How Does BeReal Work 2023? | To The Point Details For You!

How Does BeReal Work 2023? | To The Point Details For You!

What is the motto everyone is advised to follow? Pay your taxes! Yes, this is an important one too but the one I’m talking about is “be yourself.BeReal is a new app that follows it and how does BeReal work is the topic for discussion today. As the name suggests, it asks users to be real and show their unfiltered selves to the world without feeling cautious or doubtful of themselves.

The app aims to instill self-confidence and self-love among users. There are many social media sites and apps in the market today and each is better than the other. Everyone uses all kinds of features, filters, and effects to enhance user experience, but what makes BeReal different is that it doesn’t include any of these.

It asks users to not depend on these filters to get likes and appreciation from their online peers but be themselves because that’s who they are. The real answer to how does BeReal work is that the app works to show the unfiltered version of the users to the audience. I already use almost every social media app there is and just didn’t have the energy to sign up for one more.

But I also love trying new things in life so when I heard about this new app that doesn’t have any filters, lenses, or effects I was intrigued. I downloaded the app and got to work. Now after using the app I can finally share my knowledge of how does BeReal work? Download the app>add contacts>wait for the “It’s time to BeReal” message>take a photo>Post it. Read on to know more.


How Does BeReal Work?

How Does BeReal Work

BeReal is a social media app that allows users to post real photos of themselves without any effects or filters. Why? Because it believes one should hide their real self from the world and instead should love, accept and embrace themselves as they are, even in front of the camera. Users can take unedited photos of themselves and upload them for their friends to see.

Do you know what the best part about the app is? No influencers. Yes, you heard it right, this app is not designed to start content creation and get famous. It doesn’t support the followers and ads culture. So, what about how does BeReal workWell, I’m getting to that. Once you download the app and sign up all that’s left to do is use it. So, how does BeReal work?

It’s simple yet very different. It’s something you’ve seen before but also some you are going to see for the first time. Okay enough with the big talk, let’s come straight to the point. How does BeReal work? Like I said before BeReal allows users to take raw, unfiltered, and real-time photos of themselves. Kinda like Snap story but it does it with a twist.

To take the real-time concept to a new level it takes two photos at the same time by taking a photo from the front as well as the back camera. This shows your friends what you are doing and how you look like doing it. These photos are taken seconds after each other so users don’t get time to fix themselves. So, a pro tip for you is to avoid taking photos in the toilet.


How To Use BeReal App?

How Does BeReal Work

Now that you know how does BeReal work you should know how to use all the features of the app? The photos you upload on the app only last 24 hours but if you want to see them later you can do that in the Memories section. Also, if you are not happy with the photo you have clicked you can always retake it and take another but the catch is your friends will see how many times you retook it.

That’s because the app encourages spontaneity and taking photos multiple times just means you are rehearsing it. Users can also delete a post they have uploaded but there is a catch here too, you can only delete once a day because of the same reason. Also, the app only supports photos, you can’t post any videos here. That’s a curveball but that’s the real answer to how does BeReal work?


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How To Take Photos on BeReal?

How Does BeReal Work

Every day at any point users get a notification stating “time to BeReal” and a two-minute window begins. In these two minutes, users have to click a raw and authentic photo of themselves doing whatever they are at the time. If you miss the two-minute deadline then you can still post but it will be considered a late post and you won’t be able to see other people’s photos of that day.

Only after doing your part in this ritual, as a reward, the BeReal Gods give you access to the Discover section. So, how does BeReal workWhat’s different about this app is the response of your friends to your photo. They can comment but there is no like button instead, there is a feature called realMoji.

If your friends want to react to your photo they can do it by clicking a selfie mimicking the emoji they want to send. I wonder what they will do if they want to mimic the vomit emoji. So, how is knowing how does BeReal work going so far?


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How To Delete Photo On BeReal?

How Does BeReal Work

The next topic on how does BeReal work is to learn how to delete a photo on BeReal. Although the app discourages users from doing so but just for their happiness it included the feature. The reason it discourages this feature is that it wants unapologetically real photos of the users to come forward rather than filtered ones that hide their real personalities.

Deleting a photo and uploading a new one just does the opposite, if you delete a photo you are deleting a real image of your selfie with a rehearsed new one. That’s not something the app encourages. But sometimes unwanted things like pooping cats or scolding mothers are captured on camera and no one wants to show those realities.

So just for that reason, the delete feature is available even though you can only use it once a day. So, here are the steps to delete a photo on BeReal.

Step 1: Tap on the three dots next to the BeReal timestamp.

Step 2: Select delete my BeReal.

Step 3: The app will ask for a reason, select one of the three options inappropriate content, I don’t like my BeReal, and There was a bug during capture.

Note: One important thing to know in how does BeReal work is that once you delete a BeReal it also disappears from the memories sections as well.


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Wrapping Up!

I hope all your questions regarding how does BeReal work have been answered in the article. The app is different from its contemporaries and is trying to help users avoid using filters and effects in their photos. It wants the users to appreciate their authenticity and present themselves exactly as they are to the world.

The message here is to tell them to not hide behind shadows and let their true self prevail. If you like this thought then Download the app>add contacts>wait for the “it’s time to BeReal” message>take a photo>post it. Just BeReal.


Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Who can see my BeReal?

Ans. It is a private app where users can share their photos with only their close circle of friends. But if you want to widen your audience you can do it by sharing your BeReal on other apps or you can switch to Discovery Mode.

Q2. How Does BeReal Work if you miss the two-minute deadline?

Ans. Don’t worry, nothing major happens if you miss the two-minute deadline. How does BeReal work? It works just fine, if you miss it then your friends will know that you posted your BeReal late and you won’t be able to see their photos for the day.

Q3. How can we create an account on BeReal?

Ans. If you want to create an account on BeReal then you need to first download the app>open it>tap on get started>type your name>tap continue>enter dob>continue>Enter Phone Number>Enter Security Code and done.

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