Checkout How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone (2022) | With Only 6 Simple Steps

Checkout How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone (2022) | With Only 6 Simple Steps

Youtube is one of the most streaming apps or websites to watch valuable content free and It is the second most visited website, with more than one billion monthly users who collectively watch more than one billion hours of videos each day. Youtube is the only friend of yours who tasks no time to entertain you and helps you to explore anything. Many people think of downloading youtube videos but are unfortunately not able to download in had quality because of some restrictions but today in this article we are going to help you with How to download youtube videos on iPhone.

Here’s How to Download Youtube Videos on iPhone (2022)

So, Downloading youtube videos could be very beneficial to anyone who does want to spend lots of Mb on videos while watching online and if you download a youtube video then after you can skip or move back or forward without getting any buffering. But do you know downloading youtube videos is not legal, but there are many apps that can help you to download youtube videos free just by doing some steps we are going to show you below!

So downloading youtube videos on iPhone is a bit more lengthy because of Apple privacy and policies. So luckily we have few apps that are available on your app store first install it and then download the youtube video below is going to show one app and the whole process of how to download youtube videos on iPhone by using this app.

Documents by Readdle

iPhone WhatsNew page2
credits:- cult of mac
  • Step 1:- Open your app store and search Documents by Readdle then open it.
  • Step 2:– Tap on the icon given above like compass and search video solo online video downloader.


  • Step 3:- Then you will space to fill the link that you copied from youtube to download and then press the download button after some time different types of quality videos will appear from that you have to choose which one you want to download.

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  • Step 4:- After some time automatically video will get downloaded in the folder inside that app.
  • Step 5:- Tap on the download and see the location of the download and then you can access the video you download.
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Credits:-toms guide
  • Step 6:- So to Save that video on your device you have to tap on the triple-dot given right there and tap on the share option and then save your video on the device and you are done with it.

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“Here are Top 5 free apps to download youtube videos on iPhone”

So, here are the top 5 free apps to download youtube videos on iPhone that work exactly like I have mentioned above follow the same steps and you will get the video right after in your gallery.

AppsCompatibilityApp SizeRatings
Bolt Browser and DocumentsRequire iOs 13.0 or laterSize:-18.9 MB Ratings:- 4.8/5
Browser and Documents ManagerRequire iOs 10.0 or laterSize:-22.5 MBRatings:- 4.5/5
Tap BrowserRequire iOs 12.0 or laterSize:-36.8 MBRatings:- 4.7/5
BlackHole CutRequire iOs 11.0 or laterSize:-9.8 MBRatings:- 4.1/5
DManager Browser & DocumentsRequire iOs 13.2 or laterSize:-28.1 MBRatings:- 4.6/5

1. Bolt Browser and Documents

maxresdefault 1

Bolt is a very productive and good app if you want to download any type of videos from not only youtube but a bit more like Instagram Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Some features of Bolt Browser and Documents

  • No ads
  • You can browse privately
  • Save files easily in your Gallery and documents like PDFs, Zip files, or Doc files
  • Less battery Consumption


Here is one of the  reviews on this app taken from App apple store

Nasiba Afrien,

The beat sounds weird with headphones on

So I loved it, I’ve been using this app for months but recently, the beat crackles a bit with the headphones on. I first thought my headphone is broken so I tried another two headphones and it was the same. Please fix it. I want to listen to music in piece without this problem. (It happens in some songs, and I checked what I downloaded, it wasn’t like that a few months ago)

2. Browser and Documents Manager

browser and document manager

One of the finest app on the App store I came through and a very smooth experience with better downloading and secure browsing and no limits on storage or downloads.

Some features of Browser and Documents Manager

  • Fast speed, Pause and Resume downloads
  • Multiple tabs supported
  • you can download  full HD quality videos
  • Secure browsing



In love with the new update

This update is far better than the previous version, good to know that it can play songs and videos off screen again after a long time , love the new equaliser and UI looks much more elegant. But when I open the app it sometimes opens without asking for fingerprint ID and sometimes opens asking but when I don’t put my finger on the sensor it opens automatically so please would request you to fix it. Other than that the app is great

3. Tap Browser

Tap browser is also a very well-maintained app that comes with high-speed browsing and a pre-ad blocker installed and looks more modern while surfing. It comes with anti-tracking techniques to make surfing more secure.

Some features of Tap Browser

  • Download  full HD quality videos
  • Dark mode supported
  • Passcode Protection supported
  • Daily updates



Everything is great but should be ad-free😅

Please make it ad free.

Its really annoying to have ads in browsers😅

Specially ads that take up entire page.

4. BlackHole Cut

imgingest 3304070784622434013

Blackhole cut is not only the app for video download but you can edit the videos on it and is the best editor for video editing too that comes with lots of features pre-installed in it.

Some features of BlackHole Cut

  •  Block ads by purchasing them for $3.99 per year.
  • Remove sound for the video
  • Download High-quality videos
  • Secure browsing



After long years I found a perfect app

After long 9 years a found a simple app that can download videos very easy in to my galary … thank you so much


5. DManager Browser & Documents


DManager Browser & Documents is a fast, free, and private browsing app that comes with handy features like you can download videos of any quality and save it your Gallery very Easily.

Some features of DManager Browser & Documents

  • Passcode lock with touch id and face id
  • ads blocked in the newer version
  • choose a default search engine in settings
  • Download High-quality videos



Gratitude and request.

I was looking for an app to download music and this gave me just that, and like many other reviewers I too think it’s abit inconvenient because of the numerous adds that keep popping up, but for an app like this, the adds are worth it.

A Video-based Content on How to download Youtube Videos on an iPhone

Video Source–  TechEmpty


End of the Line:-

Above I have mentioned full information on how to download youtube videos on iPhone and the top 5 free apps to download youtube videos on iPhone 2022. Hope you liked the blog and do let me know which app you liked the most?

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