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What does a social media app consist of? The feature to post pictures, the feature to write your posts and the direct messaging feature. Since the Gas app is a little different How To DM Someone On GAS App? The Gas app is developed for teenagers and instead of working like a conventional social media app with photo sharing and direct messaging features, it went a different way.

It is a poll-based app where users create polls about themselves or their friends, and the idea is to create a happy and encouraging space where everyone feels good about themselves. Now, because the Gas app has been designed for teenagers we need to take extra care when it comes to the security of the app. We can’t take any chances as predators, pedophiles and blackmailers are rampant on social media preying on innocent victims.

And guess what is the easiest way to get someone’s attention on social media? Direct messages. That’s why it’s important to regulate the app constantly for the user’s safety. So, in this case How To DM Someone On GAS App? Well, not to worry, after all the Gas app is created for fun so while the security is taking care of predators, there is a way that friends can connect with one another on the app.

But there is a little catch. You see, the direct message service is not available for regular Gas app users, due to security reasons of course. So, what’s the point in asking How To DM Someone On GAS App? Well, you can directly message your friends IF you are subscribed to the God Mode. Yes, the God Mode strikes again and this time comes bearing more gifts. Open Gas App>Switch to God Mode>Send your First DM.


How To DM Someone On GAS App?

How To DM Someone On GAS App 


You already know that God Mode is a premium feature of the Gas app. It’s like a pandora’s box that allows users to access exclusive unseen features of the app. You can see everyone who voted for you in polls, you can Find Your Crush using this feature and now you can also message your friends directly on the app.

So, basically, the answer to the question How To DM Someone On GAS App is God Mode. As I mentioned before the only reason this app doesn’t include direct messaging is to keep predators and fake accounts away. Also, it keeps bullies and trolls away from personally messaging a user to attack or harass them. Trolling is not well received by adults so imagine the toll it can take on young teenagers.

That’s why this feature was willfully excluded from the app. But since it’s a popular feature it was included but with a catch that only God Mode Subscribers could use it. In this way, the risk of being contacted by a fake account is further reduced. So if you are a God Mode subscriber here is your answer to How To DM Someone On GAS App.

Step 1: Open the Gas app or Install it first if you don’t have it.

Step 2: If you are installing it for the first time then Enable location, select your grade, and add friends.

Step 3: If you are already a user of the app then Subscribe to God Mode. You can do it by clicking on premium features like “See Who Likes You.”

Step 4: Complete the payment procedure.

Step 5: Now that you are subscribed to God Mode, stop asking How To DM Someone On GAS App and start sending your first DM to another subscriber.


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How To Find Someone You Know On Gas App?

How To DM Someone On GAS App 

There may be only one way to find out How To DM Someone On GAS App but there are many ways to find people you know on the Gas app. Just like any other social media app that works hard on connecting people and helping users find and make new friends, the Gas app is also dedicated to the same mission. Not only does it help you feel good about yourself but it also helps you find gems and well-wishers who will help you thrive in life.

These gems that I’m talking about are true friends. So before asking How To DM Someone On GAS App find people to DM. The process is not complicated here, it is just as standardized here as on any other app. So, listen up! You can find friends on the Gas app in one of the four ways:

  • While signing up for the app sync your contacts so that the app can identify which of them use the Gas app and will subsequently suggest them to you.
  • You will be suggested friends on the app based on your friend’s friend list. People from their list will be suggested to you to see if you would like to add them.
  • You can find friends on the app based on your school, people who go to the same school are always on each other’s suggestions on the app.
  • Lastly, you can use the age-old trick of typing their name on the search bar.


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Wrapping Up!

In short, if you are a God Mode subscriber then you can ask the question How To DM Someone On GAS App otherwise you can enjoy all the other wonderful features of the app. But if the curious George in you likes to explore more then be sure to switch to God Mode and avail all the exciting features and begin chatting with your other God Mode subscriber friends in no time. Just Open Gas App>Switch to God Mode>Send your First DM.


Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What is God Mode on Gas app?

Ans. God Mode is the only premium feature on the app that allows users to see who voted for them in the polls, see their friends who like them and who all have a crush on them. It also allows users to send DMs to other subscribers, a feature that is not available for regular Gas app users.

Q2. How much does God Mode cost?

Ans. You can subscribe to God Mode by simply Opening the App>Tapping on “See Who Likes You”>Completing the payment process. The entire thing will cost you $9.99.

Q3. How To DM Someone On GAS App on iPhone?

Ans. You can DM people on the Gas app only if you and the other person are subscribed to the God Mode and the procedure to know How To DM Someone On GAS App is the same as mentioned above since the app is available for iPhone users only.


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