How To Find Contacts On Instagram On Iphone & Android (2022)

How To Find Contacts On Instagram On Iphone & Android (2022)

With the majority of your friends and family already on Instagram, there’s an easy way to stay in touch with all of your connections.  Accessing your phone’s contacts list and cross-referencing it with the information provided by other users is made possible by the tool’s built-in contact-finding feature.

A list of all of your phone contacts that are connected to the Instagram app will be shown to you. You can decide for yourself whether or not your contacts are linked in the future as well. For more views and likes you can refer best Instagram bots on our website.

You can find contacts on Instagram by Open>Page>Three Dots>Settings>Follow and invite Friends>Contacts.   Using Instagram’s Discover People feature, we’ll learn how to find contacts on Instagram you know. For iOS and Android, as well the following information is relevant:

How To Find Contacts On Instagram On Android

Below are Six easy steps on how to find contacts on Instagram Using the Instagram app for iPhone and Android devices, here’s how to find out which of your friends are on Instagram. Do have a look below:

1. Take a look at Instagram.

insta 1.0

2. Take a look at your own page.

3. In the upper right corner, click the three lines


4. Select ‘Settings.’

Insta 3.0

5. ‘Follow and invite friends’ can be clicked to get started.


6. Next, tap “Continue to follow contacts.”

Instagram 5.0

That’s all with the six easy steps to find contacts on Instagram.

How To Find Contacts On Instagram On iPhone

Americbuzz 5

The six easy steps to find contacts on Instagram ( iPhone ) are almost similar to that on android phones. Do Have a look:

1. Open Instagram

2. Go to your profile in the bottom right corner.

3. In the upper right corner, click the three lines

4. Select ‘Settings.’

5. Follow and invite friends’ can be clicked to get started.

6. 6. Next, tap “Continue to follow contacts.”


How To Search For People On Instagram?


It’s also possible to search for profiles on Instagram if you don’t have their information saved on your phone:

1. The magnifying glass can be tapped.

2. Use the search bar that appears when you do this.

3. Choose a name from the drop-down menu that appears, or click See all results to see all results for that name.

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How To View Contacts On Instagram


1. To see who is following you on Instagram, first log in to the app.

2. Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner of your screen once you’ve logged in.

3. Select “Settings” and then “Contacts” from the menu.

4. Your Instagram contacts should now appear in a list on the right-hand side.

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Why Find Contacts On Instagram Not Working?

If Instagram’s Find Contacts feature isn’t working, there are a number of reasons for this. Each problem may necessitate a different approach to solving it. Before you get to this point, it’s important to focus on the specific issue at hand.

The Instagram permissions you’ve set aren’t correct. Instagram must be given permission to access your contacts in order to do so. If it doesn’t have that, it can’t get in.

A problem with the app. Using an older version of a smartphone app can cause problems.

You’re on the prowl for an elusive individual who does not exist. The person you’re looking for may be on Instagram, but not in a way that can be seen via Find Contacts, for a variety of reasons.

Because of the other user’s actions, you have been blocked. Having someone’s phone number saved in your contacts will not let you see their Instagram profile if they have blocked you. You’ve disconnected. To use Instagram’s features, you must be connected to the internet.




Q1. Where can I look up my Instagram contacts?

It’s as simple as opening Instagram and looking under “People” for your Instagram contacts. A list of all of your Instagram followers and those with whom you’ve recently interacted will be displayed. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to locate specific contacts.

Q2. How do I find my friend’s phone numbers on Instagram?

Using Instagram to find your friends’ phone numbers is as simple as opening the app and clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner. Once you’ve entered the person’s name, click on their profile to see their details. Scroll all the way to the bottom of their profile to find their phone number.

Q3. Can you find someone on IG with their phone number?

It’s possible to locate a person on Instagram by phone number. However, you can only see it if they have made their account settings public.

Q4. How do you find out someone’s real name on Instagram?

In order to find someone on Instagram, type in the person’s username and hit enter at the top of the screen. Press “Enter” or “Return” to enter their username. As a result, their account will show up.

The three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen will take you to a drop-down menu called “People.” Press “Enter” or “Return” once you’ve entered the person’s name. As a result, their account will show up.

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Wrapping Up!

Using Instagram for a while will gradually lead to more and more people from your contact list being suggested to you. In a similar fashion to Facebook, it will begin recommending accounts that are in your network but are not directly connected to you at all.  Above we have mentioned how to find contacts on Instagram.

If you’ve linked your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and if your Facebook friends have done the same, you’ll receive suggestions via Facebook.

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