How To Find A Lost Android Phone? | 3 Ways To Find Out

How To Find A Lost Android Phone? | 3 Ways To Find Out

We all use smartphones for infinite purposes and so it becomes cardinal for us to know how to find a lost android phone, in case we lose it or it gets stolen. Smartphones carry a lot of Vital information about the owner and losing it can pose a great threat to its owner. So it’s important to ensure that your personal information remains secure on your android phone to avoid such circumstances where a stranger can access your smartphone and misuse the information present on your Android phone.

Is it even possible to track the location of our Smartphone if we lose it, what if somebody steals it and misuses the information present in it, is it even possible to find a lost android, whether we have to request cops to help us in finding out our smartphone or can we do it all by ourselves without expecting help from any other person?

Can we stop strangers from getting access to our personal information? Are there any such applications that can prevent our Android from getting stolen or even assist us in knowing how to find a lost android phone? Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and many such applications have been introduced; These easy-to-use applications are capable of tracking the location of your smartphone.

So we can consider using such software to help us find out our a misplaced or stolen phone. In this article though, our main focus will be on how to find a lost android phone. Even if you do not own an android phone, keep on reading this article! Knowing these steps to find a missing android device will come to use if your family member or friend loses their android phone. So in the time of their need, you will be present to their rescue! 


Here’s How To Find A Lost Android Phone | Follow These 3 Ways Now-


How To Find A Lost Android Phone? | 3 Ways To Find Out

If you have ever experienced losing your smartphone, you know that it is probably the most terrible feeling and it leaves you feeling sad and dejected, the person starts panicking in fear of getting into greater trouble. You probably end up turning your house upside down to find your phone! But instead of panicking, try to calm down and think of the possible places where you might have kept your phone.

So, you will need to take into account the following ways by which you can find out your lost android phone, whether it is just misplaced or has been Stolen. By going through the following procedures you will easily figure out how you can track your phone and even get to know the steps by which you can avoid such an incident.


 Ways To Find Your Lost Phone Or Track Your Misplaced Android Phone

 Google Account-

How To Find A Lost Android Phone? | 3 Ways To Find Out

This is the very first method by which you can effortlessly find your lost Android smartphone. This is the most commonly used method to search for your Android smartphones. Android is owned by Google so all these Android Phones come with some built-in applications which are owned by Google; like Gmail, Google Play store, etc. 

Note: Prevention is always better than cure! Try to Setup Screen Locks, passcodes/ fingerprint lock in your phone. So, nobody except you gets an access to your phone even if you lose it somewhere.

There are certain applications which can keep your personal information secure , so you must consider using such softwares as they can preserve your Private Data and It will certainly reduce the risk of getting your personal Data misused by somebody.

If you access a Google Account you can easily track the location of your Smartphone. Here Are The Steps- 

  1. On any device, open a web browser, go the Google, and Then, type “find my Android” or “where is my phone.”
  2. The search result will be a map with the last location of your Android, and If you are not logged into Google or if you are using somebody’s computer, you can also go to Google’s Find My Device page, sign in, and search from there.
  3. Once you locate your Android device certain things can be done to find it; If your phone is silent but nearby, You can even turn on the ringer and Your phone will ring for a few minutes while you can search for it. 
  4. If your phone is located in some far-off area, you can send your number in a message to the device and anyone who finds the phone can read it, And may reach out to you for the same. 
  5. Furthermore, If there is no chance for you to find your phone back, you can even erase all the data from your phone and by doing this anybody who has stolen your phone cannot mishandle your personal information as it will get deleted from that device permanently.
  6. Use this option only when there is no other option left for you because once, all the data will get erased from your Android phone, you will not be able to find your phone again. 


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How To Find A Lost Android Phone? | 3 Ways To Find Out

IMEI number stands for (International Mobile Equipment Identity), and you can find it in the About section of smartphone settings. The IMEI number is also mentioned on the battery and the box of the Phone. IMEI number is a 15-digit combination that is unique to your phone only. 


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In case your Android phone is lost or stolen, knowing its IMEI number, You can report it to the Service provider and ask them to block that IMEI number. The number will access GSM (The Global System for Mobile Communications) network to track the stolen phone and block it from accessing any other network in that country.

Follow this procedure to Find out your lost or stolen Android with help of IMEI NUMBER; 

  1. Search for “IMEI tracker” in the Google play store and Install  “IMEI tracker-Find my device” on any smartphone.
  2. Allow it permission to access your device. You will be asked to enter an alternate number or to enter a few phone numbers of the people you trust.
  3. If a new SIM is inserted into your phone and then, an SMS notification including the location and IMEI number will be sent automatically to the trusted numbers which were mentioned by you, and from that, you can easily trace your Android phone and get it back.



How To Find A Lost Android Phone? | 3 Ways To Find Out

If you have ever lost your Android phone or tablet, you may have panicked. There are, however, several things you can do to find it again. One of the easiest is to use Google Maps. Google Maps stores your location history for each of your devices. If you know the approximate location where you lost your device, you can search for it by name, which will bring up a list of locations that your phone has been in.  Let us tell you how to find a lost android phone using Google maps;

  1. First of all, open up the Google maps application on your android phone.
  2. Next, tap on the menu option placed at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on your timeline and then select a date and review your android phone’s location history.
  4. You can change that date if it is necessary.


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Q1. How to find a lost android phone that is turned off?

You will first need to check that the location services are enabled on your Android device. This is located in Settings > Location services. Make sure the Location is set to ‘High accuracy’. Secondly, it is worth spending a few dollars to download and install the Android Device Manager app. This is a service that is provided by Google and allows you to locate, ring, and erase your Android phone.

Q2. How to find a lost android phone in airplane mode?

Your Android phone is lost, you have to find it. It is in airplane mode, so it is not possible to get the location of your Android phone unless it is on silent mode. Measure your Android phone’s volume then, check if you can hear the alarm sound. If yes, then your Android phone is on silent mode.


End Of The Line-

So, when you’ll find your Android phone back, all this hassle would be worth it! Lastly, it’s always better to be mindful of your Phone as it might contain very vital Data which can be manhandled by a stranger. Safeguarding your Android phone by enabling passwords, and locking the screen using patterns or passcodes to ensure that nobody else except you can unlock your phone. 

Try keeping your phone on ringer mode and decide on some particular spots in the house or in an office where you can keep your phone securely. Install applications that can keep your data or documents safe and secure. Enable passwords for Photo Gallery and social networking applications. Following all these steps can ensure the safety of your Data and will also keep your phone secure.

I am sure that you might be facing this kind of question quite often, that is how to find a lost android phone. So don’t worry, you are not alone and you are at the right place. There are many ways to find a lost android phone, either you have an android phone or you have iPhone but the ways are almost similar.

We have already discussed the top “Three” ways how to find a lost android phone, just have a look at them, they will help you to find your android phone. If you have any queries related to it, please feel free to contact us. Stay tuned for the future articles and thanks for reading them out!

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