How To Add Music To Multiple Instagram Stories in 8 Steps (2022)

How To Add Music To Multiple Instagram Stories in 8 Steps (2022)

Instagram is a great platform to express ourselves and share out lives by posting stories and pictures on the social media platform. Instagram stories is indeed a big hit feature added by Instagram now if you don’t know Instagram allows its users to add stories on the platform which only stays for 24 hours regardless of you put in on highlights. Instagram stories are a fun way for sharing our day-to-day lives with our Instagram friendliest.

For making your stories interesting and entertaining Instagram offers a number of tools to help make your stories as fun as possible. It allows you to ask questions online through ‘ask me anything’ questions, add music to your stories and share multiple photos at the same time using the layout feature. It offers a wide range of filters and stickers to make your stories, even more, cooler and you can also add lyrics of your favorite song to your stories. From this, the question arises How can we add music to multiple Instagram stories? Instagram has kept it really easy for its user to add music to their stories. One just needs to select a photo and with a tap on the sticker icon, we can select and choose our favorite song and put it on our stories. We have explained the process in a few simple steps in the article below so continue reading to know how can we put music to multiple Instagram stories? So without any further ado Let’s get started-

Here’s How To Add Music To Multiple Instagram Stories

Instagram allows you to listen to music from its own catalog as well as from your favorite music streaming sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam. All you need to select the correct music and add them to your Instagram stories.

Instagram allows its users to select and share music and tunes from its huge Library as well as from your favorite music streaming services such as Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam. And if you don’t know how to do that we have got you covered. This article will guide you to put music in multiple Instagram stories. There are two ways to put music on Instagram stories we will explain them one by one.

Just in case you have a bunch of pictures and videos and you wish to share your happy moments on Instagram through stories. You select your favorite pictures and videos and put some trendy stickers and gifs to make it interesting and catchy but it still lacks something. Maybe music, your favorite song can instantly amp up the entire vibe of your story one crucial element: music can turn the tables around and make your stories much more beautiful and catchy. The two ways to add music to multiple stories on Instagram we have briefly explained below.

So How To Add Music To Instagram Stories?

Music can enhance the entire photo sharing experience on Instagram, and that too not just only on Instagram stories but we can add music to our Instagram posts as well. We can add music and trendy sounds on Instagram reels to make it more interesting and to bag as many likes and views we can. But coming back to adding music to Instagram stories we have listed down two ways to do so.

Here Are The Steps To Directly Add Music To Instagram Stories

These are the steps to add music on Instagram stories directly from Instagram’s catalog. Instagram has a vast music library and has many trendy sounds to make your stories more fun. One can add music to Instagram stories by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Open and login into your Instagram account




Step 2: From there go to the Instagram Story creation interface.


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Step 3: Swipe up and select pictures from your gallery. ( You can select one picture at a time or you multiple pictures at a time)

Step 4: Once you’ve added the image as you normally do you’ll notice a sticker icon (it is in the shape of a small square with a smile on it) usually located at the top left of your screen Tap on it.




Step 5: Following that you’ll get a wide range of stickers and gifts there, and among them search for the music icon and tap on it. It is usually placed in the initial options.




Step 6: This will lead you to Instagram’s in-app music library. From there you can search and select what you want to upload on your Instagram stories.




Step 7: Instagram also allows its users to add as well as cut music according to their wishes. It also allows us to decide the duration of the story with the stong. You can add any precise part of the song which you wish to use.




Step 8: Select and confirm the song and tap on add to Story in order to upload your story on Instagram. And that’s it the song will be added to your Instagram story, you can also move and past the song sticker on your Instagram story accordingly.


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Steps To Add Music To Your Instagram Story Via Spotify

Instagram also allows its users to add music from other music streaming platforms for example the most famous one being Spotify. So this guide will help you to add music on Instagram stories via Spotify. Also, note Steps are the same for both iOs users as well as Android users.
Follow the steps below to add music on Instagram stories via Spotify:

Step 1: Open your Spotify app.

Step 2: Select and play the song you want to add to your Instagram

Step 3: Go back to your playlist.

Step 4: There you will see ‘three dots’ present on the right side of the song title Tap on it.

Step 5: Scroll down and Tap the share

Step 6: Among all the options Tap on Instagram stories.

Step 7: By doing this, Spotify will lead you and the song directly on your Instagram story, from there you can make adjustments according to your own will.

Note: If your Instagram followers have a Spotify account they will be able to open the song in Spotify just by tapping on your story
And this is how you can add music to your Instagram story with the methods given above.

Popular Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Kinds of Music Can You Choose on Instagram?

Ans.Instagram Carters to its users a large variety of music tracks in order to enhance their Instagram Story. Both Instagram, as well as Facebook, have a number of partnerships with all the major record labels so that you will find songs from many top-flight recording artists.

Q2. Why can’t I add music to my Instagram Story?

Ans. There can be many reasons behind this problem the first and the foremost being that your Instagram App is not up to date. The second reason can be that the music feature is not available in your country yet.

Q3. What is the maximum length of the song on Instagram stories?

Ans. We can add music on Instagram stories from not more than 15 seconds. Though Instagram gives us the flexibility to add music up to one min in the case of reels but in the case of Instagram stories you can add it for not more than 15 seconds.


So, we hope by the end of this you know how to add music to Instagram stories. the steps are pretty easy Instagram provides an in-app music library other than that we can also put music from some other apps as well such as Spotify. we have explained the steps for both the procedures try it out yourself and tell us in our comment box how it worked for you.

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