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If you are a Snapchat user then you must want to know how to block team Snapchat? We all must have received an anonymous message from someone and we eagerly want to block them because they are so annoying and frustrating sometimes and same goes for team Snapchat because they keep sending anonymous messages and that is way too irritating.

Snapchat is a very intriguing platform that keeps you stay connected with your friends through the snap streak feature and lets you send them snaps and videos and let you go through their daily activities also it will help you to increase your Snap score and some people are going crazy for this snap score thing.

There may be many reasons why you want to block Team Snapchat. So today in this article I’m going to tell you about what are the reasons why people want to block team Snapchat and how to block team Snapchat. So, keep on looking through this to learn more.

Open Snapchat>chat section>search team Snapchat>tap on Snapchat icon>tap on three dots>tap on manage friendship>tap on block>tap block again.


How To Block Team Snapchat?

How To Block Team Snapchat?

Snapchat is getting so much hype from youngsters because with every update it offers something bomb and very interesting to its users. Like the ghost trial feature or pinning someone as your Bff or else you can check story rewatch count and now you can also customize your Snapchat icon well these are some recent features that are in talks.

If you are not an active user of Snapchat then you must know about the symbol language like the yellow heart, the X symbol, and the grey arrow and there are many more symbols that you will get to know about once you start using the app. Also, you must check out our article on how to block or unfriend someone on Snapchat.


How To Block Team Snapchat?

How To Block Team Snapchat?

Well, Snapchat keeps spamming its users with unnecessary messages. They will keep you sending messages about any new feature of this application or any new lens launched and sometimes they only send you greetings which is very irritating with times and you have a sudden urge to block them so they won’t disturb you ever again.


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How To Block Team Snapchat? | Step Guide

If you are really annoyed by team Snapchat then make sure you are following this step guide to block them so that they won’t be able to send you messages next time. Well, blocking team Snapchat is a similar process just like you are blocking any of your friends on Snapchat.

Method 1:

How To Block Team Snapchat?

Open the Snapchat app>open the chat section>search team Snapchat>tap on the Snapchat icon>tap on the three dots>tap on manage friendship>tap on the block option>again tap on the block option.

How To Block Team Snapchat?

Step 1: Start by opening the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Then, swipe left to open the chat section.

Step 3: Then, search Team Snapchat and open their chat history.

Step 4: Then, tap on the Snapchat icon on the upper left-hand side of your device.

Step 5: Then, tap on the three dots in the upper right-hand side.

How To Block Team Snapchat?

Step 6: Then, tap on manage friendship.

Step 7: Then, tap on the block option.

Step 8: Then, again tap on the block option to make sure you won’t receive any messages again.


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Method 2:

Snapchat app>open the chat menu>search for team Snapchat>tap and hold on to team Snapchat>tap on manage friendship>tap on the block option>tap on the block again.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: Swipe left to open the chat menu.

Step 3: Then, search for team Snapchat.

Step 4: Then, tap and hold on to team Snapchat.

Step 5: Then, tap on manage friendship.

Step 6: Then, tap on the block option and tap on the block again to make sure they are blocked.


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Wrapping Up!

So, we have covered the main topic regarding how to block team Snapchat. I hope that you find this article useful to you and that you can easily get rid of Snapchat anonymous messages easily if this is useful for you then make sure to let your friends know about this so that they can easily do it.

So, this is all about how to block team Snapchat. Also, keep coming back to Americbuzz if you have any queries regarding Snapchat and also you can check our other articles n Technology, and entertainment. Till then enjoy reading this and have fun. Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How to delete your Snapchat account?

Ans. If you need to delete the Snapchat account then follow these steps first open the Snapchat portal then log in using your id and password then enter the security code and login again with your username and password then tap on continue. By doing this you will be able to deactivate your Snapchat account and if you don’t open it within 30 days it will be deleted permanently.

Q2. What is the meaning of OFC on Snapchat?

Ans. OFC on Snapchat stands for Of course or Of Fucking Course. It is often used as an alternative way to say No problem, You are welcome, etc.


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