How To Delete Calendar Virus Spam On iPhone? (Fix It Now With 5 Easy Steps)

How To Delete Calendar Virus Spam On iPhone? (Fix It Now With 5 Easy Steps)


As an iPhone user, you might experience Strange appointments popping up on your iPhone’s calendar App. This might give you an illusion that your phone is affected by a virus or your phone is hacked. But in reality, it is a third-party calendar that you’ve subscribed to and is generating spam notifications. These notifications can be a bit annoying, to be honest

The weird appointments or reminders on the iPhone calendar are becoming very common and frequent and if you are experiencing the same thing as well have mentioned then you are not alone in this, even the Macworld staff have also been affected by these annoying notifications.
Although it’s not really a virus somehow feels like one due to a load of appointments arriving on your iPhone. The part to be feared if you are experiencing this irritating phenomenon is that each and every apple product is interlinked and dependent on each other in some way or the other so there are many chances that it can affect your other iOS systems as well. But don’t worry we’ve got your back!
This entire phenomenon is easy to get rid of if you follow a few steps we’ve given in the article below. This can help you to get rid of the calendar spam on your iPhone,iPad, Mac, etc. Here is all you need to know in order to remove an iOS calendar ‘virus’.

Here’s How To Delete Calendar Virus Spam On iPhone



Understanding the problem

If your iPhone is affected by what appears to be a calendar ‘virus’ then you’ll get multiple spam notifications and reminders on your iOS device. A number of virus-related calendar entries will pop up on your iPhone on a daily basis which totally ruins your iOS experience.

How does the virus enter your iOS device?

Normally these kinds of spam and viruses enter through emails and text. You can identify these messages if the invites or events are in the form of a .ics file. And even if you decline them there are high chances that you are leaving an opening for the hackers. Through this Hackers can send invites more frequently to your calendar app and this can be very harmful to your iPhone or iPad.
Also In some situations, one might have subscribed to this calendar while visiting a website and accidentally clicked a pop-up.
Here are a few things you should keep in mind to avoid such consequence
(Rule Number One)
You should avoid clicking on any active links or sections of appointments. You surely can delete the event just like you do normally but you have to unsubscribe from the calendar as well. We have covered this in our next section.
(Rule Number Two)
In some instances, you might receive messages on the messaging app through some iCloud address. And fortunately, you didn’t open the message in the first place, but as the message was received and sent directly to the Messages app on your iPhone it will eventually be on all your Apple products. And that’s a big bummer!
In some cases, you can also receive some parcel tracking links, and usually, everyone not just you click on the link out of curiosity. And the moment you click on the link you will end up subscribing to the spam calendar which will in turn will your iPhone with multiple notifications and warnings.
Adding on some people also received messages such as “Your iPhone might not be protected! Click to protect it!” message and following that a link is given below, again we have the same advice you should not open that blink under any circumstances if you want to protect your iPhone by any means.

Here are the Steps to delete calendar virus spam on iPhone-

In order to get rid of the spam you should follow these steps:
Step 1- Open the Apple Calendar app.
Step 2- At the bottom of the page, Tap on the Calendars
Step 3- Among the many subscribed calendars search for the one you don’t really recognize or the one you find suspicious. Once you’ve recognized the one Tap the red circle with an ‘i’ inside. This takes you to the information Panel of the calendar you’ve chosen.
Step 4- Scroll down to the bottom of the panel and locate the “Delete Calendar” option given. Tap on it and it will certainly put an end to all those annoying notifications you are receiving on your iPhone.

Unsubscribe on the latest iOS versions

Step 1- Open Calendar App
Step 2- At the bottom you’ll see the calendars button Tap and open it, there You’ll see a separate section called On My iPhone
Step 3- Following that there you’ll see a list of all suspicious calendars. Find The calendar by comparing the color of the marked calendar with that of the annoying events you’re seeing.
Step 4- Tap on the red circle with an I inside present right next to the suspected calendar.
Step 5- Scroll through the options at tap on Delete Calendar usually located At the bottom. Follow that click delete calendar again to confirm. And if this still didn’t work for you, you should try out other methods which are given below.

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How to delete spam calendars from iPhone Settings?

If the above-given method fails to solve your problem then there are chances that mischief calendar has a subscription set up on your entire iOS device. But don’t worry the solution to this is easy as well!
You just need to follow these steps-
Step 1- Open settings
Step 2- Scroll through the options and select calendar and Tap on Accounts.
Step 3- Scroll and search for the suspicious calendar that is unfamiliar to you and Tap on it.
Step 4- At the bottom of the dialog Tap “Delete Account” By doing this you will put a stop to the annoying Frequent appointments and reminders from appearing on your calendar.
Note- Cross-check the calendar in the first place before deleting it so that you don’t end up deleting a genuine subscribed calendar

“How to stop iPhone calendar spam”

Here are a few procedures you can do in order to stop the iPhone calendar to enter your iOS device again-

1. Report the spam event as junk

You can do this by logging in to on your iOS device > go to calandar> select the spam event > Tap Report as Junk. By doing this your Apple device will be notified about the Spam events. This will then block the events from appearing on your and other users’ iPhones.

2. Disable popups on Safari

Usual such spam events take entry through Safari into your iOS device. Different pop-ups are used by hackers to invade your device. Once you click then it gives them a window to enter spam events to your iPhone. Disabling popups on Safari will decrease the probability of this problem.

You can do this by going to the iPhone Settings > search and select safari> open and enable Block Popups.

Wrap up!

We hope you find this article helpful for How To Delete Calendar Virus Spam On iPhone and block it from appearing again. Do let us know in the comment section below how this entire thing worked out for you!

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