How To Charge Oculus Quest 2 Controller [Solved] (2022) | 3 Attested Ways

How To Charge Oculus Quest 2 Controller [Solved] (2022) | 3 Attested Ways

Oculus Quest 2 controller is a sleek and beautiful controller that perfectly replicates the experience of using a gamepad with a traditional Oculus Rift. The controller has a comfortable grip and is easy to hold and manoeuvre, even when wearing gloves. The buttons are located in the perfect places, and the analogue sticks are responsive and comfortable.

The controller also has a built-in camera that lets you take screenshots and videos without having to remove the headset. The Quest 2 controller is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience the best possible Oculus Rift experience.

So if you’re a user of oculus and using it for a while then you should be aware that your controller battery may be low on charge or sometime you might face an Oculus slow Charging issue. If the battery is not enough charged then it can also ruin your experience of using Oculus and that might lead to a die situation of the controller in between use. So, today in this article we’re going to guide you on How to Charge the Oculus Quest 2 Controller.

Is It Possible To Charge The Oculus Quest 2 Controllers?

The Oculus Quest 2 controllers, however, cannot be charged. There are no built-in batteries in the controllers whatsoever. Every controller, on the other hand, has a battery compartment that holds a single AA battery. While the Quest 2 controllers don’t appear to have any openings, they do have a slot buried under a battery slider.

You may have seen a tiny release symbol on the grip of your controllers. Nevertheless, because the AA battery supplied in the package is alkaline, do not attempt to recharge it. So, it’s better to replace the dead battery with AA cells that are either disposable or rechargeable. Buy a battery online or market and put it inside the compartment to get your controller a new life.


How Can You Change Oculus Quest 2  Batteries?


So, once you’re done changing your Controller’s Batteries, now you can move ahead to the steps given below to guide you on how to change Oculus Quest 2 Batteries.


Step 1- Grab a Controller with your hands and then with the “Eject symbol” facing up, hold the Oculus Quest 2 controller as indicated below.

How to charge Oculus Quest 2 Controller [Solved] (2022)
Credits:- Beebom

Step 2- To open the eject compartment, simply slide it upwards and away from you.


Step 3- The battery compartment will now be open. It can be removed to show a dead battery.

How to charge Oculus Quest 2 Controller [Solved]
Credits:- Beebom
Step 4- Gently Remove the AA battery and Change it with a rechargeable / disposable battery. But before inserting the new batteries make sure to insert them in a proper way as directed.

Empty cover
Credits:- Beebom


Step 5- Now put back the cover and now you can use your controller.


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How to Use the Charging Dock to Charge Oculus Quest 2 Controllers


oculus quest 2 charging dock

As I mentioned above that you can’t charge Oculus Quest controllers, but there is a way to charge Oculus Quest 2 with Charging Dock that makes them rechargeable. The dock is made by Anker, but it’s an official Oculus product that makes charging your headset and controllers a joy.

Follow the instructions given below to charge your Oculus Quest 2 Controller:-


Step 1- Open the “Cover and remove the dead batteries” from your controller and then simply install the Rechargeable batteries that come up with the Charging dock


Step 2- In this next step, you need to install the battery covers that come with the dock.


Step 3- So in the meantime when you aren’t using your controller you can place the controller in the charging Cradles.


Step 4- So before going away from the carrying dock make sure to check once they’re are placed properly and charging.


Step 5- After some time it will be charged and ready to use.

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How to Check Oculus Quest 2 Controller Battery Level

oculus quest battery in interface

Oculus Quest 2 Controller is no doubt the best controller with an amazing gaming experience, but It’s a good thing to keep a check on the battery level, to do so, follow the step by step guide explained below:-

1. Hold the Controller in your hand and Check the “Home screen” of your Quest 2.

2. Take a look below at the “Menu” and If you are unable to view the menu, simply hit the Oculus button to bring it up.

3. The “Battery level” of your Oculus Quest 2 headset, as well as the controllers, can be seen now.

4. The menu bar now shows the battery levels for both the “Left and Right controllers” separately, giving you a clear indication of how much battery is being used.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Can I use the Oculus charger for iPhone?

Yes, it can be used to charge iPhone. As the watts will be low compared to your iPhone charger, it will work fine and take much more time than usual to charge fully.

2. How do I know if my Oculus is charging?

While charging, make sure the LED light on the top of your headset is turned on. Your headset is not being charged properly if the LED light is not lighted in Orange or Green.

3. How long does it take for Oculus Quest to charge?

Oculus Quest Takes 2-2.5 hours to charge fully and also for ready to use.

4. Do Oculus Quest 2 controllers need to be charged?

Quest 2 controllers cannot be charged directly, however they can be used charged  with rechargeable batteries.

5. How long does Quest 2 battery last?

Two hours for gaming, three hours for viewing movies, and so on. Battery life estimates are constantly dependent on what you’re really doing your Oculus Quest.

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Wrapping Up!

I hope the above information helped you to know How to charge Oculus Quest 2 Controller (2022) and also I’ve shown steps to do it while reading the article. So if you really liked the blog do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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