How Old My iPhone Is? Here’s How To Check In 2022

How Old My iPhone Is? Here’s How To Check In 2022

Do you know your age? Of course, you’ll know! But what if I ask you How old your iPhone Is?  I’m sure there will only be silence and no answer. So if you ever used an old iPhone like iPhone 6, 6s,7 or 7+, then you might be aware that they can work very well for less than 6 years.

However, If you’re done using these old iPhones and want to replace them or sell you should be aware of their age, as we all know the excitement is only to buy a new model iPhone, but many throw their boxes or keep them somewhere and when they need it they won’t be able to find it. So, if you’re curious to know How old my iPhone is!

Let me show you some of the working methods that would easily help your find your old iPhone age and can you easily sell it or replace it.


3 Working Ways To Find How Old Is Your iPhone

So we’re going to discuss 3 ways that would help you know your iPhone age very easily, to know more information follow the step-by-step guide explained below. To find out How old your iPhone is, do check your serial number on the website that is used to check your iPhone’s age and if you don’t know follow the steps shown below.


How To Find Serial Number of iPhone

How Old My iPhone Is


Step 1:- Go to your “iPhone’s Settings”.

Step 2:- Scroll down to find “General” from the menu.

Step 3:-  Select the “About” option and click it.

Step 4:-  The “Serial number” of your iPhone will now display, simply take a screenshot or note it in your Notes.


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How To Find iPhone Age Using Apple’s Coverage

Now, if you know what your iPhone serial number is and wanted to know your iPhone age through Apple’s coverage website, then you should follow the steps given below.

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Step 1:-  Go to “Apple’s Check Coverage” website,, on your iPhone or Mac.


Step 2:-  In the appropriate section, Enter the “Serial number” and the “CAPTCHA” and Press continue.


Step 3:-  On the next screen, you’ll see your iPhone’s information. The Estimated Expiration Date may indeed be found under Repairs and Service Coverage. You can also determine the age of your iPhone by looking at the date.


The Estimated Expiration Date will not show if you have had your iPhone for more than a year; in that instance, you may use the Chipmunk Klantenservice procedure.


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How To Find iPhone’s Age Using Chipmunk Klantenservice


Chipmunk Klantenservice is another best third-party app that helps determine your iPhone’s age, but before using it you should know your iPhone serial number that I’ve explained above.


Step 1:-  Go to on your iPhone or Mac.

Screenshot 2022 05 01 at 11.49.21 AM


Step 2:-  Click the Show information button after entering the Serial number in the designated location.


Step 3:- Slide to the bottom of the page to get all of the data regarding the iPhone. Keep a note of the Manufacturing year and the week. You can simply calculate the age of your iPhone using this method.


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How To Find iPhone’s Age Using Apple’s Support

Apple Support is a great app to communicate with Apple customer service representatives in order to fix iPhone errors or any kind of bugs.   The Apple Support app is strangely absent from your iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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Step 1:-  On your iPhone, open the “Apple Support app.”


Step 2:-  Select “Device Details” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:-  When your iPhone is a little over a year old, and Expiration date will appear under Coverage Info.


Step 4:- You may determine the age of your iPhone by using that date.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I tell how old my iPhone is?

You can find it in the settings, simply Go to General->About ->Serial Number in the “Settings” menu. You can now calculate the age of your iPhone using the serial number in two ways. The first option is to verify the status of your iPhone’s warranty on an Apple support page and the next is to use Apple’s Coverage.

2. How long does an iPhone last?

Apple claims that iPhones have a three-year average lifespan, although many users notice a drop in performance around the two-year mark.
3. How often should I replace my iPhone?
So, there’s no specific time to replace your iPhone and if you really want to change it or want to sell it you can do that after every 1 to 2 years.
4. Can an iPhone last 10 years?
Apple’s iPhones survive a long time – in my experience, anything from six to seven years.
Wrapping Up!
That’s Pretty Much about  How To Check How Old My iPhone Is and every method I’ve explained would definitely help you know your iPhone age just by typing in the Serial number of your iPhone. So If you really liked the article do share your thoughts in our comment section down below. Thank You!

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