How Does BeReal Work?

BeReal has recently been seen among the top five most downloaded and people are raising their curiosity How does  BeReal work?  apps as social media users clamour for more genuine social media experiences. There is a new app in town that aims to attract users and BeReal is one of them. it takes away the overly polished and staged world of social media and toward the real.

BeReal, a photo-posting app, was established by a former GoPro employee in January 2020, and it has already gained popularity among Generation Z. With the encouraging popularity people are more searching for How does BeReal work? People are substituting raw photo dumps for VSCO-edited images, “ugly” Instagram feeds are popular, in-the-moment photo fillers are influencers’ newest obsession, and if you’re still not persuaded, take a look at TikTok’s rapid growth.

The short-form video app has significantly influenced users’ perspectives toward desiring less curation and refinement in their social media material. Today we are going to share with you the immensely popular application BeReal How does BeReal work? 

What is BeReal?

A social media platform called BeReal requires users to upload one unedited photo of themselves every day. Instead of attempting to exhibit their best selves, it is intended to encourage people to be more real.  With the going craze for this app We thought to use the app BeReal, and even though it took some getting used to, now we now really like it. BeReal, a project by Alexis Barreyat, exhorts individuals to quit curating and show up as they are right now. This picture-based app is Instagram without editing and Snapchat without filters.

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How Does BeReal Work?

In this we are going to discuss with you in detail regarding How Does BeReal Work? So, stay tuned. Every user on the app receives one notification every day. Every day, this notification comes at a different time at random. You just have two minutes after getting that unexpected notification to document what you’re doing. Retakes only; no editing, retouching, or filters permitted.

Once the photo has been shot, you can choose to keep it private and just share it with your friends, or you can upload it to BeReal’s “Discovery” page so that anyone can view and interact with it. BeReal delivers a distinctive social experience that sets it apart from other social channels since everyone posts at the exact same time at least for the moment!

Don’t worry if you can’t use your phone for a specific reason and you miss the two-minute posting window. You can still upload it late and take your BeReal when you’re ready. The only drawback is that until you publish your own BeReal for that day, you won’t be able to see what your friends posted. Below mentioned are the other things necessary regarding How Does BeReal Work? 

Engaging In Conversation With Friends And Other Users


Without the capability to engage in social interaction, this wouldn’t be a true social media app. With BeReal, you may leave comments on your friends’ most recent BeReal posts or use ‘RealMojis’ to instantly respond to any post in your Friends’ or Discovery stream.

Do Remember: As an image response to someone’s post, you can reproduce one of six emojis using the RealMoji feature. Click the smiling face icon in the post’s bottom right corner to access this feature. Then tap the emoji you want to turn into an image, then click a picture. When you’re finished, click “Continue,” and your response will be delivered to your friend or other users on the Discovery stream at random.

Gaining New Pals

Click the “Friends” icon in the top left corner and enter the person’s username in the search field to add new friends. You can view your friend requests, friend suggestions, and “My Friends” list on this screen as well.

As a helpful hint, you may also add new friends directly from the Discovery page by clicking “Add” after tapping on a user’s profile picture that is linked to their post.

Look at your memories 

One fantastic feature of BeReal is that it keeps each and every post you share in a calendar format, making it simple to reflect on the past.

Pro tip: Click the profile button in the top right corner to access your memories. It will display “Your Memories” for you. When you tap on a specific post, a full-screen view of the image, the date you published it, and the option to share it outside are displayed.

Why Is BeReal Gaining Popularity?

Above we have mentioned How Does BeReal Work? and now we are going to discuss with you Why Is BeReal Gaining Popularity? An “unfiltered vibe” has taken the place of the idea of a curated feed, making room for services like BeReal. Potential users are cautioned in the app’s description: “If you want to become an influencer, stay on TikTok and Instagram.”

The demography seems to be college students. The software was downloaded a few weeks ago by University of Kansas journalism student Meredith Mueller. According to Mueller, who spoke to NBC News, “I downloaded it, plugged my information in, and then it showed back with all my contacts with others that already had this.”

And I wondered, “How is it that everyone in my contacts already has this, yet I’ve never heard of it?” Users were courted by Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat with claims of more personal and authentic online connections, but these claims finally fell through. So, this is all about How Does BeReal Work? 


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Does Bereal Show Your Location?

When you activate this feature on your account, BeReal does indeed display your location. By default, BeReal does not include your location in your photos, but you can enable this feature in your account settings to communicate your current location along with your candid photos via your smartphone.

Your current location can be manually added to your BeReal account. Be cautious, though, to only share your location when you are at ease and when you are familiar with your audience. to maintain the security of your identity and location. Along with How Does BeReal Work? We have also mentioned Does BeReal Show Your location?

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Q1. Is the BeReal app Safe or not? 

BeReal is a safe app to use for people of all ages, yes. Even if there are some issues with this app’s functionality, it is generally safe to use and open to all users. The BeReal programme removes potentially dangerous elements or risky communication hazards from its operation by not allowing you to send or receive messages from your contacts.

Additionally, BeReal does not have any specific profiles or followers that you can communicate with, freeing you of any mistakes or anxieties from a security standpoint. The application is intended for users who are at least 13 years old, therefore you must use it properly and limit access to your account to only your contacts and friends.

Your friends and connections are informed by the app if you plan to publish photos at a late hour while at work or school. From a security perspective, sending your candid photos is one of the key worries. It can be a little unsettling as you must be oblivious that you are telling your friends and connections where you are and your whereabouts.

Q2. Who is the founder of BeReal App? 

Alexis Barreyat is the owner of the BeRealApp. Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau, two co-founders, came up with the idea for BeReal in the year 2020. Two French-based founders of the BeReal application collaborated as co-founders to build the business.m Currently, BeReal has three key executives: the two co-founders collaborate with Romain Salzman, the company’s chief operational officer or CEO.

Q3. How to find people on BeReal app? 

The BeReal app will prompt you to grant access to your contacts after you register an account. The programme will list every user once it has access to your contact list. You can quickly add the friends you want to add to BeReal from the current list.

On the other hand, if none of your friends use the BeReal app, you can disable the app’s access to your contact list by selecting the “don’t allow” option. If any of your friends use the BeReal app, and you know their username or phone number, you can add them to your contact list so that they can be added as your friend on the app.

Wrapping Up

BeReal is only the most recent in a long line of popular attempts to escape social media’s pressures…via social media. In this world where there is pressure of being perfect this app is giving all of us an opportunity to showcase  the real you without any hesitation. With its novel concept of valuing a life that looks authentic rather than one that includes effects and filters, the application has become increasingly popular among teenagers and young people.

To end with this here we are wrapping up the article How Does BeReal Work? We hope you will like this effort of us. Do let us know by commenting in the comment section. Don’t forget to like, share and comment. Till then stay safe and healthy. And Don’t forget to like this article about How Does BeReal Work? 

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