your device- >Tap on your “account icon”, and then click on “Log Out”. After that, you can check whether the platform is working properly or not and if still the error exists then you can move to another method.

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4. Uninstall & Re-install Disney Plus

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As I mentioned above that it won’t be possible to manually clear the cache on iPhone, so the only option left to fix “Error code 42” is to uninstall the app and then again Re-install the app from the Apple store or if after clearing the cache error still persists on android phone, then you should delete the app on the android phone too.

Sometimes after you clear, the cache can fix these types of errors, also sometimes uninstalling the app will delete your saved content too. So, make sure to check what you’ve saved or downloaded so that you can download it again once you install the app on your device.

5. Disney Plus Server Down

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In most cases, these errors can be easily fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling but if you won’t be able to do that then there might be some issues happening with Disney plus server which will be fixed very quickly by Disney plus, but in the meantime, you can check whether your Disney plus app server is down or not?

To do so, simply go to Downdetector and search “Is Disney plus down” and it will show you the exact reports of the platform immediately if the server is down.

6. Use VPN

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Using a VPN sometimes causes an error but many users don’t know that utilizing the best VPN can also enhance your work speed and with the help of a VPN you can also stream online movies without worrying about geological restrictions and server issues.

So, if you’ve already tried the above method and now searching for another method, then this is the best you can try or you can also check whether your app is already running on VPN or not. If not then try using a VPN or you can stop for some time and try to reconnect without a VPN to check the working of the app.

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7. Contact Disney Plus Help Center

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If none of the methods helped you fix Disney plus error code 42, then the only solution and way to get it fixed quickly are to contact the Disney Plus help centre and tell them your issues and they would definitely look through the whole problem and will fix it as quickly as they can.


1. How do I fix Disney Plus Code 42?

You can easily fix Disney Plus Code 42 by following the methods we’ve explained above.

2. What is an error code 42?

It is a type of error which when occurs due to not having proper internet connection & app issues.

3. Is Disney Plus not working?

You can simply close the app and again open it to check whether it’s working or not. Moreover having a proper internet connection can help you resist these errors easily.

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Wrapping Up!

I hope the methods explained above helped you fix Disney Plus Error Code 42, although Error code 42 can simply be fixed by using a good wifi connection. But if it didn’t help then these methods would definitely help you.

So if any of the methods really helped you do share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank You!

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